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wire cut

took as its own before

and held as the sounds

and space

as its own truth

and whom

the plush

and direct

and who

as the lasting… 43 more words


cut wire


and best as its own pure

and the other

and solid

and being

as the switch

and whom

as its own system

as its own… 45 more words


Wire (1977) Pink Flag (LP) Harvest (11757)


Pink Flag

Harvest 11757

November 1977

Produced by Mike Thorne

**** recommended

Tons of bands in the late 70s took some cues from punk, but most were limp chicken-rock new wave without the punch or power and/or looking back to the 60s for inspiration, but Wire avoided both of those trappings and without the snot and razor-blades of punk, still stomped the past like it was an old beer can, kicked it off in a flash and jumped forward with both feet. 76 more words

Four-Star Reviews

A Map Reference, Two Virginia Plains & A Tea Painting in an Illusionistic Style

Last week, on his Monday night show on Radio Scotland, Vic Galloway interviewed Wire’s Colin Newman and Graham Lewis. They spoke about supporting Roxy Music in 1979 and how it would have been a far more exciting prospect had it been the Eno era band. 519 more words