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In a nutshell, this is America’s free-speech problem. The law is largely solid. Government entities that censor or silence citizens on the basis of their political, cultural, or religious viewpoint almost always lose in court.

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Tech Still Doesn’t Take Discrimination Seriously

A blog post accusing Uber of systematic failure to address sexual harassment bolsters the idea that the tech biz isn’t taking care of its own The post… 20 more words


Flying at Light Speed Is Pretty Much Impossible—Unless You’re Han Solo

In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Han needs crazy fast reaction time to get inside the Starkiller shields without crashing into the planet. The post… 26 more words


WATCH: The Future of Pressing Vinyl

Back in 2014  Chad Brown, Rob Brown, and James Hashmi rounded up the brightest, most well-equipped minds they knew to help overcome the seemingly endless plethora of problems when pressing Vinyl. 110 more words


Power to the Pedal: 2 New E-Bikes for Your Commute

In an ideal world, every human would have perfectly toned thighs and a flat cycle path on which to commute. The post Power to the Pedal: 2 New E-Bikes for Your Commute… 13 more words