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Here’s the Best New Stuff Coming to Netflix in December

This holiday season, Netflix is most decidedly not giving you a lump of coal. Instead, it’s filling your devices with a lot of fantastic things to watch. 26 more words


On Cyber Monday, Friendly Robots Are Helping Smaller Stores Chase Amazon

When it comes to fulfillment, Amazon is far ahead of everyone else. A new firm wants to change that by offering smaller players a high-tech helper: robots. 26 more words


Review: J-Corder

If you’re seeking something more sonically pure (and fussier) than vinyl, try reel-to-reel tape. And try this machine to play it on.

The post Review: J-Corder… 13 more words


Secretive Filmmakers Record What Life’s Really Like in Syria

Abounaddara, an anonymous, award-winning Syrian film collective, documents the everyday stories behind the conflict.

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New Documentary Racing Extinction Explores How Humanity Is Killing the World

Louis Psihoyos’ new film, Racing Extinction, airing December 2 on Discovery, explores the man-made causes of what biologists call the sixth mass extinction.

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