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While You Were Offline: Kanye West Has the Best Tweets of All Time! OF ALL TIME!

Is Mercury in cyber-retrograde or something? Because this week the Internet was even weirder than usual. Catch up on everything that happened here.

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Giving Your Boo Your Password Is Dumb. Do This Instead

Here are eight subscriptions, from Spotify to Amazon, you can share with your loved one without sharing your password.

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Unravel, a Game About a Yarn Person, Tries Way Too Hard

Unravel really tries. But it doesn’t quite have it. The adventure, starring the mascot-ready Yarny, goes for resonant, but is mostly unremarkable.

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It’s Hard Out There for a New Emoji

It’s all but impossible to rank emoji, and difficult for new ones to break into our favorites…but that’s not going to stop us from charting it all. 24 more words


暴力的なゲームで遊んだ子どもは「攻撃的」になるのか:英国の長期調査 [ #cbajp ]

子どものころに暴力的なゲームをプレイすると、暴力に走りやすい性格やうつ的な傾向が生じやすいかについて、長期調査に基づく論文が発表された。英国に拠点を置く研究者のグループが行った調査研究は、「Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children」(親と子どもに関するエイヴォン長期研究)の研究対象となった1,800人の子どもたちに関して行われたものだ。



4,900万度のプラズマを102秒間持続:中国の核融合実験施設 [ #cbajp ]