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Will 5G be the death of LAA and LWA?

Did anyone realize that moving up 5G may kill other technologies? With all the fuss and arguments that Wi-Fi had with LTE-U, it turns out it may not be so vital anyway, now that 5G is coming. 1,654 more words


Ternary telegraphy

A while back, we looked at ternary computing; that is, computers using three values (+1, 0, and -1) instead of two (1 and 0). This does make arithmetic a bit more complicated but also helps store more information: a bit can store one of two values, but a trit stores one of three. 335 more words

FiiO BTR3 – Bite-sized powerhouse


  • Immersive sound
  • Great battery life – 11 hours
  • Eminently portable (and pocketable)
  • Headphone jack
  • USB-C – one less cable to carry…
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I Tried Wireless Earphones

I worked out a little bit while I was in the US. I like to say that I spent my free time in the gym stretching and lifting weights because… 863 more words

Anand Oswal: Weaving Wireless Technology into a Location Fabric

Patient experience is a primary focus of healthcare organizations. When new patients arrive, the typical hospital campus environment is terra incognita to them: Where do I register? 576 more words

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Cinbos model b15 wireless doorbell - cinbos model b9 wireless doorbell are a simple

Cinbos model b15 wireless doorbell – cinbos model b15 wireless doorbell, waterproof chime kit, 1000 feet operating, led indi… wireless doorbells kit cinbos wireless doorbell for home led light.  61 more words

Helm Audio Launches Studio Planar Headphones Bundled With Boost Cable On Indiegogo.

Consumer electronics company Helm Audio has recently announced their North American debut with the launch of three audio products – the Studio Planar Headphones (USD 349.99), the True Wireless Headphones (USD 99.99), and the Boost Cable powered by THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier (THX AAA) technology (USD 99.99). 340 more words