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Gear this week: An electric supercar for kids, a water bottle with filter and more

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Gear this week: An electric supercar for kids, a water bottle with filter and more

McLaren P1

The latest McLaren is a completely electric car … for the budding petrolhead under the age of six. 324 more words


Universal Radio Hacker

If you are fascinated by stories you read on sites like Hackaday in which people reverse engineer wireless protocols, you may have been tempted to hook up your RTL-SDR stick and have a go for yourself. 326 more words

Radio Hacks

February: Meet The New Wireless Access Points

Our Wireless Is Getting An Upgrade

At the beginning of this year we were approved and received E-Rate funding to upgrade our wireless infrastructure. That means the technology department will be replacing all of those “spider-legged” boxes hanging on the walls and ceilings of our campuses, and putting up these shiny new Cisco boxes. 399 more words

Verizon scores a decisive win in wireless shootout

Sorry T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint. Verizon has beaten you handily in an extensive series of tests of wireless network performance.RootMetrics, an independent testing company based in Seattle, performed thousands of tests in 125 metropolitan areas across the U.S., measuring speed, quality and reliability of voice calls, texting and data downloads. 117 more words

Harman Could Bring Wireless CarPlay to Audi, VW, Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, and Other Automakers

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A number of BMW models have supported wireless CarPlay since late last year, and Harman’s announcement comes just as the

Harman did not disclose plans to roll out wireless CarPlay to other automakers, but it has business relationships with several vehicle manufacturers, including Volkswagen Group, Daimler, and FCA, so it is plausible that wireless CarPlay could expand to brands such as Audi, VW, Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep in the future. 499 more words


Verizon just swept every RootMetrics award category that matters

Every wireless carrier is constantly ranting about how they are the best of the best — except for Sprint, which has recently adopted an “everyone’s great!” philosophy — but when it comes to network testing there can be only one winner. 244 more words