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Japanese researchers develop 100Gbps wireless tech

Telecom Asia — Japanese researchers have achieved wireless transmission rates of up to 100Gbps with a new transmitter operating in the 275-GHz to 305-GHz range. A team consisting of researchers from Hiroshima University, Panasonic and and the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology developed a terahertz transmitter capable of signal transmission at a per-channel data rate of over ten gigabits per second. 7 more words


Find your Wi-fi password from the command prompt

Ready to work on your router or someone else’s?  Don’t know their password?  You can find the password from the command prompt.   Open a command prompt and type: 26 more words


No Internet / Limited Network Issue In Windows 8, 8.1 & Windows 10

Having issues with your internet on Windows 8, 8.1 and specificially Windows 10? Are you connected but still your network is limited and says no Internet? 257 more words


Sprint and T-Mobile Go After Verizon with "Colorful Balls" Ads of Their Own

Telecom giant Verizon recently released a TV advertisement that supposedly showed consumers the difference between Verizon, or VZW, and the three other major wireless carriers via colorful balls. 198 more words


Network Security Fundamentals

Continual online scammers, unhappy existing and also former employees and also reckless customers can bring lower your personal computer cpa networks and also skimp info. Network security’s composed of the actual computer hardware, application, procedures and policies designed to defend against equally internal and external hazards in your corporation’s computer systems. 981 more words

Network Security

Computer Network Security

Computer stability coverage is the basic guidelines and also guidelines regarding opening the community. These formulate some elementary ideas to be able to secure your own personal computers. 326 more words

Network Security