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Cheek By Jowl

Just you and me then

Two faces pressed on glass


Can’t see straight

Blinded by proximity


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  2. Dawn of 5G: Will wireless kill the broadband star? (here)
  3. Here’s why your cable company wants to be your wireless provider (
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John Malone


Concerned as I am about privacy and the abuse of that privacy by companies like Amazon and Google, I was never in the market for a smart speaker. 580 more words


A WLAN Certificate Authority Right up the alley from Mordor (for the LOTR fans) :) - A EAP-TLS Story

I came across this packet capture when I was trying to recall the flow of EAP TLS for a customer issue.

I will share what I found in this sample trace and things to look out for in EAP-TLS which may help you in any analysis. 498 more words


Inside a Pornographer's Trossachs

‘Wink what yon plumtree can do for you
Wink what you can do for yon Plumtree’

Betterer is the air here!
Some verve & vivaciousness… 99 more words


WDS Transparent Mode, DrayTek Inter-LAN Firewalls and some interesting observations!

A client required isolated networks for factory hardware but their infrastructure, many basic NetGear switches, did not support VLAN separation (my original hope was to use the DrayTek default gateway for inter-VLAN routing). 430 more words


Hard Reign

Poetry minus Poet scorns
Bodacious gaudy twats
Ghosts wear blue trousers
Beware loose chippings overhead
Manna from heaven
Hailstones batter silly hat
Brass rubbing grass cutting… 25 more words