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NSA Whistleblower: Trump Was Right On Wiretap Bill Binney – Tucker Carlson Tonight Fox News 3/24/17 - YouTube

#Tucker interviews X-NSA Bill Binney who claims that the #NSA has been blanket recording ALL digital communication since 2001. #wiretapping

Tony Schafer: Incidental Communication Pick Up Of Trump Team Was "Accidental On Purpose"

My Col Tony Schafer, a man who ran Intelligence operations durIng the Bush White House is convinced President Trump and his team were surveilled.

Schafer says the technology used to “purge” information on Americans that is picked up incidentally works instantaneously. 42 more words


Did NSA Spy on Congress, Supreme Court, White House, & Trump?

The NSA has been spying on us for years! Thanks to people like Edward Snowden, the actions of the NSA have been brought to light.  While this remains a sensitive topic, as it should, regarding the legality of what occurred here; it is good in a sense considering we would still be oblivious to these actions by the NSA had he not come forward. 455 more words

Obama Was Almost Certainly Illegally Spying on Team Trump

Mar 24, 2017 by  Alex Newman

Former President Barack Hussein Obama and some of his top officials may be in serious trouble, analysts suggested, as it appears increasingly likely that they played a key role in… 2,182 more words

Trump team communications captured by intelligence community surveillance, committee chair says

So there was surveillance after all? “Trump team communications captured by intelligence community surveillance, committee chair says”, news.com, March 23, 2017: A TOP intelligence chief has partially backed Donald Trump’s wire-tapping claims, saying the US president was surveilled “inappropriately”.

33 more words
Donald Trump

Trump was MONITORED! We Should All Be Concerned

With the revelation by California Republican Rep. Devon Nunes that there appears to have been legal monitoring the Trump Presidential transition team, the average person would simply write this off as many Democrats are that there was nothing to see here; move along my little puppets.   677 more words