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Text messages aren't private, judge rules

In a ruling released on 8 July in the Ontario Court of Appeal, Justice Justin MacPherson wrote that texts received by a person under investigation can be searched and admitted into court just by using a warrant. 447 more words


FBI chief Comey: “We have never had absolute privacy”

(Source: arstechnica.com)

SAN FRANCISCO—FBI Director James Comey has some phones—650 of them, to be exact—that he’d really, really like to take a look at. 799 more words


"Satellites in the Sky" artwork and tracklist

Our second full length album “Satellites in the Sky” will be released through all the popular digital commercial outlets on April 22. Pre-order begins on April 1, and we will be performing the album in it’s entirety at The Masquerade on 4/20. 38 more words

Telephone Killer 10

As you have deduced by now, Ferus thinks he is smarter than everyone else. He kills a cop and brags about it. He kills someone for allegedly cutting in front of him on the Beltway. 1,130 more words

Paul J. Stam

Can You Secretly Record Your Doctor?

The short answer is no, but it depends on where you are. The law on this issue varies between the federal government and different states. 388 more words

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Telephone Killer - 9

It’s happened again. The killer has murdered someone and called the television station to tell them he had done it. But could his reason for killing John Crawford really be because Crawford cut in front of him on the freeway, or is that just what he is telling the cops? 1,262 more words

Paul J. Stam