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"Judges: Web history searches could violate Wiretap Act"

“Jonathan Mayer, an expert in computer science and law at Stanford, told Wired, “This is a pretty big deal for law enforcement. … The punchline is that if the FBI or any law enforcement agency wants to look at your web history, they’ll have to get a warrant for a wiretap order.””



Use of Policeware on the Rise

The challenge for law enforcement and intelligence agencies investigating Internet crimes are those users who hide themselves using various “anonymization” techniques. Internet anonymization techniques allow targets of criminal and terrorist investigations to hide themselves from other Internet users. 547 more words

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Growing Up Is A Process That Never Ends

They keep it real because growing up that never ends. These 26 people remind us why.

The video produced by the popular CBC radio program “ 153 more words


"Stay Weird"

September 1, 2015. In the past couple of weeks, this gem of a 4-minute video from Canada has been doing its rounds on the web. It’s a video posted as a farewell by the CBC Radio show “Wiretap” which ended after 11 seasons. 329 more words


How to age gracefully - a last message from Wiretap

WireTap with Jonathan Goldstein is coming to an end, which is a real shame. From the farewell message:

It started from a simple desire to share the funny, smart people in my life with all of you.

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