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My Half-Ass Recall Of The Last Month Because I Don't Make Great Adult Decisions

And when I say that I don’t make great adult decisions, I mean that I don’t say no to enough things in order to protect myself from how exhausted I currently am. 1,026 more words

WisCon's access expenditures

WisCon is a non-profit venture and our funds come from memberships.  So I think it’s appropriate to publish where the money goes, at least for my part. 271 more words


Interaction badges: Pictures

Green, yellow, and red interation badges in a WisCon purple badge holder. They stand vertical and so are visible above the horizontal badge.


An Apology

At WisCon’s opening ceremonies I attempted to give an “elevator talk” (2 to 3 minutes) describing the social model of disability.

The metaphor I used was eye glasses and contact lenses: many of us wear corrective lenses and do not consider them to be a marker of disability. 198 more words


WisCon was Wonderful

Observations of Science Fiction & Fantasy Conventions in General and WisCon in Particular

Today is the morning after WisCon, and I’m in recovery from the lasts-about-a-week hangover stage following The Dead Dog party-hearty phenomenon of fandom. 769 more words

My first WisCon

Tomorrow I’ll be going to Madison for my first WisCon. I’ve never been to Wisconsin before, so I’m really looking forward to it.

Here is my schedule. 410 more words

Books For Sale

SPG: May, Part 3/4

“You know I’m fucking sorry, right?”

Someone had to talk first so he did. Her topknot wobbled as her shoulders stiffened.

“I don’t wanna hear it.” 821 more words

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