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Summer Set 2015 Lineup (Confirmed)

This picture has been floating around the Internet a few weeks ago. We’re happy to report that it was no rumor, this is the confirmed Lineup for Summer Set Music and Camping Festival 2015.


Amidst arguments over the Hugos, two other awards announced

While everybody (present company included) was breaking Twitter over the Hugo nominations, it is important to mention that two other awards were announced this weekend. 330 more words


Four or Five Things About China Miéville

 Saturday September 28th 2002 was a bright and clear day in London. Which was just as well, because China and Emma were late. A group of us had arranged to meet at the National Film Theatre’s Café on the South Bank of the Thames at 12.30. 695 more words


Sliding Across Genders: STEM, Femme and Feminism

I vividly remember walking home one day with my partner during the time leading up to my leaving for graduate school. She told me that she wouldn’t be making the move with me. 2,074 more words


A brief note of thanks

There’s been a lot happening with Wiscon the past few weeks. I won’t go into it–there are other places you can read up on it… 389 more words

Elise Matthesen Guest Post: What Happened After I Reported

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What Happened After I Reported

Last year at WisCon 37, I told a Safety staffer that I had been treated by another attendee in a way that made me uncomfortable and that I believed to be sexual harassment. 1,017 more words