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Investigative Report: Koch Industries and the Wisconsin Judiciary

As part of an investigation involving open records requests regarding Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman and his campaign financial supporters, Badger Democracy has discovered that the Koch brothers’ influence on the judiciary has been active in Wisconsin – aided by supposedly “non-partisan” justices. 1,278 more words

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The upside of Gableman's win

Despite the disappointing result of the Gableman fiasco, supporters of judicial reform have reason to be optimistic. Although Gableman and his right wing allies will undoubtedly claim victory, the judge comes out of this ordeal politically tarnished. 141 more words

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Commission dismisses Gableman's charges


“Therefore, we conclude that the facts alleged in the complaint do not constitute a violation of SCR 60.06(3)(c) for which discipline may be imposed. Accordingly, we recommend that Justice Gableman’s motion for summary judgment be granted and the Commission’s complaint be dismissed.” 96 more words

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Michael Gableman looking for a loophole...

Justice Michael Gableman is now making the case that the ethics complaint against him is a form of harassment. Sound familiar? I think we’ve heard similar stories up in Alaska. 344 more words

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