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"New GOP Meaning Of Terrorist Warnings": What’s A 'Credible Threat' In Wisconsin? Unions

On Tuesday evening, a Republican committee chairman in the Wisconsin state senate, Stephen Nass, cut short a hearing on an anti-union bill, citing a “credible threat” that union members were about to disrupt the proceedings. 368 more words


This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

I don’t mean to step on anyone’s turf over here, since the Wisconsin recall isn’t my beat. But dammitall, I read this and just wanted to throw up my hands: 394 more words

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"An Active Republican Insider": Not So 'Fresh'; Political Careerist Scott Walker Has Been Running For A Quarter Century

When Mitt Romney, who is anything but a fresh face in the Republican hierarchy decided to forego a third run for the presidency, he announced that, 953 more words


"Cheese Head Guv's Sleazy Past": Scott Walker, One Of The Most Divisive Governors In The Country

Tens of thousands of protesters make for much better television than court documents, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be paying attention to Scott Walker’s scandal-plagued re-election bid this year—even if it is unaccompanied by the hoopla of his 2012… 729 more words


"Damning And Far More Serious": Wisconsin’s Walker Confronted With Damaging New Details

For all the current and former Republican governors facing serious scandals – Rick Perry, Bob McDonnell, Chris Christie, et al – let’s not forget about Gov. 614 more words