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The fact that so many can wake up early to WORK and SHOP but so few wake up early to PRAY and VOTE says a lot. #OurFutureIsInTrouble
– M. Goodman –


Luke Wants Us to Know Jesus

From Luke 3:21 thru all of chapter 4, Luke is camping on point #4, the Savior for his Greek readers and presenting to them their ideal or perfect man. 530 more words



Early mornings are worth it when they involve the dearest of friends, good coffee and great adventures. Today is that day.

Everyone, enjoy your Friday. … 45 more words


Sense Impressions

Forms are just forms,
Sounds are just sounds,
Tastes are just tastes,
Sensations are just sensations,
Smells are just smells,

Neither pleasant nor unpleasant,

Neither worthy of attachment nor aversion.


Today, lets not just GIVE thanks, let’s SHOW it. Be unselfish. Feed the hungry. Invite over those with nowhere to go. #HappyThankShowing
– M. Goodman –



Happy Thanksgiving all. I am looking forward to a day spent with dear friends and family. There is so much to be thankful for today and everyday. 29 more words


Day 89 of 763 (When somebody shows/tells you who they are, believe them)

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I’ve heard this a few times now and today is the day I finally realize it’s true! Thank you Maya Angelou! 437 more words