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Today was a beautiful, fall Nebraska day. While many worked the fields, prepared for football games and kicked off the weekend, several gathered in a small country church outside Aurora to pay tribute to a kind soul and his family. 71 more words


All things work together for good

I know all things work together for good in my life because….

I love God


I am called according to His purpose.


Many are missing out on a love right under their nose because they’re searching for a REAL mate with UNREALISTIC expectations.
– M. Goodman –


If you want to find God’s REWARDING HAND make sure that He can find your REPENTING HEART. #KingdomMentality
– M. Goodman –



It’s time to get this day off and running. My list includes contracts, phone calls, setting up a few meetings and such. Looking forward to a lovely and productive day. 41 more words


Wisdom Wednesday: Don't Hold It In!

WHOO! I mean this wholeheartedly. Do. Not. Hold. It. In.

What am I referring to, do you ask? Your emotions. Your frustrations. Your feelings. Your thoughts. 401 more words