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Don't Judge

Try walking in the shoes of the people whom you judge and let’s see how far you could walk before you fall over…


Why the cross? - part three

Projecting our deep wounds on God is how we formulated our psychotic images of Him. As Baxter Kruger says we painted the face of God with the tar of our angst. 1,530 more words


Started off Running

Started the day off right. Started it with #TeamKerosene running the NE State Fair Half Marathon. Now it’s home for a wedding at the center. Have a great day all. 28 more words


Video: The Dream of Life

I invite you to be inspired and awakened by this 4-minute video, a commentary by the late Alan Watts


Artificial Intelligence Handbook - WIF Into the Future

 Amazing  Facts about AI

from contributor Robert Grimmick

Artificial Intelligence (or AI) got its start in 1950, when computer pioneer Alan Turing introduced the Turing test… 2,027 more words


Love Oneself

No success will ever compensate a failure to love oneself.


The Holy Spirit was not sent to cause praise breaks in our pews but to cause EXTRAORDINARY change in ORDINARY people. #ThePowerWithin
– M. Goodman –