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God is Enough

Those times you feel like you aren’t “enough,”
remember that God IS.



I do, you do, we do ~ Raymond Mari


Look No Further

If you want something to change, look no further than your own reflection.


ACAD - Injustice: Job 5

“Call if you want to, Job, but no one will answer you.
    You can’t turn to any of the holy ones.
Anger kills the fool, 426 more words

A Chapter A Day


To survive is to simply to never give up.


Tale of two pennies

One day Krishna & Arjuna were taking their usual walk, when they came across an old Brahmin begging. Taking pity on his condition, Arjuna gave him a bag of gold coins. 638 more words


Burned Bridges

Think long and hard about that bridge you’re about to burn before you light that match. You may never get to walk back to the other side. 35 more words