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Wednesday Wisdom - Be The Brightness

There is no ignoring that the world contains a lot of negativity – I ain’t about pretending the world is sunshine and roses, sorry. It has a dark side. 38 more words

Wednesday Wisdom

Jeremiah: Prophet Called of God

Read 206.) Jeremiah 1:1 thru 3:5. Josiah rose to Judah’s throne about 640 BC. We just read Zephaniah, prophet to Judah about 630 BC. We now come to Israel’s second Major Writing Prophet, Jeremiah, who served the Lord to remnant Israel from about 627 BC, until 585 BC, some 40 years. 454 more words


How To NEVER Become OBSESSED With The Gym

For every person you see standing in front of the mirror admiring themselves, there was once a younger version standing in front of the same mirror wondering whether the world would accept them they way they are. 960 more words


Tourism for Weirdos: The Wild, Wild West (of England)

Can it really be called tourism, when it’s your home town / region? Probably not, but I was showing around friends who’d never visited before, which often forces you to see a place through an outsider’s eyes. 1,154 more words

Who in Heck was Zephaniah?

Read 205.) Zephaniah 1:1 thru 3:20. Okay, before I start, let me say, in my 44 1/2 years since my conversion unto Christ, I don’t believe that I have ever once heard a message or lesson from out of Zephaniah, the 8th of the Minor Writing Prophets. 415 more words


Create - Teach - Motivate (Week 3)

What motivates you?

Is it joy and happiness, the love of another? Or is it frustration, anger or the need for justice?

There are many paths to motivation, but to create action from that motivation, to actually do something about it, there is two components that are needed in order to ignite that impulse. 471 more words


How Are You Gonna Handle It?

We’ve read or heard the inspirational stories of how people have overcome tragedy or being dealt a bad hand.  We can either follow their example, take ownership and believe in possibilities, or we can remain in a cycle of making excuses, blaming others, and playing the victim.  58 more words