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One of the worst experiences one can have is to be betrayed. What is betrayal? It’s disloyalty, stabbed in the back, unfaithful, double crossed, tricked, given false information, or no information, misled, abandoned, let down, and deserted. 110 more words


The Divine Essence Itself is Love And Wisdom

Selection from Divine Love and Wisdom ~ Emanuel Swedenborg

Sum up all things you know and submit them to careful inspection, and in some elevation of spirit search for the universal of all things, and you cannot conclude otherwise than that it is Love and Wisdom. 650 more words

Emanuel Swedenborg

Coping With The Loss Of A Loved One.

My father passed away a few days ago. We had a challenging relationship. So as I go to the viewing today I will leave you all with this lovely article about grief from the American Psychological Association. 791 more words


Word Of Wisdom

Sometimes you need to change your company. They’really killing potential connections.

Good Morning, I pray all is well with each and everyone of you all. God is truly good all the time even when it seem like nothing going right. 9 more words


Mental Disorder and Mental Health Problem

Mental Health Disorder is an illness that is diagnosable. The illness affects a person’s thinking, emotional state and behavior and disrupts their lives. Examples are depression and anxiety which is common and the not so common schizophrenia and bipolar disorder which can lead to a disability. 113 more words


If you will plant the seed

If you will plant the seed and nourish the soil,
the flower will shape itself.

~Robert Brault


Wisdom Vs Intelligence !!

Curiosity, interest, initiative & exertion leads to “Learning”, which helps to use his “Intelligence” for understanding, analysis & interpretation to acquire “Knowledge”. If he uses his intelligence in applying the knowledge at correct time & place, using discretion, to right people or thing , for maximum advantage & meaningful expression or result, will indicate “Wisdom”. 535 more words