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Redemptive-Historical Survey: 10 | Wisdom and Songs (LDBC Recap 4/3/16 Pt. 2)


On Sunday, January 24th, 2016, I began a Core Seminar on Redemptive History & Biblical Theology at my church, Lake Drive Baptist Church. During the course of this series I’ll be sending out emails recapping lessons and directing recipients to resources for further study. 685 more words

Biblical Theology

Kiln blog: Psalm 95

This is another very popular psalm, the basis for several contemporary songs and quotations in the New Testament. It’s also the first of a half-dozen poems celebrating divine sovereignty.

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Published: Proverbs Bible Study

Published! The be exact, the official title is Ancient Truth: Proverbs.

You can find the webpage page version here and the ebook at Smashwords here.


Kiln blog: Proverbs 31

We don’t know who Lemuel was nor should we let the question distract us. About the only useful scholarship we have on the source of this chapter tells us that it seems Aramaic in grammar and character of expression.

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Two Years of 'Faith and Wisdom in Science'? And a question - 'How did you come to write it?'

I have just returned from a remarkable evening at a small town in the Scottish Boarders called Biggar.  The church there had arranged for an evening community talk and Q&A on science and faith, following the book… 757 more words

Theology Of Science

Title (Song 1:1-1:1)

“The Song of Songs,

That is Solomon’s.”

The title of this work is the superlative in Hebrew. Just like the holy of holies, so too the Song of Songs means the best song ever. 83 more words

Proverbs Challenge

I was scouring the blogs on WordPress and I happened upon Zachary Pierpont’s blog and read his post titled “Proverbs Reading Challenge”. I have been on a reading plan with my wife, and let me admit we aren’t doing so well at keeping up with it. 347 more words