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Remarks on the Book of Proverbs

The following introductory remarks on the book of Proverbs are from volume 3 of my Interpretive Guide to the Bible, which was recently updated. This book is available on… 2,258 more words


Psalm 60

The header references a tune David called “Lily of Testimony” and events narrated in 2 Samuel 8. We catch only some vague hint that David’s source of trouble is likely something to do with Edom. 591 more words


Thoughts on being a nerd and being well liked

When I was younger, I was a nerd. I played too many video games, my favorite class was computer programming, I couldn’t figure out social interactions, and felt resentful of people who could make friends well. 382 more words

Why Have Categories When I Have Tags?

Proverbs 15 (Part 2)

18. A wrathful man stirs up fighting, but one slow to anger calms fighting. Don’t give someone else control over your feelings, unless you are capable of killing all your new enemies and living with the consequences. 1,089 more words


Proverbs 15 (Part 1)

(Divided into two parts because the chapter is long.)

Proverbs 15

Facts are not on the same level as truth. We are obliged to recognize the moral primacy of social stability under God’s revelation. 1,112 more words


The Faith and Wisdom in Science Story in Three Steps

It’s proving a very interesting summer thanks to two invitations to give lectures

and discussions on the material in Faith and Wisdom in Science over three consecutive sessions, rather than squeezing it all into one evening.  1,065 more words

Theology Of Science

Considering The Song of Songs (TOTC)

Over the last year or so I’ve read a number of commentaries on The Song of Songs. Some of them have been good, and helpful ( 462 more words