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Psalm 73:1 - Surely God is Good!

The first line of Psalm 73 may have been a popular proverb at the time the Psalm was written. At the very least, it is a common theme in the Psalms. 378 more words


Psalm 49 - The Folly of Wealth

Psalm 49 describes the fate of the wealthy. Wisdom literature in general has a great deal to say about the folly of relying on one’s personal wealth. 793 more words


Proverbs 17

The emphasis here is filial piety and personal loyalty. Shalom starts at home.

1. Better is a dry piece of bread, and quietness with it, than a house full of sacrifices with fighting. 2,465 more words


Psalm 49: Singing Wisdom

How did a wisdom Psalm function as a worship song?  Psalm 49 is an example of setting a wisdom theme to music, although these themes are not typically part of modern worship. 496 more words


What do Creation Stories do in the Bible?

Earthrise captured by the Apollo 8 mission in December 1968.

One of the central themes of Faith and Wisdom in Science is the rich seam of creation-story material in every genre of Biblical literature, yet the strange paradox that, apart from some notable exceptions, this is largely ignored in the mainstream science/religion discussion.  901 more words

Theology Of Science

Proverbs 16 (Part 2)

(Divided into two posts because it’s long.)

17. The way of the upright is to turn away from evil; he who keeps his way guards his way. 1,237 more words


Proverbs 16 (Part 1)

(Divided into two posts because it’s long.)

This chapter addresses divine sovereignty from the unique worldview of a mystical Hebrew mind, fully aware of the complexity of human nature. 1,211 more words