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Proverbs 6

It’s going to sound like Solomon is beating the same drums over and over. However, it is our cultural insensitivity that keeps us from recognizing that this is a different song. 612 more words


Proverbs 5

Sometimes wisdom is the result of many painful lessons over a long life. Notice that Solomon doesn’t demand that his readers obey simple edicts, but offers his own experience. 315 more words


Proverbs 4

While we know that Solomon received his unprecedented wisdom as a gift from God at his first wedding (1 Kings 3), Solomon insists a part of his inclination for it came from his father, David. 236 more words


Paul and the Apostolic Period

The Writings of Paul

The Letters of Paul: Introduction

March 8-22

In terms of the development of Christian thought and institutions, the logical next step in our intellectual journey is to examine the letters of Paul, said by many to be far the second most important individual in the growth of Christianity after Jesus himself. 1,521 more words

Bible Studies

Proverbs 3

What good does it do? What comes from committing your heart to God?

First, Solomon describes what it means to genuinely enter into the Covenant with God. 338 more words


Proverbs 2

To the untrained eye, this chapter seems almost pedantic. Solomon piles up the overlapping phrases again, trying to convince his readers that God is the source of all wisdom. 402 more words


Proverbs 1

(Yeah, I’m a busy boy working on two books at once.)

The first verse served as the ancient title of the entire book. The next five verses explain the reason for the book. 521 more words