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Psalm 57

In the header we learn this was written during the time David hid out in the Cave of Adullam, referring to events in 1 Samuel 22. 453 more words


Don't Be Surprised

While it is wrong to accept, condone, and celebrate anything sinful by God’s standards, we shouldn’t freak out that sin is prominent – it is to be expected. 173 more words


Psalm 55

Echoing similar thoughts to Psalm 41 and regardless of the specific context in David’s mind, this psalm best fits the betrayal of Ahitophel, David’s trusted adviser, during Absalom’s Revolt. 458 more words



In last weeks sunday school ,my pastor explaned how to study proverbs. Proverbs is a sub set of wisdom literuture.
A proverb is a short but profoubd satement designed to stop the listenor and get there attention. 143 more words



It’s a glorious day.

Warm with a refreshing breeze.

The Sun is smiling down on the Conservatory in which…

…I am doing my VAT Return. 359 more words

Wisdom Literature

Proverbs 14

Solomon’s theme here seems a matter of building a just and holy life.

1. A wise woman builds her house, but the foolish plucks it down with her hands. 2,324 more words


How to interpret wisdom liturature

I am really enjoying a series on how to study the scriptures in my church sunday school. Hear is an outline on how to interpret wisdom literiture. 257 more words