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How to Battle Back-to-Back: Pray Together

This week, I had two wisdom teeth pulled. As wisdom tooth removals go, I know I had it easy. Both were fully “erupted,” as they say in the dental biz, and came out without a lot of yanking. 573 more words


Why Do I Have Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth seemingly have little to no purpose, other than being an oral health risk. With such little information imparted about this dental milestone, many find themselves asking why humans even have wisdom teeth. 373 more words

Are Wisdom Teeth a Problem?

Your wisdom teeth don’t make themselves known until you have nearly reached adulthood.  Usually between the ages of 17-25.   The name “Wisdom Teeth” was adopted as these teeth don’t arrive until you have reached, what is considered the “age of wisdom”. 346 more words

Stress Free Dental


Let’s face it, life is always embarrassing. And sometimes, you get caught in your embarrassing moments. Those moments; the ones where you lock eyes with the person that witnessed the unspeakable, and sit there, frozen, as your self-esteem slowly slips away from your body. 682 more words


Smile Milestones for Kids (Part 2)

From age 6 to adolescence, dental care is extremely important. These are the teeth that children will have for the rest of their lives — as long as they’re cared for properly. 293 more words

Wisdom Teeth

Not really a very interesting post, just a check in because it’s been a while.

My wisdom teeth are coming through and I am in a whole new world of physical pain.


Ouch! Wisdom Teeth Troubles

Almost everyone has to have their wisdom teeth pulled. These are the teeth way back, behind your molars. My friends had theirs pulled in high school. 502 more words