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Wisdom Upon Extraction

Now that I’ve just had two rotten wisdom teeth pulled, I’m thinking Proverbs 17:28 will bode well for me. Prayerfully, I’ll show the characteristics of a discerning sage while nursing my sore jaw. 77 more words


Don't know how to feel about this...

First off my dog is snoring away in my sister’s bed and I am trying to work things out in my head. So like I mentioned before I have to get my wisdom teeth out tomorrow morning. 266 more words

5 Things About Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Out

Hey Loves,

So I have been out of the social world due to business trips and surgeries but I am good now. By good I mean I am sitting on my couch with an icepack on my cheek and I was thinking what tips could I present to you guys. 211 more words


Teeth That Are Not Very Wise At All

Hello everyone and welcome back to Hell in Kitten Heels! It’s your host and writer, Susie Phalange here, and because I’m getting all four of my wisdom teeth out today (in the chair), I’ve decided that I will talk dentistry today! 1,030 more words

I Blog, I Blogged, I'm A Blogger

My 5 Tips on (Adult) Braces

If you’re thinking of getting braces, you can easily find tons of information online. However, it’s the sort of thing that if you actually go ahead with it, you inevitably come up with questions of your own, and with your own tips to pass on to others. 1,357 more words


Tearful Teen 'Drugged-Up On Painkillers' Tells Mom He'd Save His Dog Over Her

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This teen just had his wisdom teeth removed and was still “drugged-up” on painkillers when his mother filmed this hilarious video. 35 more words


Why wisdom teeth, why now?

Wondering why you or your teen need to have your wisdom teeth removed?  Can’t you just keep them?  Of course you can, but we’re here to tell you why you would benefit from having them extracted.  362 more words

Wisdom Teeth