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Get Wise about Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth come in later than other adult teeth (though not late enough for anyone who’s needed them removed). They usually appear between the ages of 17 to 21. 368 more words

Dentist Scarborough


To say I feel better today would be the understatement of the century. Granted, I basically haven’t left my room, but I have been funcitoning all day on limited or NO PAIN MEDS! 45 more words


more whining about my wisdom teeth 

I am starting to suspect dry rot. I know I have been going on about my wisdom teeth for several days now and I apologize…it isn’t that interesting. 135 more words


Day 4

According to the oral surgeon, I should be able to return to work today. Thank goodness it is the weekend and I don’t have to depend on that. 74 more words


Wisdom Teeth 2

It’s day 3 you guys, and after drinking my meal replacement for my breakfast I started to feel really nauseated. Based on this I was told I’m not eating enough, which I knew already, but I’m also probably not having enough crucial nutrients in me. 574 more words


Wisdom teeth

Learned today that most young girls
wake up crying after sedation
Doc pulls the needle out and before
their eyes open,
they’ve flooded

hot tears, a riverbank bursting, 66 more words

Wisdom Teeth Day 3

Yesterday was rough and this morning was awful but I finally have the right pain meds working and I am doing better at the moment. Turns out, I do not handle pain well! 60 more words