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A tale of four wisdom teeth

It was almost midnight, and I was on a train headed towards…San Jose? The only thing I remembered was that I had went to the orthodontist to have my wisdom teeth removed earlier in the day, but here I was, sitting in an empty train compartment with my briefcase, headed towards San Jose. 645 more words

English III AP

2015 Project 365, Day 114: Panoramic X-Ray

5 years ago, I had my first surgery: I had one of my impacted wisdom teeth removed. I was supposed to have all 3 extracted (the 4th one erupted nicely), but the head dentist at that time was suddenly needed in another branch daw (I shall never forgive her for that; I believe it was quite unethical). 25 more words

In sickness and health

Brett’s wisdom teeth had been bugging him for a while. He would have a few days where his entire mouth would hurt, but then it would go away. 528 more words


Medical March Madness! 

I feel like we all have Doctors appointments bunched up. March madness? Maybe! Do you have family members doctors appointments all stack up same time of year? 748 more words

Kodiak My Little Grizzly

Chipmunk Cheeks

Two Fridays ago, I took a fateful trip to the dentist.

The objective? Opening my mouth up wide and letting him saw out my two back teeth. 621 more words


Missing Teeth, Adult Braces & Implants

About 8 years ago, I had to have two of my bottom molars extracted. It was a traumatic and rather awful event and not one that I ever want to go through again! 464 more words

Hello world! I'm getting braces!

Last year, I very bravely (for me) had my wisdom teeth out.

At my first appointment, the dentist nodded at two little baby teeth I had where my canines should be, and asked ‘Has anyone ever spoken to you about those teeth?’ 255 more words

Adult Braces