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Shit is sorta settlin' down

Sooooo the new job is going amazing. We had a serious break through with a child who had trouble during naps sometime last week and this week has been all smiles and giggles! 956 more words

Be Thankful for your Wisdom Teeth

Healthy wisdom teeth will come in very handy come dinner time November 26th this year.

The worst thing you can do is ignore your wisdom teeth.   401 more words

Oral And Maxillofacial Health

What to expect when... having your wisdom teeth removed!


A slightly less glamorous post than I usually aspire to write, but a useful one I hope. I recently had two wisdom teeth removed and did endless googling to try and see what was in store for me, so I thought I’d write a little about what I experienced. 1,388 more words

Health & Beauty

The Wisdom of Wisdom Teeth

As I’ve mentioned, I just got my wisdom teeth removed. I can’t eat any solid food or foods with seeds or small pieces of seasoning/spices. Also, my face is puffy and hurts. 275 more words


"Grinding Wisdom Teeth"

Sobering, maybe,
we’ve reached a new level
of ourselves, almost as if we’ve grown an
extra inch to reach the last, missing piece.

Look at that backseat mirror and see you… 95 more words


Can't talk right now, I'm drowning in my own bloody drool

My posting has been a bit spotty this week, but I have a good excuse why. I just got my wisdom teeth out. My mouth is full of blood and spit, and I have chubby chipmunk cheeks.   66 more words


Wisdom Teeth Diaries

What to do when you wake up at 12 a.m. because your entire face is in pain…

You might start by taking some of the pain killers that have been sitting in your window sill for the past ten days. 463 more words

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