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Lent Day 14: 2 Weeks Down...

I didn’t get out today to take photographs.  Not that I felt badly, but it was because I need CPR certification to update my personal training certifications.   181 more words


Lent Day 13: Day of Miracles!

It’s another rainy day in the Sunshine State during the “dry season.”

I am SLOWLY recovering from the surgery.  I ended up with gastritis from Ibuprofin use :(, which means in layman’s terms, my stomach lining is getting eaten by acid from the amount of pain medication I had been taking the last 5 days.   245 more words


Do all Wisdom Teeth need to be removed?

Do all Wisdom Teeth need to be removed?

No, when there is enough room for wisdom teeth to grow safely then they won’t have to be removed. 32 more words

Wisdom Teeth

Can I drive after Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Can I drive after the procedure?

This depends on the sedative/anaesthetic used as part of the procedure. Guidelines allow you drive straight after the procedure if local anaesthetic was used. 63 more words

Wisdom Teeth

Lent Day 11-12

The last few days have been very rough.  I didn’t realize this until well after the surgery that days 3-5 are the roughest days of recovery when it comes to the wisdom tooth extraction.   199 more words


Speak about your week #3

Happy Sunday guys,

So to be honest, I have been so busy in work in this week not a lot has happened.

I did have a 6 day week, so only having 1 day off is so knackering! 209 more words