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Rough week

It’s been a rough week, to say the least. I get hangry very easily…… I had wisdom teeth pulled four days ago and I’m VERY hungry, so that probably adds to my bad mood. 154 more words

I mismanaged my mush

If that isn’t the perfect blog post title, I dunno what is.

As I mentioned, the hardest part of having my wisdom teeth removed has been the lack of real food. 565 more words

That Time When...

Vanity, dentists and drugs - part 2

On Monday, I had my wisdom teeth removed. Leading up to the procedure, I was a tad nervous. Anxious. Panicked. Hysterical. I convinced myself that since I am very vain, the Universe would take this opportunity to smite me by giving me facial paralysis. 564 more words

That Time When...

Tooth Fairy

My tongue rolls over the gum where my tooth used to be, pushing the suture into the fold of my cheek. It’s no longer numb from the anaesthetic and pain relievers. 530 more words

Parenting In The Wilderness

Vanity, dentists and drugs.

I’m getting all of my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow morning. 8:30am.

My parents spent thousands of dollars on orthodontal work to get me to have a functional smile. 1,201 more words

That Time When...

Dentist Baffled By Patient’s Joke About How Smart Her Wisdom Teeth Are

Brick, NJ – Frozen in his tracks with the uncertainty of a frightened deer, Dr. Leonard Ramsey, DDS, was completely baffled by his patient’s joke about how smart her wisdom teeth were. 114 more words

Fake News

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