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Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?

From the teenage years to the early twenties, our teeth undergo major changes in orientation and structure thanks to the growth of our wisdom teeth. Though some may not need to have their wisdom teeth removed or may not have any at all, the majority of teenagers and young adults suffer through the sometimes painful eruption of these seemingly useless teeth. 406 more words

Wisdom Teeth

Jessica's Bridal Shower

Yesterday was my oldest cousin’s bridal shower!  It was Parisian theme and so cute!  Everything looked so amazing, but I was rather sad because I had just had all four of my wisdom teeth taken out, and I was still too scared to eat food.   265 more words

The Wisdom Teeth Experience

Hello people of the interwebs.  It’s your girl Michelle giving you her first post which is dedicated to my journey that is wisdom teeth.

Now, I will begin this story back to some time in like 2015 or something.   1,106 more words


A Displaced Wisdom Tooth

Saw this amazing and somewhat terrifying case today during my external rotation at the oral surgeons office. The wisdom tooth can be seen in the X-ray just floating above all the other teeth. 317 more words

The Wisdom Teeth Diet

So this past Friday I got my wisdom teeth removed and it was… awful. Today is the first day I can actually move my mouth with little pain. 214 more words


Wise Waiting

Hey, y’all! It’s just ACG here, because AJA just had her wisdom teeth removed. She’s doing really well, just tired and hurting some (as you know if you’ve ever had the…experience). 88 more words

ACG Is Weirdo Who Demands Some Things Get Categorized While Claiming To Dislike Labeling

Remove your wisdom teeth today: Here’s how

So, you’ve had wisdom teeth (molars) your whole life.  Never did they cause a problem, except for that feeling in the morning.  You wake up with bad breath, an unpleasant taste when having breakfast and WAM, next comes a headache, a jaw ache, swelling, the list goes on and on.   269 more words

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