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30 day blog FAIL

– i get so side tracked! 😩 I’m working on my site to help people make money on twitter & facebook and totally forgot about my challenge😭.. 33 more words

Wisdom Teeth Removal Tips

So, the past month was a little bit on the difficult side for me, health-wise. I was lucky enough to get mono and then right as I finally recovered I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed. 782 more words

Joseph's Second Medical Milestone: I got my wisdom teeth removed one year ago today!

One year ago today, I got my wisdom teeth removed for real.  Now, a few weeks earlier, I actually got my dates mixed up.  When I went to the oral surgeon’s office in September, I thought that I was gonna get my wisdom teeth removed, but I was actually going to my “consultation appointment” while I was there. 90 more words

Joseph Pratt's Interests

I lost my wisdom this weekend. 

And by that, I mean that I finally got the rest of my wisdom teeth removed. The dentist that I went to didn’t prescribe me any painkillers at all and just told me to take nurofen and Panadol at the same time. 309 more words


Season 3 Episode 2: Comedian David Lew

Comedian David Lew joins the show to talk about his decade long run in stand-up comedy, his never ending fight against cancer, and how getting scammed out of $80, was the best money he ever spent. 211 more words

Predictably Drunk

wisdom teeth

why is your head all wrapped up in ice?

the calico caregiver sat purr-plexed –

surely they did not take away all your wisdom?

oh, only your wise teeth? 14 more words

The Now

Appreciate Thy Gums

A few days ago, I experienced the very first surgery of my life: getting my wisdom teeth removed. In the days following, I had never felt so sick or dependent on others in my life. 386 more words