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these two are the funniest HAHAHAHA

所以说人是犯贱的。the whole of last week, even up till this morning, I wasn’t eating as much as I should. now that the extraction is done and I’m on liquid/soft diet, all sorts of cravings kicked in! 267 more words


My Wisdom Tooth Extraction Experience

Yesterday was a long day. Well, it was more of the wait before/after the entire wisdom tooth operation process. To be honest, I had little sleep the night before, so it was as if I took a quick nap so that I could take another nap at the Hospital. 811 more words

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Surgery And Aftercare

Wisdom teeth, also known as the “third molars”, are as important as other teeth, yet more inclined to problems amid their eruption (breaking through the gum tissue). 360 more words

Dental Care

After wisdom tooth extraction: What you should eat

A wisdom tooth is the third molar that appears at the very back of the mouth during adolescence. It can grow normally and healthily, but in some cases, it may grow horizontally and misaligned and risk damaging other teeth, the jawbone, or nerves. 224 more words

I Did Survive

Remember how I said I wasn’t going to die when I got my wisdom teeth pulled? I was right. In fact, I have not died with surprising ease. 979 more words

Prepare For The Extraction Of Wisdom Teeth At Melbourne

Although the treatment of extraction of wisdom teeth at Melbourne is easy and pain free but lot of care has to be taken before and after the treatment. 118 more words


Why You Can't Ignore Your Wisdom Teeth Treatment?

Whenever the thought of a dental emergency comes it’s directly associated with removal of teeth that has severe pain. But it’s not unusual for wisdom teeth to generate circumstances that require more care from Dentist. 365 more words