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D&C 10 cunning vs wisdom

God’s wisdom is greater than the cunning of the devil.

What the devil has is not wisdom, it is cunning. (Elsewhere in scripture we do have wisdom of the world and cunning mentioned together.) That might be a good point — the kind of wisdom that the devil can have or give is of the world, but God’s wisdom is always something greater than that. 285 more words

Scripture Studies

King Solomon, Happy birthday, Randall

A good word.

Great performance to demonstrate how the power of just one good word can excite goodwill by a talented artist. We do not have to be an artist to life a heavy heart, only a good kind word when needed. 47 more words

King Solomon

Zip My Heart Shut

Zip my heart shut tight, so it can never be opened again. Never exposed to the rawness of love and
all the encounters that chip away its strength. 228 more words



Life can deliver some unexpected blows. You strongly believe you were headed in one direction and something comes along and completely changes your trajectory.

What feels like impending doom, is potential making an appearance. 91 more words


"He First Loved Me"

A double-minded man is unstable in all of his ways…

A wise man shall be blessed all of his days…

Never sit in the seat of the scornful; it is vain to eat the bread of sorrows… 382 more words


Be Fucking Free

The world is always going to do its best to put you into a box, a generalization, a rule, a guideline – something comfortable that defines you, your talents, your voice, everything that you are – because those confinements are safe. 197 more words


Easter Vigil - Matt 28:2a

2 And behold there was a great earthquake. . . .

Bede: The earthquake at the Resurrection, as also at the Crucifixion, signifies that worldly hearts must be first moved to penitence by a health-giving fear through belief in His Passion and Resurrection. 233 more words