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Ceiling Fan Morning

Our ceiling fan lazily turning in our upstairs bedroom. Window open, as the delicious cool breath of very early morning is touching my skin. Downstairs will be just as sweet, I thought as I tiptoed down. 178 more words

Sankalpa (firm resolve to take action)

You are never asked to take a Sankalpa for small things. Your small wishes and desires anyway get fulfilled, is it not?Everything does happen anyway. So when things are happening, instead of keeping small ambitions, you should aspire for something bigger. 379 more words


Patanjali Yoga Sutras - 10

Vitrushnasya vashikara sanjna vairagyam

The mind that gallops is an obstruction. An expectation in meditation is an obstruction. You have heard somebody’s experience that light appears, somebody comes from heaven and takes them by hand and you see it with your eyes closed. 464 more words


Fakes Smiles // Fake Friendships

Quote/Word of the Day:

So yes, just fake smiles but not friendships.

Have a delightful day everyone! (If that’s possible, if not then just carry on.) 😉

-The DementED



‘Plant a seed and pray the fruit feeds those who need it, for there was a time when you needed to bear the sweetness of fruit’

so what is cooking?

Nothing much.

Or, all too many are cooking all at the same time.

I say that because I feel like not doing anything but work is crazy high-speed. 191 more words