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Just Like Energy, Anger Cannot Be Destroyed But Can Be Transformed From One State/Person/Thing To Another. Forgive And Turn It Into Positive Energy

To be angry with the same person for a long time is to say without saying that that person controls everything and there is no hope of getting better if the person does not change, which in itself is a lie.

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Maturity Teachings

Day 114

Today I am grateful for second opinions.

I am blessed to have a wide range of wise people in my life. I seek their counsel often. 75 more words


11. The Divine Magician

A dove flies out
of an empty hat.

Let us begin with the law of causality: given these circumstances surrounding this object, we obtain this outcome, in all probability. 793 more words


Walk Away

I did. :)

Best decision ever. ;)

What have I gained from walking away?


Opportunity for a new job.

Got the new job.
With the new job comes major… 76 more words


Hijacking my Soundtrack

Ever since I can remember, I wake up with a song in my head. Sometimes it is a song I heard the evening before. I imagine that it must have been swirling all night through my dreams, waiting for me to wake up and hum along again. 957 more words


Wisdom of The LORD to rebuke/ Hikmat TUHAN untuk menegur

Day 24 Wisdom of The LORD to rebuke

YOUR rebuke, LORD, provide wisdom for me to have a life that is pleasing YOU increasingly. YOUR wisdom enables me to admonish one another with good, without intending to judge. 46 more words

Multiplication Of Divine Wisdom