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2nd Violin

Some people will always be 1st violinists.  These are your prodigies, musically gifted, perfect pitched or just well practiced.  And that’s totally fine.  Few people recognize it, but more often than not, 2nd violin music is harder.   617 more words

Josh Facts

Truth: sometimes He asks us to do things that don't make sense right now.

I find that days like today, simply listing out His truths can really relax me.

A Loose Thread

Dear Friends

Does it make you cry, does it make you sigh?

I feel lost today, nothing amiss to speak of, just the day is one to be silent and still, after the days of fullness and shrill. 302 more words


11 Ways Women show a lack of confidence that sabotages their dream career.

Hello Fabulous Career Women

When I speak to women about their careers the #1 issue that surfaces as the road block to a career of their dreams is  lack of CONFIDENCE. 241 more words

Radical Life Makeover

Meatless... Tuesday?

Be the Super Hero… Eat to End Factory Faming.

Brandy and I went Vegetarian January 1st. Yeah, that’s right! After many years of ‘leaning’ and modifying and minimizing… and whatever other utterly Lame words you want to use to describe our slow transition away from Animal ‘Products’, ie. 660 more words