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“There are a million ways to skin a cat,

but only one way to ensure that you never get scratched

– and that’s only possible if you never pick up the knife.”


Sisterhood Award <3

So in my last award post I listed some blogs I love! Here I am listing a few more I love just as much!  I have been nominated for another award shortly after the lovely blog one, even before I prepared the first! 2,418 more words


“Live to Eat”

Some people “Eat to live” while others “Live to eat.” What about you? How far would you travel for the best meal of your life? 260 more words


The Bottom

There is no known exhaustion,

Like the complete exhaustion,

Of trying far too long,

To make-believe and be strong.

When on the inside weakness screams! 46 more words


Get happy for FREE!

In celebration of the launch of my new book happy are those: ancient wisdom for modern life Amazon is giving away free copies to the first 20 people who respond to this giveaway! 44 more words


Hold On


I’ve been selling my name
For the sake of who knows
I’ve been trying to explain
How it’s all gonna go
I don’t take my life… 147 more words