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​Attachment – the Devil’s Prison

Ordinarily human beings live and are extensively unable to free themselves from the prison of misery and restlessness – however rich or powerful one maybe – for the simple reason that they can’t recognize attachment to things/life/people is the devil that conspires against their desire to attain true happiness and fulfilment that arises by living one’s true purpose. 201 more words


​Haiku: To Live through Pure Awareness

Haikus are a style of expressing enlightenment that is the essence within all humanity but which is often missed out by many because they are inclined to cling onto the delusions that the world has to offer. 133 more words


Find the meaning for your life

To the extent that a person is untrue to their own law of being, that person has failed to realise the meaning of their life.  598 more words

​Truth is Beyond all Words

I will provide a story below to illustrate briefly that the Real Truth is not to be found in the mere composition of words whatever language that may be. 212 more words


Mixing It Up

Last month, I posted a couple blogs about culling one’s collections & finding new homes for those once-loved items. I’m not as far along in that journey as I’d hoped by now. 428 more words

​The Perfect Guru

In thoughts of you, my unsurpassable friend and Guru,

My suffering is relieved,

I, the seeker of the unexcelled Truth, now sing you a fervent song.

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