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Sve što je bilo loše, kao delovi – delići mog života su samo kratak dodir jer sam ih otklanjala da me ne truju. Tražila sam i nalazila nove sadržaje… 258 more words

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Reflections for the Week of Sunday October 15, 2017 Nineteenth after Pentecost

Gospel: Matthew 22:1-14 is the parable likening the kingdom of God to a wedding feast given by a king to which the invited guests refused to come. 585 more words

Kingdom Of Heaven

Love does not grow on trees or brought in the market, but if one wants to be loved one must first know how to give unconditional love*

*by Kabir

हुआ मद्धम चाँद जलने लगा 

आसमां ये हाय क्यूँ पिघलने लगा 

मैं ठहरा रहा ज़मीं चलने लगी 

धड़का ये दिल साँस थमने लगी  319 more words

Tender Devils

Deep inside a lonely souls,

splendor Charisma,

phony wisdom.


they does inhabit doubts.



For those younger than I am, I’d like to share this story with you. At 88 years , this is my life as I view it from early times to antiquity. 266 more words

How Do I Align My College Major with My Faith

These days it seems like the academic world contradicts the spiritual world. Following Jesus and getting your degree doesn’t exactly seem to coincide. You want to advance in society and be successful but you don’t want to deny your faith. 965 more words

Sloboda = Plemenitost

Iako se tokom života probila svojom razboritošću u elitne beogradske krugove i čak do državnog vrha bivše Jugoslavije, Lilika je potekla iz skromne, čestite porodice, iz malog grada centralne Srbije, iz Ćuprije. 101 more words

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