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Plans Succeed Through Good Counsel

Plans succeed through good counsel;
don’t go to war without wise advice. — Proverbs 20:18

무릇 경영은 의논함으로 성취하나니 모략을 베풀고 전쟁할지니라 — 잠언 20:18… 13 more words

Spiritual Learning

What Is the Best Way to Put the Ego in Check?

What is the best way to attain beneficial knowledge in such a way that puts the ego in check?

Answered by  Habib Umar bin Hafiz… 310 more words

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Strive Today To Enjoy Your Happiness Tomorrow 🤗

You have never chosen suffering. It was always forced upon you. The forced suffering is not a guarantee of happiness. It is so because if you remain the same and the world remain the same, there is no reason that your suffering shall vanish just because they have tormented you for couple of years. 189 more words


Improving oneself

One day, one of the disciples of Bayazid (Alaihi Rahma) asked him:

– Will you give a piece of your coat so that I can carry it with me to gain blessing? 61 more words


“This shall too pass”

The expression, “This shall too pass,” articulates the following: “O human! The sorrows and joys that come to you are but guests. Do not think that they are permanent!” Do not be disturbed by life’s sorrows, because they will go. 334 more words

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Lessons from a Divided Kingdom: Part 9

A foolish leader

1 Kings 12:1-20

An Empire that took David and Solomon eighty years to build was destroyed by the injudicious actions of Rehoboam in a few days.  2,758 more words

Divided Kingdom