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Summer Wish List

I’m going home to Romania tomorrow and today I should be packing, but since I have Airbnb guests, I’m making a virtual list of the things I want this sommer. 229 more words


The Problem With Package Managers

As Linux moves farther away from its UNIX roots, and more towards being yet another appliance for the drooling masses (the same drooling masses who just five years ago couldn’t grok the difference between a CD-ROM tray and a cup holder), our once great proliferation of usable choices has dwindled due to a tendency on the part of developers to target only Debian- or Red Hat-based distributions, with a strong bias towards Ubuntu on the Debian side, while few of the more generous developers will also target SuSE, and even fewer will distribute software as a distribution-agnostic tarball. 613 more words


My Bucket List

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep I thought about the things I want to accomplish in my life. I’m only 19 so I have many years left to achieve my goals, but I also feel that as I get older it will become easier and easier to say that I’ll just do it later. 212 more words

Board Game Wish List: Albion's Legacy

This is the second of what I hope to have as a semi-regular series of posts (by semi-regular, I mean at least once a month!) to highlight a game that I really can’t wait to play. 2,735 more words

Board Gaming

On My Birthday Wishlist.

This year I decided to share some of my small and practical, as well as big and rather unattainable birthday wishes. So if I could reach for the stars and consult my internal maximalist, I would buy a British Shorthair cat, book a trip to Tokyo and make an appointment with an Audi car dealer, not necessarily in that order. 95 more words


Planes para el 2020

Entre mas pienso en viajar al exterior a corto plazo, pues menos lo creo posible.

Simple DINERO.

Sin embargo viajar al exterior en 2020 no suena tan loco. 80 more words

Mi Lista De Deseos

Petcube Play Review

I’m pretty freaking stoked to share my review of the Petcube Play with you today. This is hands-down the coolest product I’ve received and I know you’re going to love it! 831 more words

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