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There are no limitations holding you back from living the life of your dreams!

You are not missing out on life – where you are is alright! There are no limitations that prevent you from living the life of your dreams other than your own contradictory thoughts. 66 more words

How To Allow


Wish I didn’t care. Wish I didn’t have the capacity to miss. Wish I didn’t fall. Wish you weren’t so far away – both physically and emotionally. 130 more words

The City Sky 

It was a sky of fog and mirrors

Of rain on overhanging trees

It was a sky of light and noises

Of blues and oranges, stirring breeze… 37 more words


Wild One

She is free, unbroken
with a spirit that calls to you
She dances in the dark
and makes music with fire,
creating sparks
that you want to feel… 66 more words


Another memory

I sat in my backyard. Eyes grazing the life outside the four walls of my home . The ‘tulsi ‘ leaves burst into a dance ,coconut tree swung her locks , all other trees joined in the flash mob to the tune of wind . 213 more words



I want you to hold me when I cry.

I want to feel your lips pressed against my forehead.

I want to hear your soft voice tell me everything will be okay. 12 more words

For You

JAMIE'S BLOG - YEAR 6 - YOGA DAY 145 :: the day after

Day 145: Sore.

And she’s sore. It’s official.
All day long my shoulder reminded me of the yoga class I took yesterday. Like a little nudge trying to tell me either I did too much or am out of shape. 117 more words