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A paperclip lasso for the moon.

For years I cracked open fortune cookies and wished upon stars for a happy future.  The specifics of my wishes evolved over time, becoming mutated with stapled together ideas of what happiness means under the premises I’d set for myself.  508 more words


Woman who hit Venezuela leader with mango rewarded with new home - WorldNews

Just as John Oliver point it out on a show last week tonight on HBO this was not a good strategy on the part of the Venezuelan president. 121 more words

Best Things in Life

Your hunger for money grows
Keeps you running in the rat race
As you search for something better
Bigger bank accounts to show off
Your big cars taking over the roads… 161 more words

Scattered Words

Summer Bright

See-through summer

lemon breeze

opening flowers

warming seas

You beckon to me

Sun-bright memories

in hazy days

berry-brown bodies

of the inner child plays

You beckon to me…

19 more words
Kait King

Have exams? Wishing the best of luck!

If you’re taking an exam tomorrow (like me!) then I thought I would write a post to say that I hope it goes well. If you’ve got more exams to come, give it your best shot. 30 more words


If I Had Worlds Enough (Or Time)

I am a fantasy writer. On any given day, I get at least three ideas for new stories or bits of world-building. It’s a sad fact of writer life that I’ll never be able to write them all.   427 more words

Dream Catcher

I saw in the shadowy mist
upon a lily’s leaf
a thin and lonely answer
to the prayers of yesterday

I waded into the water… 25 more words