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midnight scribbling pt. 2

“The most beautiful people I think in this world are the ones that have that unique courage to be themselves.”

i wish i had that kind of courage. 81 more words

Midnight Scribbles

Lesson #33: Five Things You Can Do To Accelerate the Arrival of Prince Charming

I’ve been intrigued by some of the comments on various Facebook pages about women who for more than a dozen years have been waiting (and are convinced) that somehow Prince Charming is going to be dropped into their lives, at some undetermined future date, by God.  1,016 more words


Full Blue Moon Tonight -- Make Some Wishes

Today there is a full moon in Aquarius. Make some wishes for the future. Here is a fantastic video on the subject by my favorite astrologist, Barbara Goldsmith. 13 more words


What I Want To Say

It’s not that I don’t care about you; I just want to respect your wish.

I couldn’t care less about pride when it comes to stronger and more meaningful feelings (according to my views ofc) but since our scale of values looks rather different, I guess I should refer myself to your standards and not mine. 38 more words



I made a wish last night on an airplane,
Since the city lights tend to conceal the shooting stars
I wished that I could forget everything… 89 more words


Once in a Blue Moon

Tonight is the Blue Moon, which is the second Full Moon within a month’s time. The phrase ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ derives from this occasion because it only happens once every few years. 109 more words

Blue Moon

Once in a blue moon
unusual yet the same
No difference to be seen
frequency the factor

My wish for you tonight
dear friend, gentle reader… 48 more words