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If Wishes...

If wishes were butterflies

Our dreams would soar to the heavens

Among the cotton ball clouds.

If wishes were could talk

They would speak of desires… 35 more words


Keep Wishing

Questions in the night
From a busy little mind
About the stars wished upon
Which one must he find

I’ve made so many wishes
How come they’ve not come true… 60 more words


Life, Death an Ever After

From the day we are born, we slowly begin to die. Pretty morbid thought, right? Our time on this Earth is limited. It’s not like we have a “Get out of Death Free Card” that we can use. 770 more words


Inspirational Thursday

I guess its a different perspective on things but I have always looked at them as “wishes”!

Hope that you all have a blessed day!


It’s true, You don’t always get what you want.

A student won’t always reach his/her aim of marks.

A business man won’t always reach his target. 287 more words

Cake, Gifts and Balloons

I walk quietly, my footfall muffled by the carpet. The silence from Laddu’s room is reassuring. I am about to walk downstairs when the mess that is Ammu’s room catches my eye. 706 more words


As dreamers do 

There has been a bit of discussion about magic getting around lately. I’m not sure whether it’s the change of season or the impending release of the new and lifelike ‘Cinderella’, but there is certainly some magic in the air at the moment. 669 more words