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Do you believe in LUCK?

Today I was taking a walk and something shiny caught my attention in the grass. I looked down and THERE I saw a LUCKY PENNY!  It’s ALWAYS a good day when we find a Lucky Penny! 306 more words


Love Forgets

Love Forgets


When I see you my heart forgets-

A thunder beat so strong across my eyes

reflecting deep desires, but then too late… 87 more words


Ron Howard Talks Han Solo Movie & Star Wars Universe

Han Solo is going, well… solo. Ron Howard will direct the upcoming feature from Disney/Lucasfilm. Get the whole story from Deadline and shop Han Solo merchandise below. 587 more words

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How many Sundays do u have?

The average person spends 5/6 days of their week working for a living. Some time during the week or on their days off is spent doing chores/ running errands and their loved ones get a part of their Sundays, about a couple of short trips or may be two long vacations a year.   357 more words

Monkey See Monkey Do

Eid Mubarak

Of all our dreams today
there is none more important –
or so hard to realise –
than that of peace in the world.
May we never lose our faith in it or… 20 more words
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Wishes can come true

Well I head a really nice date a few nights ago with my current favourite guy, lets call him Import-Export Guy.  We had dinner, we talked and we kissed.   325 more words

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If a wish is revealed, is it null and void?

Another wishing-protocol question has come up, this time about keeping your wish a secret. We’ve all heard that you’re not supposed to tell anyone what you wish for — when blowing out birthday candles or wishing on a shooting star — because then it won’t come true. 683 more words