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‘The cost of not following your heart is spending the rest of your life wishing you had.’

-J Paulsen

Forgiveness or Bitterness - It is your choice


I took a yoga class in Mexico with a delightful instructor, Angeta Dyck. She gave us a few thoughts to meditate on while we are having class. 419 more words


Choices we make - or not...

We have them to make every day. Some are easy – choosing to have coffee in the morning – we do them every day. Some are really tough – getting up every day after getting a diagnosis that the disease you have is crippling. 564 more words


the almost

you’re the almost that never happened

the water that slipped through

the cracks between my thin fingers

the shallow breath that left one

dandelion achene behind waiting… 140 more words


I could blink

And when my eyes open

I wouldn’t have ever left

Your home, a place where

My bones sunk to the cobblestone

My skin fit to my frame… 16 more words

Bedtime Stories- The Twilight/Fifty Shades Impact on How We (and Our Teens) Think About Relationships

As a little girl, I’d pretend to be Snow White and sing “I’m Wishing” over and over again. Clearly, the dream of a prince finding me and kissing me out of an evil spell was a child’s wish, not a grown woman’s. 1,717 more words

25-2-2015 (Why)

Ye shalt have everything the moment thou shalt stop wanting anything more than thou wanteth thy Lord…