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The Untitled One

Thinking of the things
They may be possibily gone
Not waiting for that time
For there’s no way to waste

Living that thing called life… 45 more words



Gather all these crimson jewels gliding down my cheeks.
Clean them, crush them, scatter them
Into the empty void.
Wish upon the bloody stars
Until they burn themselves out. 6 more words


Keep calm and think different!-prose

I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong.”
     – Audrey Hepburn

“she was a person who, when confronted with an easy way out, always took the hard way.” 1,367 more words


love rhythms

I know you’ve heard the sayings, they say good things take time and nothing worth having comes easy but what if I’m twisting this inside my mind, making you out to be something good for me when really you’re just bad for me and all this time I stand here waiting I lock my heart up tight so no one can get close to me because I’m too busy wishing that it’s you, wishing that you would love me too. 312 more words


Facebook lets you text ‘1’ to wish a friend a Happy Birthday, so nothing is sacred anymore

When it comes to insincere friend gestures, a generic birthday wish on someone’s Facebook wall probably falls right below re-gifting and right above getting a drink for you at the bar but still putting it on your tab. 194 more words

Social Media


I wish for lofty

Altruistic things this world

Needs sorely, and soon.

For me, just one thing I’d ask—

Release me from mad turning.

© Valida, 2015… 7 more words


Emotions That Are Boys.

I am going to start off being completely honest!

I am a complete “girl” wreck, no this does not have anything to do with being on my period currently, although, I do find myself in the same oppressed mood about this subject during that time of the month as well. 104 more words