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Day 244 Loose him, and let him go

This sign I saw leading into a very short walk. Wishing well woods. I also spoke yesterday about how the water must have calmed me and how perhaps God’s essence is reflected in the water to a small degree. 588 more words


Are you Wishing for a Bigger God?

(Image from http://www.liveluvcreate.com)

WARNING – Honesty Alert! Proceed with Caution.

Do you ever find yourself wishing? I do. I wish for better health, for a job, for something meaningful to do with my days. 405 more words


First day of school

Last night
Or early this morning
She appeared in my dream
My army instructor
She smiles a squirrel faced smile
And it brought back all those memories… 208 more words


Eternity is now

In memory of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
who saved many lives including mine.
I just received the news his struggle with leukemia is over.
RIP. 125 more words


About angels

When you feel sad
That life is unfair
Your prayers have gone unanswered
You’re scared
You need to be held
When you feel
You failed on earth… 35 more words



It’s ok
If you feel this way;
Who might be feeling ;
These cuddly hugs
Are especially for
Look, learn… 21 more words


How to look good?Let me count the ways

This morning this photo caught my eye concerning several matters..
1)Cyberspace privacy:
Bordering exhibitionism there is this tendancy of some people to post these sort of photos to total strangers; though if i go swimming in the lake here in Europe there are total strangers in their birthday suits but there is something i find disturbing in this emphasis of physicality. 622 more words