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Wishing for Wild

Where do you wish to go?

Anywhere that’s wild.

John Muir

A Year In The Blue House

Lullaby of Spring to Summer

Lullabys are lazy and fluid – like a warm summer breeze or a slow moving river

  • – a summer breeze that ever so lightly ruffles the thin window sheers,
  • 216 more words

Turnpike #66

“One may always trust a Púca, but nobody in their 
    right mind would ever believe in one.”

                                                                                                     Celtic proverb




something inside

a dream of acceptance

expands to choke and bring forth tears


© Matthew Saunders


Poem #34 - Something More

Do you wish for something more?
Departed from those
You live to abhor

Do you ask yourself why?
You are cut adrift
Without no rope to hold… 61 more words


Wishing and Doing

Sometimes I get so wrapped in how much more I wish I would have done. How looking back I would have done things differently. How there is so much I wish that I was better at. 128 more words

i miss you

i thought about

our old conversations,

replayed them in my

head, hung onto every

word wishing we could

speak again.


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