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Sun conjunct Mercury

Do dreams come true? Could we even hope to get what we wished for ? What would we do if our wildest fantasies came true? Stay awake, because the universe may throw a surprise or two your way.

Aquarian Times


I aspire to be so much more than I am.

I’ve visualized successes I haven’t achieved.

I’ve become entitled.

I need to work harder, work smarter. 26 more words


Yo abrazo el mundo

J’embrasse le monde.
Ich umarme die welt.
Io abbraccio il mondo.
I embrace the world,

Even when the world
does not embrace me,
When i hold, 32 more words


Sheep in the snow

Sheep in the snow
Make me go over
everything i think
I know;
I would rather be killed
than kill,
I would rather be tortured… 88 more words



I was about two years old (back in the 80s) when my mum met my late step-dad. She met him at a disco, he helped out with the DJ equipment from what I understand, and he left that gig/job after a while, and walked away with a mix tape of chart hits of the time. 425 more words


Women -why we hate eachother sometimes

First day of snow
Tonight as i wait for the train
My bags overflowing with dog food and my winter stuff..I choose comfort over elegance so i look lije Grizzely Adams wearing my super thick winter pullover ,layered like a refugee escaping AND the dog in her super size comfy bag where she sleeps while i work. 428 more words



I could’ve just sat there, and wait for it to happen. I knew it would, at some point eventually. But time wasn’t on my side. It didn’t stood by me, all it did was pass away. 20 more words