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Rainy dusk,

Feeling warm under the blanket,

Listening to her favorite playlist,

Hours of waiting for that one beep,

And so a wan look she has. 78 more words


Tell me about love

Tell me about love…

Tell me about the way it should be –
About how there are constellations burned into the sky
but the ones we find… 71 more words


"It's always too soon to go home." by Julia at her desk

Thursday, March 22, 2018
5 minutes
Hope In The Dark
Rebecca Solnit

The last conversation was a bad one:
you on the phone with the love held up… 120 more words

The promise...

Sat staring still,
in my hand a wish,
in my heart the will,
to get what I cherish

Made a promise.
One that I meant. 29 more words


A Wishing Well

Foreword: This blog post will be different because I’ve technically written this before, but I was just 17 and a sophomore in high school, so in order to get past my dark blogs and to get past writer’s block, I’m revisiting some older things I’ve written before in order to do a kind of reboot to my blog. 1,199 more words


What Do You Wish For?

At a hidden beach house near Key West,

Lives a tiger known as Sir Sadie,

Laying on white sand,

He naps on a towel,

Wearing only a scowl. 350 more words


काश मैं उन लहरों  की तरह होती

जो लोगों को शांत रहना सीखा पाती!!

काश मैं उन सितारों की तरह होती

जो लोगों को चमकना सीखा पाती !!