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Photo A Day: Please Bloom For Me, January 17, 2017

In honor of getting a new camera and needing a reason to play with it…welcome to my Photo A Day! Topic: Whatever strikes my fancy. Frequency: Daily. 148 more words


My mind is static.
After hours when everyone
Around you is lying down,
Closing their eyes,
Falling into their own dreams,
I lay awake watching and staring… 73 more words


Farewell Boss!

After 5 years 6months, he resigned! I don’t know where he’ll go after this because he doesn’t let anybody knows. Anyway we hope he’ll happy at new places. 35 more words


Answered Prayers

I’m about to move on from the place I have stayed

I feel it being lifted

A tiny bit

With every passing day

Thank God… 20 more words

Media storm: Israeli official recorded wishing for downfall of anti-Israel British MPs

An Israeli official in London has been caught on camera saying how he would like to “take down” anti-Israel MPs, including Foreign Office Minister Sir Alan Duncan. 183 more words

Daily News

Sonnet the Third

If I could change the sprawling heavens’ face
or lend a thread unto the fated three,
I’d weave new stars into the night’s embrace,
and happ’ly knit together thee and me. 86 more words


Glittering Cars

I stand with my arms outstretched

Waiting to enclose you.

I stand with my heart open

Hoping you will grab it.

I stand alone and cold now, 88 more words