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Why did you say "Good morning" ? Just bcoz I said it?

We all do this. Don’t deny. We reply Good Morning when somebody greets us Good morning. But whats the real meaning of “Good Morning” ? 91 more words

When Is It Okay to Just Say "Happy Birthday" on Facebook?

Here are some birthday etiquette tips, according to “Time” magazine. It’s basically a list of people in your life, and how you should wish them happy birthday. 167 more words


Upon a Star (Poem 25)

Upon a star
near or far
I’ll keep climbing
through darkness shining
the darkened song
echoes cheerfully along
through my heartstrings
and precious things
I am reminded… 35 more words


Monday Morning

monday morning

she frowns

at the mirror


Where's my Rubber Ducky?

All I wanted to do last night was take a long, hot bath. But unfortunately the wonderful apartment I live in does not have a tub conducive for soaking. 57 more words



A four-year losing battle

fought for the fall

and the obligatory adieu.


End scene, fade to black.

Meant to be happy

just to see my name skid by, 68 more words



A familiar, magical time

and I immediately reach into the crevices of my mind-

what do I wish for?

But this time, no exact figment of thought… 38 more words