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Understanding TFS Process Customization in Details- Series

3 years ago I wrote a blog post about Customizing TFS Process 2010, this was a basic customization, today I will deep dive with more details about… 1,431 more words

TFS 2013

Cleaning Global Lists in TFS

Remember those lengthy build lists that you have to scroll through in order to select the correct build when reporting a bug?

Such a waste of time isn’t it? 219 more words


How to Delete a Work Item from Team Foundation Service

Couldn’t seem to find anything on how to delete a Work Item from Team Foundation Service, anyhow, here are the steps.

  1. Install the latest and greatest…
  2. 155 more words

Como borrar Requirimientos de TFS / delete requirements in TFS

Be sure you have installed Power Tools for VS 2010, Open Visual Studio Command Prompt, and run the following command:
witadmin destroywi /collection: /id:1305,1306,1307,1308,1309… 51 more words