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[Sketches] Lelani Tiger 2015 Redesign

I found some time to redesign a character that I created some time ago. I always felt her original design needed work, but I never worked on it until now. 130 more words


State of the Game: Death is Permanent

I played a few different games this week, but the majority of my time was spent with League of Legends, Diablo III, and a few assorted console titles. 924 more words


I'm a proud bleached arsehole!

K bitches serious issue right here. Albinos die in the world because people take Magic The Gathering far too seriously. Trawl through Google and you’ll find plenty of witch-doctor anecdotes about this particular ‘superpower’ and how super special ultra valuable we are in mint condition. 393 more words

'The Harvester': Brandon Seifert unleashes supernatural Punisher

An urban legend comes to life in “The Harvester,” Brandon Seifert’s new series for Legendary Comics.

The title refers to a vengeful being who forces justice upon evildoers in violent fashion, then disappears. 1,276 more words


Witch Doctor behind Diamond’s Success jailed for 7 years

A Tanzanian witch doctor, Ustadh Yahya, who claims to be the force behind singer Diamond’s massive success in the world of music, has landed a 7 year jail term for stealing a car. 85 more words

Witch Doctor - F.O.F

Witch Doctor aka Prins Emanuel that we know from the lovely Fasaan Recordings shared this cool track for our listening pleasures. Check it outz!