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Reaction to Battlebots Episode 6

ABC has delivered a satisfying conclusion to this season of Battlebots.  An awesome semi-final match, a close final match, and a surprise rumble match ended the season on a high note.   504 more words


BattleBots Finale: Bite Force clenches the title

By Steven Elonich (@HamandSpaceJam)

The Finals are here! You’re a little late to the party, but here’s what you’ve missed so far:

Week One… 824 more words


Reaction to Battlebots Episode 5

Episode 5 was by far, the best episode of this ongoing season and is the very model of a great Battlebot episode. All the battles were brutal, vicious, and evenly matched. 1,098 more words


Voodoo Doctor

This “voodoo” (or more accurately Vodun) doctor is ready to see you now.

We associate so-called “voodoo” with cursed dolls and zombies, but the Vodun priesthood also serves more altruistic functions such as healing and spiritual leadership. 125 more words


Addendum to Day 94

A question came in about the folk tale I posted today:

Q: Can you explain the significance of that folk tale you posted today? I’m not familiar with ozark folklore. 600 more words


Predictions to Battlebots Episode 5

With the quarterfinals underway, we are left with only robots that have won at least one battle.  All of the 8 robots left have proven themselves (well…with the exception of Ghost Raptor) in one form or another.   795 more words