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Keepers of souls

Hello guys,

so I wrote another poem. This time it is a somewhat silly description of Diablo III characters. Enjoy ;)

Keepers of souls

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So excited for the return of Crazy P formally known as Crazy Penis! Their new album “Walk Dance Talk Sing” marks their seventh studio album and is jam packed with a mix of what we’ve come to love from them. 89 more words


Nigerian 'witch doctor' jailed in the US

A Nigerian ‘witch doctor’ has been jailed for 14 years after collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars from cocaine traffickers who hoped his ‘supernatural powers’ would protect them from authorities. 204 more words

9ja Life

Nigerian witch doctor who claimed to give drug dealers supernatural protection is sent to prison

Christopher Omigie claimed to be a witch doctor with supernatural powers who could protect drug dealers from law enforcement with magic powder, candles and rocks, federal authorities said. 261 more words


Medicine Man Healing

Today I was visited by the Medicine Man of the ancient green jungle. He told me about my own blockages in my root chakra. Now after about 10 minutes of healing with the Medicine Man, my root chakra flows stronger then ever Before. 30 more words


W for Witch

As I am penning this post, I seem to have an allergy and I cannot stop sneezing. This the second bout of cold in 3 weeks and this could be due to the changing weather. 458 more words

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Masque Macabre

He hangs ‘mid relics borne of eons past,
Not clown, but macabre monster might he be,
For ‘neath the fearful fangs and horned masque,
True countenance, though hidden well, we see.

Photo Friday:  Intense