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W for Witch

As I am penning this post, I seem to have an allergy and I cannot stop sneezing. This the second bout of cold in 3 weeks and this could be due to the changing weather. 458 more words


Masque Macabre

He hangs ‘mid relics borne of eons past,
Not clown, but macabre monster might he be,
For ‘neath the fearful fangs and horned masque,
True countenance, though hidden well, we see.

Photo Friday:  Intense


[Sketches] Lelani Tiger 2015 Redesign

I found some time to redesign a character that I created some time ago. I always felt her original design needed work, but I never worked on it until now. 130 more words


State of the Game: Death is Permanent

I played a few different games this week, but the majority of my time was spent with League of Legends, Diablo III, and a few assorted console titles. 924 more words


I'm a proud bleached arsehole!

K bitches serious issue right here. Albinos die in the world because people take Magic The Gathering far too seriously. Trawl through Google and you’ll find plenty of witch-doctor anecdotes about this particular ‘superpower’ and how super special ultra valuable we are in mint condition. 393 more words

'The Harvester': Brandon Seifert unleashes supernatural Punisher

An urban legend comes to life in “The Harvester,” Brandon Seifert’s new series for Legendary Comics.

The title refers to a vengeful being who forces justice upon evildoers in violent fashion, then disappears. 1,276 more words