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People of the Mist 13

8:30 AM

Tim felt the day’s heat starting to build as he walked to the newspaper kiosk. Cloud castles rose in the air and the sun’s kiln fired the clouds with warmth and color. 949 more words


Remembering David Seville

David Seville passed away on this day in 1972. While most people only know him for “Alvin and The Chipmunks” projects, here is a solo shot of David on The Ed Sullivan Show…be casreful…it’s in black and white….do not adjust your set.


People of the Mist 8

7:35 AM

… the sound of dry cactus trickling through a rain stick imitating rain  as it falls from the clouds to strike the forest leaves … rain … steady and  heavy … from purple clouds … water fills the scorpion’s underground nest… 607 more words


Interview with a Witch Doctor

In a few days, maybe a week, I will publish my interview with one of my favourite witch doctors. Witch Doctor is my term of endearment, typically, for people in the medical/sports medicine profession. 68 more words


People of the Mist 6

7:15 AM

Tim turned the corner away from the church and on the next street a bitter sweet smell assaulted his nostrils. An old man stood vomiting into the gutter. 858 more words


People of the Mist 4

People of the Mist
6:30 AM

The wooden yoke of the solitary bell hanging in the tower of the church of St. James had broken long ago. 889 more words


Panto Dames

I’m Tiko. I’m a cross-dresser. I play international football in East Africa. I was recently booted out of the English Premier League after being caught in a degrading cross-dressing pose. 392 more words