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Remo Santomauro just released a new book in the Demonproof series—The Witch Next Door

Better late than never. Gillies Publishing author Remo Santomauro has been busy writing outside the erotica field, but demand from his fans finally motivated him to pen the second book in his Demonproof series. 110 more words


Defining the word "Witch"

“Witchcraft has been defined as whatever is not the official way of getting in touch with supernatural forces; opinions as to what does and does not constitute witchcraft are therefore entirely relative to whatever the established practices are at any given place or time. 373 more words

New Moon in Aquarius

Tonight can be the beginning of anything pertaining to the innermost and darkest reaches of your desires. Aquarius is the water bearer, and the deep, and sometimes tumultuous, nature of the tides has been representative of the intense and complex nature of emotions for a very long time. 132 more words


Generation 8 bloopers

As promised, I present to you a blooper compilation :)

Warning: PG-13 because of stupid and other stuff

Also warning for old feels: These are bloopers starting from when Xav went to Uni… 1,786 more words

Creative Titbit: Black Magic Girlfriend

Have you met Kate? She’s a sassy, sarcastic, full of attitude witch – and I think I love her.


Magic, bodies and circus acts

Are you looking for an interesting book filled with powerful witches, vampires, shifters and a very mysterious circus group?

This was my first meeting with Carlie, Gran and Wulfric. 556 more words

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