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“Witch Bitch” is one of the main ways in which I identify myself. For me, reclaiming the words “witch” and “bitch” are representative of me reclaiming my power; taking titles that were given to women in an attempt to hurt and control them and turning them into an act of ferocious rebellion. 510 more words


Just an Ordinary Day

“Instead of taking my baby in a stroller and my dogs for a walk, I take my baby in a cauldron and my bats for a fly. Just an ordinary day.”

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Tarot for Beltane

I have chosen three cards to represent Beltane, although there are many more that can be appropriate, such as The Empress.

First, The Sun represents the coming of light, heat, fertility, & life; all things associated with Beltane. 177 more words

The Mysterious Lady

Day twenty eight of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write a story in the form of a poem. Also the poem should start from the end and then work it’s way to the beginning. 515 more words