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As the Night Wind Walks

The wind is the only thing moving tonight. The people passing me by are all trying to go in some direction the wind is not willing to take them. 378 more words


Arskasao Tailsmans

Arskasao Tailsman for warding and shielding

Arskasao Tailsman for love and abundance

Arskasao Tailsman for money

Arskasao Tailsman for psychic awareness and spiritual growth

Arskasao Tailsman are strings of sigils from my alphabet of Desire the ravens of antimony that can be charged, and activated in the same way as normal sigils.

Wolf Of Antimony

my elemental friend is back

I truly didn’t expect to hear from them ever again. But over the last month, we have spoken a little. I don’t know why that is, but I care less about the why and more about the fact that I don’t have to say goodbye just yet. 62 more words

last words
hang in the air
like a drunk ellipsis
leading you to
grab on, guzzle
and regret the events
in the morning.

you’re famished, 145 more words

Theories on how magick works:

These are a couple theories on how magick works from different practitioners understandings. By understanding these theories you will be able to get a better grasp on magick as a whole through the understandings that people have found magick to react, and/or be initiated by. 1,095 more words

Wolf Of Antimony

the first snow and I couldn’t resist
rushing to you:
loyal to you

all hiss and pride
and airs and
nails down your back… 335 more words