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Signed the paper twice

Circled the building three times

There’s power in a ritual

There’s blessing with the Pope.

Dictated by the feminine

Let us keep in mind… 24 more words


Hunting: Chapter 3

Daniel sat down across from Ash.  “Alright, Ash, I’m going to have to touch you for this.  Is that okay?”

The guy tilted his head and gave him a quizzical whine.  1,952 more words


Hunting: Chapter 2

“I like your mom’s boyfriend.”  Daniel stripped off his shirt.

“He tazed me.”  Matthias glared at him.

“Yeah.  That’s one of the things I like about him.”  Daniel chuckled when Matthias picked him up and set him on the countertop.  2,258 more words


Hunting: Chapter 1

“Mother?” Daniel stared.  He couldn’t help himself.  There was a resemblance between Matthias and the woman now starring daggers at him.  She was a tall, imposing figure of a woman, with a rather blunt face and graying black hair.  2,235 more words


Jam Hag

Inspector Iris Cooper and young officer David Martínez took in the house before them. All the legends, myths, warnings, and mythos surrounding this place threatened to interfere with their experience and good judgement. 729 more words

Spoken Word


Who are my ancestors?

They who have fought and loved and died, a thousand, thousand bodies committed to the clay; the river, the crushing ocean floor. 220 more words