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War: Chapter 11

Abigail stared for a moment.  Aside from both being very good looking men, there was no resemblance at all between the blond newcomer and Khait.  “I…”  She turned toward the others, and she noted the professor had gone pale.  2,365 more words

Modern World

Early Spring

So excited!  How could I not be? Early Spring is coming and that means I’ve made it through another winter (even though Texas winters are negligible). 488 more words


Manifesting Your dreams

As a witch it can be very hard to stay concentrated on the goals you set and sometimes you need a little help from the divine as well as patience. 113 more words



Oh, the season of sickness is upon us! <cringing> Trust me when I say if you haven’t gotten sick, you are one of the lucky ones! 670 more words


Opening Up

So, after a long and hard battle with depression, I feel like opening up again. I just randomly asked a guy, who we will call Millie for now, to say something off the top of his head. 210 more words

Rune Stones

I’ve been meaning to integrate more divination and objects to gain clarity and purpose to my life and practice, specifically, I’ve always been drawn to rune stones and have always wanted a set of my own. 66 more words


Finally Getting Close to Finishing a Painting

I love to start things. I have countless projects in various stages of completion in every nook and cranny of my office. Some are only sketched out on paper, some are probably an hour away from being finished, yet I don’t ever finish them. 219 more words