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Bedtime yeah buts

The bedtime “yeah but”s is a now a new phenomenon in my house. It’s been a semi-regular occurrence since Witchlette was 2 1/2.

Last night I felt that I finally had an answer to all of the “yeah but”s which also stopped them. 148 more words


Holy grail skin care: for dry skin

For my first blog post, I have decided to talk about my holy grail routine for my dry skin. As I’m sure most of you with dry skin can relate, it can be hard to tackle, especially in the colder weather conditions! 1,177 more words

Dry Skin

3 easy and practical ways to celebrate the New Moon

If you’re anything like me, finding an extra 20 minutes to an hour in your day is nearly impossible. Finding time to do a big production to celebrate the New Moon, Full Moon, or really any important day is just something that rarely happens no matter how hard you try. 619 more words


✨Conjuring all Book Bloggers ✨ #IARTG #AMREADING #BOOKBLOGGERS

That’s right–I’m conjuring book bloggers for both my novels, Winter’s Curse, and Spring in Summerland! Watch me work my magic as I add special book blogging potions and herbs to my cauldron!  540 more words


Eath Day musings

The web of life. All things are interconnected. All life is one.

Scientific theory and spiritual ideals say the same. The Earth is alive. Call her Gaia, Jörd, Danu, Terra, Mother Nature, or any other name…She is alive. 100 more words


From Soviet Space Cadet to Slavic Sorcerer: The Dark Apprentice of Nina Yaga

Chapter 19

“The childish go after outward pleasures and fall into the net of death spread wide.”

~ The Vedas

The two souls that shared the robot body of Tin Prince Twain often manifested in this way. 3,540 more words