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Meet the Characters


Species: Vampire

Occupation: Professor at the University of Toronto, Entrepreneur, and assistant Paranormal Investigator.

Adopted and raised by vampires, Ares Anata made his transition into vampirism at the age of twenty-five. 311 more words

Detective Docherty

What is a Witch?

“What can we learn of this witch figure?  She takes energies out of consciousness and pulls them toward the unconscious to forge a link between the two mental systems.   972 more words

Divine Feminine And Masculine

One day when she’s in the kitchen, Gretel has an idea. She calls the witch and asks, “How do you turn on the oven?” Then she pushes the witch into the oven.

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Poor children! The old woman seems good and kind, but she’s really a witch. The witch immediately locks Hansel in a room, and poor Gretel does the housework!

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An old woman opens the door. She smiles and says, “Hello children. Do you like my house? Come in, Come in!”

READY to READ, Hansel and Gretel

Every morning the witch went up to the cage. “Hold out your finger, Hansel,” she would cackle. “Let me feel if you are fat enough to eat.”

Ladybird tales, Hansel and Gretel