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Witchy in Boscastle

Would you visit a witchcraft museum? Would you even know where to find one? I certainly never really thought about it and nor did I know such a thing existed. 351 more words


full moon......more like snore moon!!

So the full moon was a super moon!! It was a beautiful moon…..well I imagined she was beautiful because the clouds decided to cover her up. 440 more words

You are the master of synchronicity. Know in your heart that all doors are open wide. All you have to do is move through them.


Advice from the Sanderson Sisters

I owe a lot to the Sanderson sisters. They introduced me to magic and brought about my love of witchcraft. Seeing powerful women in such a light was really influential for me. 82 more words


Learning How to See

“I see the Circle.”

This, or some other version of it, is a very common phrase to hear when witches gather together, but when I began my clergy training within the Craft, I could not see, let alone sense, the Circle … or any of the more subtle energies that the fellow witches in my coven were talking about.   495 more words


Background BULK x Witch Hazel For Diaper Rash Acne

What exactly are “varicose veins” are they similar to “bulging veins”?

How many treatments are needed to remove varicose veins?

Varicose veins, spider veins, swollen veins, and bulging… 261 more words