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Pagan Individuality vs. Theological Reformation

One of the biggest issues I’ve seen in pagan community is the (sometimes heated) discussion around pagan theology, labels and individuality. As I have said before, for years I have refused to label myself as anything but spiritual. 765 more words


Dream Interpretation - Zombies, Necklaces, and Relationships

I had a really odd dream last night that I can remember vividly. What stuck out the most was arguing over a pink heart necklace with a silver chain at a shop that was giving its stuff away for free during a zombie apocalypse. 404 more words



Ritual page: Full Moon has been updated to include Mourning Moon ritual from last Wednesday.


The only tool you need: you.

Before I made my own altar, I used a portion of my dresser as my “altar” for years. My altar cloth is made out of remnant fabric, I got my candles at the dollar store, my goddess statuette was discounted, my chalice was a gift, making my altar only cost me $15 bucks to build and suit my purposes and I’ve been able to move it with me, conveniently placed on top of my altar box with similar dimensions (also discounted). 471 more words

About finding your familiar...

This particular blog subject was a request, a man (a certain man in particular, you know who you are haha) was interested in my input, so I gave him my two cents and I told him I would write a blog about it to elaborate on the smaller parts I spoke about. 606 more words

All set!

This Sunday evening begins the Solstice Sun Wheel countdown to Yule.

We are all set and ready to go.

Every Sunday, beginning tomorrow, when we sit down to dinner, we will light a candle before we eat and meditate on the season. 65 more words


Gratitude month: day 28


This evening we went to Target to complete our grocery shopping. While we were there, we bought a new vacuum: $75 off plus 5% off with RedPerks plus 5% off with RedCard. 51 more words