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Letters Written, Never Sent.

Hello Voodoo Babies,
With permission from my best friend, I decided to copy her “letters to 11 people” blog post that she posted on her… 1,508 more words

The Final Countdown.

Good morning my lovely Voodoo Babies,

We are entering the last 13 or so hours left of 2017 so I thought I’d make my last blog post of the year. 860 more words

Merry meet and welcome to HouseWitch!

Hello from the north of England where it is currently very wet and windy!  My name is Amber and I am a thirty something year old practising witch, a mother of three (soon to be four), a wife and staff to a dog and seven cats. 489 more words


The Magickal Design Shoppe

Welcome to my Blog, where I share my insight on spirituality, witchcraft and connecting with the mysterious Goddess. This is an extension of my shop, The Magickal Design Shoppe, which is the union of my art and spirituality. 185 more words