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Hail Bastet

My love for the mother of freedom,
The untamed and liberal cat,
Whose powers are divine
Which gives me the soothing vibes.
For the love of mine… 46 more words


The Sabbats

The days that we as Pagans celebrate are important times on the calendar year at which the Earth is changing. Originially, the story originated on the idea that we worshipped one Sun God and eventually, Goddess. 744 more words


Personal Protection Magick

Thursday (April 30), Soror Gimel will discuss the various forms of protective magick, and demonstrate some of her favorite protection techniques. (Hosted by 718 Encampment OTO)


Soaps for Apollon and Artemis (PLUS custom soap now available!)

Brand new in my shop, this soap was magickally charged with the energies of the Hellenic deity Apollon, and is perfect for attuning yourself to Him at any time, but especially before divination or oracular work, or any working or ritual involving Him. 286 more words


A Witch Is Born

I wish there was something more I could say to explain why I’m so closed off from the world, but I’ve never really had a close relationship with my feelings. 524 more words


Aries New Moon Magick


Good Morning Lovlies!

Are you preparing for the New Moon this Saturday, April 18,2015?

Now is the perfect time to de-clutter and purify anything in your life that is dragging you down or holding you back. 496 more words


Village Mayong (Assam) - Worlds Capital of Black Magic

Mayong (Assam) – Worlds Capital of Black Magic

Mayong is 34km away from Guwahati near the bank of Mighty Brahmaputra river. From time immortal, it is famous for supernatural stories. 90 more words