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Witnesses sacred and profane

I find it interesting the when people volunteer themselves to witness the strangenesses of the occult and those who are skilled in such matters, some react with a terror so palpable that the ravens can smell them miles away. 662 more words


Thunder Hooves Necklace

Both Odin and Loki had input into the design of this necklace. It pays tribute to Sleipnir, who is Odin’s steed and Loki’s child, and could be worn by someone devoted to either Loki or Odin, to Sleipnir Himself, or someone who works with the Wild Hunt or has a horse spirit guide, totem or fetch. 289 more words


In Memory of Miss Goodwitch!

Hello Everyone!

My spirit has been doing some massive overhauling as of lately! The last three years has been momentous for me! When I started on my path as a Witch it caused an avalanche of spiritual positivity into my life. 364 more words


Thunder Oak Necklace

Brand new in my shop (just listed this afternoon), this striking necklace (um, no pun intended) would make a fitting talisman for devotees of An Dagda, Thor, Zeus, Jupiter, or any other deity to Whom the oak tree is sacred; it would also be quite suitable for modern Druids, or for Wiccans to wear in honor of the Oak King (who reigns during the light half of the Wheel of the Year). 356 more words


How To Be A Powerful Witch for Jesus!

“I don’t mind waiting…I don’t mind waiting….on the Lord!” This song is playing in the background, and I write this post with tears streaming down my face.  768 more words


The Magic of Douglas Fir

The first time I ever had a vision was when I received my first reiki attunement. Several images flashed through my mind during the attunement, but after all the brief pictures I felt the presence of two towering guardian spirits, one on either side of me. 933 more words

The Green World

Golden Web Necklace

A weaver of intricate webs that are highly functional as well as extremely beautiful, the spider is one of the great architects of the animal world. 416 more words