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Full Moon

Photos I got of the full moon tonight, such a beautiful sight.


Super Moon - August 29th, 2015

I’m slightly hesitant to make my second blog post be about witchcraft, mostly because I’m well used to having to hide that part of myself from family, friends, and strangers alike, there are a grand total of three people I know in real life who know I am a witch (and only one of them managed to be supportive from the get go).   280 more words

Full Moon

Weird Sister by Kate Pullinger - Book Review

My latest Witchcraft book was certainly an odd one. Kate Pullinger’s Weird Sister felt as though it should have been a compelling read, the tension based plot was there with intriguing premise and characters yet something was missing. 495 more words


The Blair Witch Project - Film Review

“In October of 1944, three student filmmakers disappeared in the woods near Burkittsville, while shooting a documentary, A year later, their footage was found”

When I first sat down to watch  503 more words


"those upsetting words"

Had some good talk time with book club friends tonight, and I was reminded once again how hard it can be to talk about my spiritual path – not because I don’t love it, but because the words available to me are sometimes so loaded.  889 more words

General Thoughts

The Witchcraft Trial of Elizabeth Morse of Newbury

Elizabeth Morse of Newbury was accused and found guilty of being a witch. She was initially sentenced to be hanged, but the execution was never carried out and, after spending a year in the Boston jail, Elizabeth Morse was sent home to live with her husband on the condition that she was forbidden to travel more than 16 rods from her property unless she was accompanied by a pastor or a deacon.  869 more words