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Cecil Williamson's Book of Witchcraft A Grimoire of The Museum of Witchcraft by Steve Patterson

A somewhat forgotten figure of Witchcraft, Cecil Williamson was somewhat overshadowed by the creator of Wicca; Gerald Gardner. Steve Patterson has managed to piece together some of Cecil’s life with as much information that was available to him and as a result we have this absolute gem. 157 more words

British Witchcraft

Worshipping the Narcissist in you while you await your husband

After you do this spell, you will see immediate results right away and the next day. Be prepared to be the object of heavy amorous admirations everywhere you go. 375 more words



“Write down what you want, put it in a drawer, and forget about it. One day, you will read it and be surprised that your wish came true.”



The Parsley & The Plate

Ever wonder why parsley is so often placed on your plate at a fancy restaurant? Well, the person plating your dish probably doesn’t realize it, but they are taking part in a time-honored, pagan ritual! 183 more words


What If?

This may date me a bit, but do you remember those “What If?” comic books?

“What if Superman was evil?” “What if the Fantastic Four were cavemen?” “What if Dr.Doom was a particularly vicious poodle?” … 17 more words


Up Your Pagan Potluck Game

I have a confession to make: I super hate potlucks. I hate everything about potlucks. I hate the food that I remember so fondly from family funerals, I hate the unsatisfying and lopsided nature of a potluck meal, I hate carrying a hot tray on the bus to the party, and most of all I hate that once the summer ends every pagan gathering turns into the same potluck with the same food. 2,816 more words