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Elisabet’s Murder

God’s work, Obadiah claimed, Naught but God’s work. And God would have compelled him to take her maidenhead first, for Obadiah Knagg would not have sent an innocent to her death.

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Acts Of The Servant

The Novel - Chapter 3


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3: Gathering

Rhys and Arianna stepped through the Easternmost door of the Council Hall as the tenth of sixteen chimes used to call the magicians to order echoed throughout the castle. 2,290 more words


Practical Spiritual Cleansing

Sometimes, we just don’t have the time nor the energy to keep up with a spiritual cleansing routine. As a result, we accumulate energy as we go, forgetting the dangers that it can pose later. 325 more words

New Age


3 petals of a precious wild pink rose

that under the sun and moonlight grows

3 silver spoons of honey gold

awaken the powers of the very bold… 28 more words

Magickal Arts

Tuesday Tarot: Temperance

Temperance is not reflective of the common definition of the word, like Women’s Christian Temperance Union. It’s about the act of tempering, which is a way of treating steel with fire to make it stronger. 277 more words


Thoughts on Quitting Smoking, Broomclosets, and Other Things

When I ended a FB convo with a friend to write this blog she suggested I start a second one for it. For awhile I considered it since I can’t talk about this subject without discussing spirituality, but I’ve decided against it as I think as humans we compartmentalize ourselves too much as it is. 1,130 more words