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Plain Kate

Plain Kate by Erin Bow

American cover of Plain Kate

Everyone calls Kate by her nickname “Plain Kate.” As a female woodcarver, she’s an outsider. After her father dies, Kate becomes even more of an outcast. 187 more words


Back In Black

Guess whose back, back again, shadys’ back – tell a friend, lol.

Well not exactly, not a 100% anyways.

I was gone for awhile, it was nothing mind shattering or anything. 166 more words


3 easy and practical ways to celebrate the New Moon

If you’re anything like me, finding an extra 20 minutes to an hour in your day is nearly impossible. Finding time to do a big production to celebrate the New Moon, Full Moon, or really any important day is just something that rarely happens no matter how hard you try. 619 more words


Witchcraft 101 (Five Things Apologists Should Know)

What springs to mind when someone mentions “witchcraft”? Three hags sitting about a cauldron chanting “Double, double, toil and trouble”? A pretty housewife turning someone into a toad at the twitch of her nose? 3,093 more words

Catholic And Proud

The Roman Inquisition was reconstituted in 1542 to combat the menace of Protestantism in the Italian peninsula, whereas the Spanish Inquisition had been created more than half a century earlier to deal with massive numbers of converted Jews.

216 more words