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These are the basics you anticipate when going into a demanding situation or anytime you need to be assertive these things trigger the mind into perhaps thinking what it should not or thinking what you want it to think… 389 more words


The Devil's School of Nigromancy - Qayinite Workings with a Folkloric Place of Sorcerous Power - Part 2

(This text is the second in a series of posts related to “The Devil’s School of Nigromancy”. Click here to read part one.)

I started the practical preparations for my workings at the Devil’s School of Nigromancy by making 13 thin copper pieces inscribed with sigils that were meant to reflect and connect my Qayinite work and the powers of the Father and Mother of our Holy Bloodline to the place itself. 1,536 more words

Liber Falxifer

Eclectic Wheel of the Year

Hello My Witchlings,

I apologize for the absence, I sort of got swept away by life. A lot has been going on and while there has been a little bit of drama, the positive stuff has really outweighed the negative. 545 more words

Witch Tip - Water bottles!

Out of those pretty glass jars and bottles with a secure lid, and need something in a pinch to store your tincture or mixture in temporarily until you can transfer it safely into one? 33 more words


Spells I do not cast.

Magic(k) is wonderful thing. Magic(k) isn’t a solution to everything in life. Certain struggles and inconveniences are there for a reason.

I do not cast spells for love. 253 more words


Witch Tip - Veggie Peeler

Save that old vegetable peeler!

Art by: Ciera Elizabeth Hoover


Why I believe Tarot readings

I bought my first Tarot deck; The Wild Unknown, a couples months ago and I really enjoy it and wish I started reading tarot a long time ago. 459 more words