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A witch's heart

Colors, light, passion vortex throws us out
(of grey).
Clown masks down.
Burned faces smile.
A witch’s heart locks your heart.
Don’t obey, run fast, run far. 97 more words



There are people out there that fear the word “witchcraft” “Wicca” and the sort how are we to all get along on this issue. Yes you believe that your God made it all, I’m sorry there are to many descriptions in that logic of thinking. 60 more words



I am a flyover high on the roads of heaven
Sometimes when I want to get away from everything which is too much for me… 750 more words

Meandering Musings

Getting the Most out of Chakra Meditation

What follows is a list of ways in which you can make your chakra meditations more effective.

One: Perform Them in Nature.

You will find that nature has an expansive effect on spiritual endeavors. 124 more words


Fire: An Element

I was born into a fire sign, an Aries child in a time of turmoil in the 70’s.  I have always been surrounded by fire symbols and tend to have fire represented in my life in so many ways from passionate exchanges on topics I adore, to a volcanic temper when allowed to erupt.  1,142 more words


Witch's Burr

Witch’s Burr, Loaded for Banishing and Reversing~ Also known as Witch Balls, they are a traditional Hoodoo magical curio used in protection spells, banishing rituals, warding amulets, witch bottles, mojo pouches, charm bags or to represent the Earth element on your altar. 11 more words


2016 Grimoire Challenge Week Seventeen

As we wrap up four months of the Grimoire Challenge, take a look back at your goals list. Have any of your goals changed? What have you accomplished? 1,460 more words

2016 Grimoire Challenge