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Going Back to the Roots

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, as I prepare to teach a course on the Book of Shadows, about what it means to be a witch. 346 more words

Let's Talk Witch - Basics of Love Magic

Let’s Talk Witch – Basics of Love Magic

In some circles of the Pagan community, magical workings pertaining to love are frowned upon. The rationale is that to do any magic related to love is to interfere with the free will of someone else. 211 more words

Daily Posts

Ancestor altar

Anpu and my ancestors got offerings of whisky, shisha, incense, and rose oil, with love, as I petitioned for my health, strength, and energy. Nature was kind enough to gift me yesterday with a gardenia blossom for love and purity, and crepe myrtle bark for strength, change, and union. 12 more words




4 drops palmarosa
1 drop chamomile
1 drop yarrow
1/8 cup jojoba oil

Blend this oil well

Drop and pour oils in a small glass bottle or jar with a tight fitting lid… 190 more words


06-23-17 update

Sorry for not posting last Friday but I just didn’t have anything of interest to post and I’m not sure I have anything of interest this week either. 909 more words


Super New Moon June 2017 & The Dark Goddess

Remember the May 25th Super New Moon? Having two Super New Moon’s back to back indicates amazing change, transformation and new beginnings. The New Moon in Cancer indicates a wave of emotions like the flow of tides with this water sign.  165 more words


– decided to focus on synchronizing myself with “chaotic” energy.. not dark per se but just chaos.. this energy felt soo familiar that it was scary, and I felt such a quick assimilation with my mental and spiritual body. 46 more words