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I had the dream again last night. The dream that isn’t a dream, but a memory, twisted and warped till it’s unrecognizable. I know what it is, though. 473 more words


Antichrist (2009)

Today I just felt an incredible urge to write about Lars Von Trier’s film Antichrist which came out in 2009. Arguably, a magnificent film: after a few years I can still remember all the details, despite not having watched it ever since again. 734 more words

Fox's Concepts: Invisible Assailants

“You know you saw them but no-one ever listens
They’ll be long gone by the time the sun has risen
You feel ‘em lurking, hear ‘em howling in the shadows… 2,730 more words


Ostara Wine

This recipe came from The Book of Shadows. I love wine, a lot. So I’m always looking for wine to help celebrate the Sabbats. This looks really tasty and I can’t wait to try. 62 more words



I wear a skeleton key a proctective amulet on a silver chain close to my heart…a mystery…begging to be unlocked…but my heart will not be easy to crack! 401 more words

Magickal Arts

Tarot cards ~ Mistakes by publishers

Earlier this month my husband bought me a set of cards from Barnes & Nobel from Sterling publishing Inc. As I was going through the accompanied book, I found a part in there which was a glaring mistake. 103 more words


Spell to Help Find a New or Better Job

This spell can be done many different ways. You can do it in a full sacred circle, bless a green candle (let it burn completely down in a safe place if you cannot watch it) with Bergamot oil or burn some Bergmot incense and just say the spell out loud. 106 more words

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