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Beware of Bethel

“Escaping & Exposing the trap and darkness of Bethel Church, Bill Johnson and Jesus Culture.

An in-depth testimony by M’Kayla Kelly, a former “Seer Prophet” tells her story and helps to expose the false teachings of Bill Johnson, Todd Bentley, John Paul Jackson and others…” 43 more words

Satan's False Religions & Cults Exposed


For the past two years, my husband and I have been going through the process of buying a home. It’s been a dream of mine for years, for so many reasons, much of it emotional — the desire for stability, for a place truly all my own — and god damn is the process difficult. 775 more words

Vampyric Practices Part 2

Vampyric practices can be a variety of ways.In Vampyric Practices of A Witch ,I spoke about a lot of ritual type work you can do to begin to work witch vampyric practices.Here I am going to talk about alternate feeding practices one can utilize that are not rituals but rather techniques.There are multiple energy sources one can feed from that do not include people.Though,a majority of practitioners generally do feed from people in some form.Also,there are very few blood drinkers however they do exist.I am not going to address that here as that is post all of their own.So other then people, how can one feed and keep a fresh supply of energy coming into themselves? 608 more words



One thing I can tell you is that NEVER in my life have I been so grateful. It’s not just gratitude for the big things that have come to pass (all by intent and belief), but its gratitude for the tiniest things. 157 more words


6. a tiny bit of destruction

“What are you doing here?” Becca asked as Jenny dropped her belongings on the counter.

“Holy shit,” Jenny said. “This place isn’t how I remember it. 460 more words


Birth Place Elements On Your Altar

Not everyone represents the elements on their altars, just like not everyone represents Gods on their altars. But if the Elements are your thing, I hope you enjoy this insight and take it into consideration.

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Sigil Magic to create what you desire.

So I’m guessing a lot of you don’t know what Sigil Magic is, basically  it is where you turn your desires into reality by creating sigils of these desires and focusing positive energy into them. 586 more words

Psychic Readings