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Even those who cannot read will know the sign Poison

If they ignore it…

They do so at their Peril ♠

Magickal Arts

Garlic is More


Did you know that you can use it for more than just seasoning your food?

• Burn the skins in your fireplace or on charcoal disks to keep money    flowing into the home. 66 more words


World AIDS day: Elemental Blessings for Change

Dec. 1st is World AIDS Day and I am reminded of a service in 2012 at the First Christian Church here in Greenville, NC, wherein my circle was invited to participate with the interfaith community. 1,127 more words


Dear Santa...I need a break.

Dear Santa,
This holiday, I humbly request a break. Hopefully, this won’t take up much room in your sleigh. I have been a good little witch this year, and I promise to use my break responsibly, for the highest good and only the most effective, sacred badassery….where totally justified, I swear it… 53 more words



I’m a witch(warlock wtf ever I’m a guy witch), that’s not a secret. So I DO HAVE A TUMBLR for witchy type things. It’s fairly new and I’m not on it often, but feel free to follow it or whatever. 154 more words


People's Choice - Best Of Instagram - November 2015

November has just flown by!

This whole year has gone by so fast, I can’t believe it is almost over.

(I apologize for the absence of last months photos, but it got overlooked as I was going out of town.) 180 more words


A very personal investigation into witchcraft in modern America

As many as a million people in the United States identify as witches, according to some estimates, and their ranks are growing. Or, as Alex Mar puts it in her empathetic yet provocative new portrait of the pagan community, … 1,482 more words

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