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Flashback 20144 Samhain

An example of a Samhain (pronounced sow-en) altar.

Divining the Unseen

At Samhain, the veil between the worlds is thinnest. The ordinary and extraordinary meet. Death and life touch at the edges. 185 more words


Flashback 2014 Beltane

An example of a Beltane altar.

Cleansing and Warding

In Celtic tradition, Beltane begins the warm half of the year. This is a time for spring cleaning and for protective magic, Cattle would be driven between the balefires. 183 more words


Protection Chants (part 5)

Basic Protection and Calming

I am peaceful, I am calm, and I am strong

The Goddess protects me harm, I am surrounded by her arms… 95 more words


What is a Witch's Familiar?

While many Witches have cats as familiars many of us have other furry or winged beings. A familiar is not an animal that goes out to do a Witch’s biding, or to spy on their enemies or steal energy from others. 978 more words


Always A Beginner

I’ve been listening to the ‘Absolute Beginners’ show on The Desperate Housewitches podcast. And it reminds me that I’m still totally a beginner. I’ve been practicing for 3 years – collecting and growing my practice, but I have so much to learn it’s insane – I’ve been far too slack in my spell casting as well since I got this job and even before  – I think I’ve just found it difficult to focus on what I need and really desire. 17 more words


Beltane: Time to Celebrate!

Spring is here!  For many of us this means a relief from the dark cold days of winter.  The greening of the earth is now apparent everywhere.  362 more words


Witch's Gazette-Magickal Newsletter- Alchemy and Magic

Through out time, the facts and myth of alchemy and magic seems to have been intertwined and mixed as being one and the same. It is true that magic is a sort of alchemy, as it transmutes energies and changes the frequencies of reality. 865 more words