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Day 4: The Beginning

After my close cousin and best friend growing up passed, I mourned for a while. It isn’t something any person takes lightly no matter how long you have to grieve. 693 more words


Toil & Trouble: 15 Tales of Women and Witchcraft

Title: Toil & Trouble 15 Tales of Women and Witchcraft

Author: Tess Sharpe

My Rating: 2 Stars

What it’s about: As the title implies, 15 Young Adult short stories featuring women and witchcraft. 112 more words

Book Review

Find Inspiration in your craft

This goes out to all the witches out there, there is such a inspiration within witchcraft. Though if your a seasoned witch you probably already know this pretty well. 164 more words


My evil plan to drink less and exercise more

Normal people seem to always find a way to do things that are good for them without having to come up with convoluted plans. Or they just give up after a while, which makes sense all the same. 397 more words

Life Skills

A2Z Challenge: W is for Witches

There are big differences between witches and the other 25 folklore creatures I am writing about. The first is, minus a few mythical ones which may not be, witches are human. 504 more words


44DoW Day 1: What's your witchy background?

The tl;dr version is I came to witchcraft through Wicca as a bb!pagan back in late 2000, bc that was just what was available. I wasn’t Wiccan for long, maybe a year or two, before I wandered more into Kemetic polytheism, and the House of Netjer/Kemetic Orthodoxy. 148 more words

Magick And Spells

The Beauty of Beltane

It didn’t feel like that long ago when we were celebrating the beginning of Spring! I am loving the lighter days and the raised temperatures, it has given me an amazing amount of motivation. 385 more words