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Fear of Fire by Jean Roberta

Enjoy an exclusive guest post from Jean Roberta, author of “Mysteries of the Dragon,” which will be featured in the upcoming anthology ON FIRE… 1,238 more words


Wiccans and Rising Up from Discouragement and Disappointment

The car roared through the intersection and barely missed me.

How? I was not in the intersection because a clear thought came to me: “Not yet.” This meant, I was to avoid stepping on the accelerator and jumping my car forward when the light turned green. 1,663 more words

Moonwater Silverclaw

An Open Letter To Young Witches.

Dear young witches who who are 13-17 or even younger. Do not take offense if an older witch who is a legal adult won’t teach you. 327 more words


Just recently I started crafting my own grimoire. This task, though simple to some, has terrified my perfectionist brain since I decided to document my journey as a pagan and a witch. 579 more words


Show me what I need to see

November 17, 2017

Page of Swords 🗡

  • What I see/feel: a young person of power, looking into the future- or a young person reflecting on their future position in power.
133 more words

I Remember

I Remember

Sometimes I stand in the shower

Cold water turned off

Scalding water raining down on me like cinders

My skin goes through a transformation… 426 more words


Curse Tablets and The Goblet of Fire

We’ve all cursed someone. Thankfully, though, when we curse someone it is usually more of a metaphorical idea— “curse” is a euphemism for “cussing them out” or swearing at them. 834 more words

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