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Daily Tarot Card Reading 17/1/2017

Daily Tarot Card Reading: Eight of Wands.

What are you doing reading this?! Go! Go! Go! Do all those wonderful creative things you’ve been dreaming of. 179 more words

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Ye Olde Moral Compass

Correction: In this I refer to “the rule of three,” which is generally the “law of threefold return.” However, the point of contention tends to lie within “…an’ it harm none…,” although this is not usually addressed (sometimes it is). 1,570 more words


Mark of the Witch (4/10)

Some shit about witchcraft, and a whole lot of tilt/shift photography. Some decent boobage toward the end, but probably not worth sitting through the movie or even fast-forwarding. Background TV only.

Horror Movies



Sometimes we need to put pen to paper to express ourselves to communicate with one another is still held sacred within those written words… 281 more words


The world is not a zero-sum game, but it matters if you think it is

Question: A farmer in your neighbourhood has had an exceptionally productive 2016. He has managed to double wheat output, and his favourite cow – Daisy – was awarded first prize in the national competition. 832 more words

South Africa

30 Day Witchy Journal Challenge: Day 6 | 16-01-17

Day 6: “Where did you learn about witchcraft from? Was it something that just appeared in your life, were you born into a witchy family or did you learn on your own?“

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Animals are pure magic in themselves. They are driven by instinct and are unapologetically themselves, because they do not know any other way to be. Like humans, animals may have their own distinct personalities, but at their essence they possess the true spirit of that animal. 354 more words