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Going Analogue for Mercury Rx!

It’s time again for everyone’s favourite celestial event!

Oh you don’t like Mercury Retrograde? Well, you’re not alone.

The planet mercury rules things like communication, thought, and travel and I can’t imagine a worse set of things to go wrong. 1,059 more words



Personal post today because why not: I’ve been feeling rather under the weather and it’s largely, I think, from a collection of issues (as is anything), whether stress about finances as far as we’re both concerned as well as not getting good sleep because of the construction on disgustingly oversized luxury homes next door (I don’t really understand the need for these– there’s plenty of houses in existence in the neighborhoods here which are for sale and many of them already fairly new or remodeled. 2,222 more words


Sympathetic Magic – Part II — Spell Hub. Bringing the occult to life.

Edgar Allan Poe Museum (Richmond, Virginia) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The idea behind the Law of Contact is that we imbue things with our personal energy or essence.

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illness and witchcraft

chronic and mental illnesses are hell. they’re a betrayal from your own body. they’re like burning your own house down from the inside out. they take away your ability to do things, your ability to care, your ability to feel anything besides apathy. 409 more words


Of course it is...

Buckle up chickens, it’s another Mercurial retrograde! I can you can tell you, I am feeling it today for sure. Can I just disappear into a dark and cold room and resurface once the infamous trickster goes direct? 21 more words


Self Esteem Spell (by me)

Each morning, look yourself in the mirror and as you do, brush your hair while looking yourself in the eye. If you’re bald, maybe try massaging your scalp. 122 more words


Book Review of Shadows: Drawing the Three of Coins by Terri Paajanen

Rating: 🔮🔮🔮🔮/5

A guide book to opening an running a Pagan store. Learn from the author’s personal experience to see the pros and cons to running your own Pagan, New Age or Wiccan shop, and also get a good collection of potential wholesale suppliers too.

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