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Mental Illness and Witchcraft Series: Teas

I’d like to start this series (and probably every post in it) by saying that nothing is a cure-all for any mental illness. No amount of tea or meditation will help if proper, official medical advice is not followed as well. 172 more words



This will explain how to charge and anoint plain candles that are not already anointed or charged. The importance of charging and anointing your candles before you use them for spells and rituals cannot be overlooked. 702 more words


Digital cleansing + cleaning spells

A few weeks ago I finished A Mystic Guide to Cleansing and Clearing, a lovely little book covering various cleansing and clearing magical practices. From physical space and body cleansing, to spiritual and energy clearing, this book is truly a little gem. 184 more words


Hello Everyone!

My name is Aapri and I’m a single mommy living in spicy Glendale, Arizona! I’ve been very interested in alternative medicine and plan to study Homeopathy and Acupuncture in January. 45 more words

New Age

Body Sigils

There are many different ways in order to use sigils, but one of those ways is drawing the Sigil upon your body. By doing this you allow the sigil to always be with you, and to allow it’s magick to work and help you get to your desire on a very personal level. 858 more words

Wolf Of Antimony

The Witch in the Mirror - Part 4

The cottage was dark as Emily walked softly down the stairs. Her hand covered the light of the torch so she could just make out the railing in the gloom. 396 more words


Beyond Belief

A few weeks ago I came home to find a flyer on my door. It was colorful and vibrant. It said there was going to be a picnic at the park with food, drinks and music. 1,128 more words