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September Sale and SHRINES!!!

September is coming to a close, and I will be ending my store wide sale in a couple of days.  Use the coupon code SEPTEMBERYAY… 342 more words


Card of The Day: Ace of Cups

The Universe extends its hand in offering to you; drink deeply of this joyful energy and find refreshment!

This is a card of emotional beginnings, (often identifying a new relationship/friendship) as well as emotional development. 179 more words


Libra Art Deco

Isn’t she gorgeous? I found her today looking for a pic to share with a friend on her birthday. I am also a Libra and I adore Art Deco, so she’s a perfect match for me as well. 22 more words


Lust of Results is Not Your Problem

I’ve been reading and talking magical technique a lot, lately, so I’ve been re-exposed to the notion of “lust for results” and it’s been driving me up the wall. 898 more words


Book Review: Clock Shavings

Clock Shavings. By. Tracy Twyman. Vancouver, Washington: Dragon Key Press, 2014. 418 pp.

In Tracy Twyman’s underground occult hit memoir book Clock Shavings, the author uncovers her past dealings with the Ouija board and various spirits and the dead–including Cain, Jean Cocteau, Baphomet, Lucifer, Satan, and even Jesus. 2,315 more words




We are now in the Dark of the Moon which are the few days before the New Moon begins

For those that are aware the Moon is the door to the chamber of the UnderWorld… 511 more words


Quote - Celtic Gods

Just how the Celts conceived of their gods is very difficult to know, since, in every recorded story people refuse to name their deity, always saying, “I swear by the gods that my people swear by…”  This secrecy warded the gods from the scrutiny of outsiders, for only tribal members might partake in the mystery of their god, which included the knowing of his or her names and titles. 

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