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Dreams of the Witch House.

The balustrade was chest-high, delicate, and fantastically wrought, while along the rail were ranged at short intervals little figures of grotesque design and exquisite workmanship. … 1,859 more words


Begin Walking Down the Path

It is an often occurrence that people ask me “How did you start believing in Wicca?”

My answer is always “It happened naturally.”

I give that answer because it is true for me. 1,047 more words



*From our series: “Our ABC’s of Wicca, from the perspective of the Coven of the Wolfa”

We aim to walk the path of humility. We realize in the grand cosmic design of the Universe, we are only one small part of this cosmic wheel. 131 more words

The Seeker

When we are children. We do not know what we want out of life. It is a time to learn, to grow, and to educate yourself with knowledge. 167 more words


Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman - Book Review

Possibly one of my more disappointing books in my reading list so far, in terms of an interesting plot anyway. It seemed a modern-day replica of Updike’s  541 more words


Heron in Flight...to New Hampshire!

Well, the deed is done. My first posting on The Agora page at Patheos is up.
I’m both excited and a wee bit nauseated. As we approach the Blue Moon in Leo, I hope that this new opportunity will bring good things, that ego and drama stay in their rightful alignment, and benefits flow for all involved. 347 more words



let’s tranquilize the atmosphere bring a calm to a troubled home

settle ruffled feelings and cause those within its sphere to become peaceful

this will be a joint adventure to ask for divine help in your lives… 209 more words

Magickal Arts