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Federici versus Marx

Gilles Dauvé
Fall 2015

Note: Dauvé’s piece is not without its problems. Some lines are simply offensive — e.g., “Federici feminizes Marxism; that’s probably what has made her popular,” “the ‘reproductive labor’ theme is not a… 6,201 more words


What the Witch Trials Teach Us Today

Vast over-estimates of the amount of people killed during the witch-trials in Europe were extremely popular when neopaganism began. They still haunt various misinformed quarters today. 1,173 more words


Showing the hedge witch side of things

When my ex husband left he took some of my tools but he left all of my herbs so slowly I’m recollecting all of the tools that I need to be the hedgewitch. 182 more words


Cross The Line

We all grow up with limiting beliefs.  Some more than others.  Since 2009 I’ve tried to release my limiting beliefs with a lot of success but one thing I’ve discovered is how many more there are.  156 more words


Relaxation, Tarot, and Spellwork

I have a specific area in my home I like to do spells. For the most part, I also read tarot/oracle cards there as well as do pendulum chart readings. 501 more words


Allegiance to the Craft

The sky bleeds colours of midnight blue and the air is laced with magick.
A fire has been lit and it burns brightly.
For tonight, I pledge my allegiance to the craft… 219 more words


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Books Read 2015: Herbs of the Northern Shaman

Herbs of the Northern Shaman was an extremely frustrating read. It’s unclear whether the cause of that frustration can be laid at the feet of the author for writing a book with so much potential that then fell short, or at my own for expecting too much. 562 more words