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Some Yule and Christmas decorations have a special meaning because of their mystical association with the season

We decorate with the symbolic
colors of red ~ green ~ white ~ gold… 367 more words


The Witches Of Sagittarius

A Sagittarian witch is very thorough in her or his magical workings. By nature, Sagittarians are curious as cats, so when it comes to their craft – they are sure to dot every “i” and cross every “t.” Also given the very… 338 more words


Witchy Vibe

I had the opportunity to shoot some photos with a friend of mine last week, which was a great deal of low-key fun, particularly after my NaNoWriMo victory.  20 more words


How do I keep my cat off my altar?

Last week, I managed to acquire a baby rue plant! I had heard a lot of lovely things about this little plant, so I’ve been keeping an eye out for one on my daily adventures, hoping one would eventually find me, and it did!  192 more words


Madeline Montalban: The Magus of St Giles

“How art thou fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!”
-Isaiah 14:12

I am a huge fan of Madeline Montalban’s system of practical occultism and spellwork, so naturally, I have had her biography on my wish-list for a number of years now, but only recently was able to obtain a copy and read since it’s primary distribution from Neptune Press is from the wonderful Atlantis Bookshop in London. 1,358 more words

Healing and Protection

I’ve never really delved into healing magick and practices that much. In hindsight, I definitely probably should have a long long time ago.

I’ve been relearning about what I need to do to take care of myself. 430 more words