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Witch Marks at The Commandery

These marks on The Commandery’s building timbers are called apotropaic marks. They are evil-averting, often called ‘witch marks’, which were used to protect a building from evil spirits, witches and their animal familiars. 110 more words

Social History


At the edge I stood with the feel of the earth under my feet crumbling into stardust

Everyone around me terrified me all those who were nothing more that a mere 65% water… 195 more words


A Gringo Guide to: Pulque, Mescal, and Tequila

Two Books in One! “A Gringo Guide to: Witchcraft,” and “A Gringo Guide to: Pulque, Mescal, and Tequila” 31 more words

In this night, in this hour, I call upon an ancient power...

Too long I’ve lived in fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the thoughts of others. Fear of what others may do to me. Enough. I need to stop living in an endless cycle of uncertainty and fear and just do. 196 more words


School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry: Science Is Magic!

It’s a good thing I check the events regularly… I almost missed this one! Definitely falls into our interests. Check it out tomorrow if you can but register on Eventbrite first or you won’t get in! 116 more words


The Blair Witch Project (1999)

In this film, three college film students make a documentary about a legendary figure called “the Blair Witch” (who’s partly based on the real-life legend of “the Bell Witch”). 1,279 more words


A visit to the local witchdoctor: treating snakebites in Kwale, Kenya

Humans have had to deal with the threat of snakebites as long as humans have existed. While deaths from snakebites are rare, the outcomes are so severe and the nature of the animal so mysterious, that humans have developed all sorts of ways of dealing with them. 981 more words