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The Magic of Storms

I love storms. There is something so magickal and pure about them. From a light rain thats perfect to dance in and celebrate life to an all out lightening spectacular that leaves your chest just a little tight with some unnameable fear, they are all magick. 411 more words


Story Of My Life

Welcome to, I guess, my life! My pen name is Uriel BlackWolfe. I am 25 and currently reside in East Texas. I have been self-employed on and off since the age of 12. 116 more words


One Definition of a Muse

Wiccan Wonderings:

What, exactly, is a creative muse, and how can you get in touch with it?

The creative muse is nearly always spoken of as “she.” But a muse can also be a “he” or have no gender at all. 87 more words


Spells for Creativity (part 2)

Breaking Out of Your Rut

Let’s say you’re stuck in a rut at work. You hate your job but at the moment, you don’t have any other prospects on the horizon. 245 more words



spirits of the realm come close by
let me see you hear you sigh
spirits of the realm whisper to me
secrets of that world sparks we cannot see

Magickal Arts

An Ally in the Woods

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Mikon turned swiftly on his heels, the rest of the pack falling in line silently behind him. Before they moved off, he turned and looked at me pointedly. 1,979 more words

Black Cat

Animal Totems & Spirit Animals

April 24, 2015

My sister mentioned to me one day that a few of her more spiritual friends told her that they felt like her animal totem was the red fox and when she looked into it she just knew they were right. 1,541 more words