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While the witch-trials were previously regarded as a legacy of the ‘Dark Ages’ from which Europe struggled to release itself over a long period, scholars today agree that on this point the Middle Ages were considerably more ‘enlightened’ than the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

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Chapter Forty: Vaughan's Erasure

When Vaughan awoke, the two ladies were holding him.

He was still on the sofa, but was now leaning back into the enormous chest of the fat lady. 1,356 more words





Who are we?

You might be wondering – who are The Pagan Fringe? What are you on about? Why the goat skull? Read on!

Who are we? 
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How to process Graveyard Dirt

Laurel, from the blog Unfettered Wood has a pretty good article about drying and processing Graveyard Dirt.

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Research: When the Physical and Metaphysical Meet in Sub-Saharan Africa

Imagine if instead of going to the polls to support your presidential candidate, you went to a prayer meeting and prayed that your candidate would be elected. 3,481 more words

When It Clicks

Last Friday, it finally “clicked” with me – it’s like the universe told me I’m ready to go, an internal timer counter counting down to the time when I am free to roam the world again. 213 more words