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A priest and his daughter from East Anglia have today been accused of witchcraft by the “Witch Finder Generall”, Matthew Hopkins, who promises to “find out the truth”. 178 more words

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The Price is Fright

The horror thriller offers the serious actor unique opportunities to test his ability to make the unbelievable believable.

~ Vincent Price

When someone says Vincent Price…

2,882 more words
Mystery & Horror

The Sorcerers [1967]

Director: Michael Reeves
Cast: Boris Karloff (“Professor Marcus Monserrat”), Catherine Lacey (“Estelle Monserrat”), Ian Ogilvy (“Mike Roscoe”), Elizabeth Ercy (“Nicole”), Susan George (“Audrey Woods”)
Plot: 77 more words

Boris Karloff

Positively The Most Horrifying Film Ever Made

I’ve just watched a horror movie, originating from West Germany in 1970, written and directed by Michael Armstrong (“The Haunted House Of Horror”), titled “Mark Of The Devil” 460 more words


Familiars by Andrew Shields


+++ after Keith Thomas

Witches worked
with birds and ferrets,
hornets and hares,
beetles and frogs,
moles and moths,
crickets and snakes,
crayfish and snails, 77 more words


Witchfinder General

On paper almost everything about Michael Reeve’s 1968 horror masterpiece, Witchfinder General, suggests a film that shouldn’t really work.

Taking the style of Hammer, melding it with the incoming violence of ‘The New Hollywood’, casting an American as a notorious British historical icon and filming on location in East Anglia smacks of a production gone awry before the camera even rolls, but somehow Reeves took this and constructed something that has entered the lexicon of popular culture. 536 more words