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Spiritual Wake wants to support causes, do the right thing, and build up women.

However it was decided it would be best to move those strongly political related items to their own shop. 113 more words

Dear Witchy Woman 12/15/2016

Today I woke up and started my period. These are the worst days.

I do not think you should have a period if you are not having sex. 451 more words

Witchy Woman

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been interested in witches. My very first Halloween costume was this black and red feathered witch costume, there’s a photo of me at six years old standing on my aunt’s porch with a terrified look on my face because it was my first time celebrating Halloween. 394 more words


Day 1390: Such a _____ woman

Since I witnessed  a presidential candidate being called “such a nasty woman” during such a nasty debate two nights ago, this blogging woman has been experiencing such nasty AND un-nasty  memories of  names she has been called over the years. 397 more words

Personal Growth

eat, drink, and be scary!

super exciting news today folks! i will be starting my own Horror Story One Shot Challenge; what this entails is me choosing a prompt at random and writing a story based on the prompt provided. 438 more words

Restless Spirit on an Endless Flight

  The title seems much more sophisticated than “it’s all about that broom”. My cousin posted this on Facebook…

This quote makes me smile and I may have to do something with it. 350 more words