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Butter Chicken -2

This is also my signature dish ,experimented and tasted…..I would say confidently that this dish will satisfy any pallette..be it Indian or Asian ..or any other part of the world..I have posted a Butter Chicken recipe before also in my blog so thats why now added 2 to the title….and this recipe is totally my combination of different ingredients than in the other recipe and it was so amazing….try and taste.. 273 more words


Shahi Baby Corn

Dad was here till yesterday to drop off sister who has relocated to Hyderabad. Well, he is one no non-sense person who eats anything without cribbing and praises it whole-heartedly too. 386 more words


Stuffed Brinjal [Guthi Vankaya]

Stuffed Brinjal, traditionally known as ‘Ennegai” in the Kannada household is a well known dish.
This is a variation of Stuffed Brinjal known as “Guthi Vankaya” in Telugu, which I got from my friend Chitra. 214 more words


Thendli[Ivy Gourd] Palya

This recipe was given to me by Bhabhi aunty when I had been to Mumbai years back,  when I was in school probably. It is so easy to prepare and so delicious that wherever I went, people used to ask me to prepare the same. 187 more words