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Protection From Shirk

The Prophet of Allah (salallahu ‘alyhi wa sallam) said:

“The Shirk among you is more hidden then the crawling of an ant, but shall I guide you to that which if you do it will protect you from both Major Shirk and Minor Shirk” Say 3 times: 62 more words


spoke with stares

neither madd or  bitter

step on this curb

and rub the coins

and toss away

the lost paper

and it wasn’t the winning ticket

and nobody was gonna emerge… 45 more words


Five Star Music front-line artiste Kcee took time out of his busy schedule to celebrate the Nigerian children today by going to the cinema with over one hundred children to see a movie in honor of the children’s day celebration. 21 more words


A Binding Spell

While this spell may sound gentle for a binding spell it will work and with the way it is worded the person casting it does not have to be concerned with bad things coming back on them. 282 more words


Day Trip: Cedartown & the Clouds

April and May are filled with an abundance of tasks and chores to complete such as Spring break, prom, TWO band performances, AP finals, AP exams, graduation, and for me, becoming an adult. 150 more words