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I’m not sure if you or anyone else will ever know exactly what it feels like to be totally addicted to a person. To love them down to your soul and make them your entire world. 277 more words


Double Figures.

I’m on day 13. Unlucky number for some.

Pretty ironic then, that on the 13th day, I have woken up irritable, down and pretty anxious. 293 more words


Kicking Heroin with Methadone

If you one of the many folks addicted to heroin or opioids, you have options, if you want to get clean and sober. There are currently three drugs being used to help deal with withdrawals. 1,041 more words



The flashes are back
I can hear my eyes moving
Clicking and buzzing, electric pops.

My mind moves away
But my body does not follow. 77 more words


I’ve been Wellbutrin free for a little over 6 weeks.

Still have withdrawals.

But I’m doing much better than usual at this point in the game.   424 more words


Griffonia Simplicifolia - Know About Its Effects and Dangers

Griffonia Simplicifolia is one of the supplements used these days. Even though it comes with many benefits, people often find it difficult to decide whether to go with the idea of following its cycle or not. 397 more words


Random Write 2: No Title

Watch the dead leafs fall
Goosebumps and chills make my skin crawl
Winter calls, Addiction withdrawals

The Poet Q