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To ensure the safety of your bank account when using ATM(s), here are some tips on how to determine if an ATM is safe for cash withdrawals. 236 more words



I’m a drug.

I’ll give you the best high.

And you’ll fall in love.

But the high never lasts

And you’ll always want more.

The hangovers will get worse… 66 more words

Drug Hiatus

At times, I’ve been known to not be the ideal patient for my physicians. I take their advice at its word but tend to get distracted by life to follow their instructions to the ‘T’. 939 more words

Tons Of Tips And Tricks For Retirement

Retirement is not something that just older people should be thinking about. It is never too early to plan for one’s retirement. In fact, it is something that one should plan for in their early adults years. 313 more words


Tuesday March 24, 2015

Current prescription:

10 mg Celexa – 3 per day = 30 mg daily

100 mg Lamictal – 1 1/2 per day = 150 mg daily… 88 more words

Bipolar Disorder

False Sense of Security

Losing it. Agitated and angry at every small inconvenience. High off life. Ideas running through my head. Trying to succeed at a level way above my qualifications. 410 more words

Bipolar Disorder


the day to day is easier, but I am still withdrawing, I am having an easier time focusing, but I get itchy like I’m having an allergic reaction, and I have night sweats like I’m sleeping in hell. 32 more words