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Caffeine Detox

Quitting caffeine sucks.  Luckily, I know myself (and my tendency to get migraines) so I am not doing a “cold-turkey” type of thing, but instead weaning off of it.   327 more words

New Country Matchup: The Cadillac Three vs Tyler Farr

We give you the New Country Matchup every evening Monday-Thursday on the New KMLE @ 1079! Here’s how this works: Two songs battle it out against each other every night based upon your votes. 56 more words


Metabolic Remap & Seattle Freeze

REV Day 6
Today, my world is upside down for no good reason at all.

I just want to go home to Seattle. I miss the mountains, the trees, the hills, my friends, and Frasier re-runs…Don’t get me wrong I LOVE life here in Texas. 464 more words

Salt & Not So Skinny In My Jeans

REV Day 2
If I could put salt on salt I would.

This is what I have squirreled away in my desk. If you peeked in my pocket might find a few more too. 457 more words

S'mores (And Other Inconveniences)

A SLEEP-DEPRIVED JACKIE is not a happy Jackie. I’m not sure that, given my tired state, I can say anything remotely nice to the hooligans who decided it would be a wonderful idea to make S’mores in their dorm room at 2:30 AM. 1,006 more words


Withdrawals from Steriods

It’s been awhile since my last post.  I’ve been spending my time split between dealing with the withdrawal symptoms of prednisone to making the most of my time before I have to taper again and start the withdrawal process all over again. 651 more words


No Suffering Found on Tyler Farr's New Album

Tyler Farr is somewhat of an outlier in country music. His gravelly voice wouldn’t suggest it, but the Missouri native is a classically trained opera singer who spent his senior year of high school singing tenor in Missouri’s All-State chorus. 341 more words