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Day 9 - 12

Apologies, I was dealing with a few things at home this weekend and wasn’t in the right frame of mind to write. Withdrawals have been pretty manageable the same as before, although I have become very irritable and easily annoyed as the first week. 298 more words


Day 8/42

I think I totally jinxed myself…

Yesterday I was talking to my manager about how easy I’m finding this whole withdrawal malarkey and that I was hoping that I’d be fit enough to stop using crutches soon. 145 more words


Here, at the end of draft 1

This week, something magical happened. I put a full stop (or as the Americans call it, a period) at the end of a sentence. It was full of suspense, and meaning, but it was only one little full stop. 368 more words


3 Must-Read Books to relieve your Hunger Games withdrawals

Being a huge fan of the Hunger Games book series and movie sagas, I have been having some really serious withdrawals. Anything that revolves around utopian societies and the constant power struggle between the government and its citizens, count me in! 433 more words


Day 7/42

Today surprisingly went a lot better than I expected. I’m not going to pretend I didn’t hurt because I did but I just tried to stay busy and take my mind off it.¬† 238 more words