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The coming home poem

For those of you who are in the same boat
Here is a little poem
About a girl who travelled and had the best time… 399 more words

Lent me your ears...

I am Jewish. Not just a little Jewish. Like, my Jewish mamma is the one who lives for grandchildren, scolds me in Yiddish and gives me dirty looks when I try to leave the 8 hour Yom Kippur synagogue service early. 617 more words


Ending Your Addiction To OxyContin And Oxycodone

Do you currently take oxycodone in order to control your pain? This is probably something that your doctor prescribed for you because of how well it works. 386 more words


Looking Out... Gazing In... 7.2.15

I have been on 75mgs of Venlafaxine for 8 months. I hit rock bottom after many many months of “trying” to keep it all together. Working full time, commuting, single parent, gorgeous home with a hefty rent to go along with it! 757 more words


Quitting Minecraft Day 1: Withdrawals

Immediately after last night’s post about why I need to leave the game I was inspired to begin the purge. I have over 200 gaming contacts and am in 20 conversation groups on Skype alone, and I figured getting this biggest thing out of the way would be the best choice. 202 more words

Breaking Up With Minecraft

Paying Taxes on Amounts Withdrawn Early from Pension Funds

Some participants question whether they have to include money that is withdrawn early from their pension account as income in the year that it is withdrawn. 208 more words

Tax Information

Tuesday, February 10th, 2014

I’ve decided to wean off all the psychiatric meds. Thankfully I am only on one now, Zoloft. I am at the end of my wean. I told my psychiatrists I was done, and that I was not okay via email but they did not respond and do not seem to care. 439 more words