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Yellow Vines and Blue Skies, A Marlborough Autumn

So both of us will admit up front that before we even arrived here in Renwick, we’d already begun to sense our disappointment. I mean, how could we leave Kaikoura, where we could see and hear the ocean and walk to the beach in a few minutes and come to a place in town where it takes us twenty minutes to drive to the closest beach. 2,173 more words

New Zealand

#NZV16 Day 21

I’m finally on the beer fines board!!! All it took was bursting a hose and I can’t take all the credit, with my fellow white receival buddy Viktor and supervisor Anne, also assisting in the minor disaster. 64 more words

#NZV16 Day 15

Climbing in presses, hosing bins, afternoon naps, swigging on Sauvignon…all in a days work.

#NZV16 Day 14

The Fromm Seletion

Fromm cellar door

Fromm vineyards

We’re two weeks into #NZV16 at Wither Hills Winery and today I finally had a few moments where everything started to make sense. 122 more words

#NZV16 Day 13

Cleaning grape bins, tasting off, swimming, sampling delicious Sauvignon Blanc…wet wet wet was the theme of the day! 7 more words

#NZV16 Days 8 and 9

We are fully into the swing of production with Chardonnay for sparkling wine and Pinot Noir for rose being trucked in yesterday. Which means my role in white receival is now in action! 409 more words

#NZV16 Day 6

Today I sat inside all day, but the view wasn’t bad (see main pic above).

We were trained today in confined spaces and had the very entertaining Lance take us though risk assessments and gas training. 58 more words