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Slowing Down in Spring Creek

Hi from Picton. We are here again, staying in the same house we enjoyed in August. It’s starting to feel a little like our home away from home. 1,069 more words

New Zealand

Farewell to the South Island

It already feels like summer here, but it is only spring. Just 10 minutes in the sun and the burn starts to show. We are apparently experiencing an El Nino climate pattern which is highly likely to continue into the summer. 690 more words


Marlborough Region to Motueka

The last week of August found us with mixed feelings about leaving the house we’d been staying in. The house ended up being just what we needed in giving us space to enjoy the break from traveling to new destinations weekly. 2,221 more words

New Zealand

Boozy in Blenheim

Small town is usually synonymous with “not a lot to do”. And when there’s not a lot to do…what do you do? The answer is… 469 more words


Road Trip Part 1: Marlborough, Nelson, & Abel Tasman

People keep asking me why I chose to study in New Zealand.  “Couldn’t you study that in America?  Aren’t there good schools there?  Wow, wasn’t there anything closer?”  The answer to each of these questions is obviously YES.   757 more words



We are kind of flying by the seat of our pants, as my mom says, making last minute plans and changes along our drive down south, and I’m loving the spontaneity and flexibility of having a car and no real set plans or reservations. 422 more words


Wither Hills

When I open my windows overlooking the yard I see them, when I step out the front door, same same, driving to the winery, here they are, the… 656 more words