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The Resuscitation of Childhood: A WITS Reading with Matthew Burgess, Jason Koo, Erin Malone, Emily Perez, and Tiphanie Yanique

By WITS Interns Laura Burgher and Tracy Gregory

As new interns of the Seattle Writers in the Schools program, we were eager to hear perspectives from… 517 more words



with nothing

for the way ahead

but her wits

© 2015 By Mark M. Redfearn




My legs weak and trembling

I wake up at the break of dawn

The cigarette butts in the ashtray

The lingering stench of marijuana… 139 more words

Poetry Of Anita Bacha

Making Writing Their Own: 8th Graders and Zines

By Corinne Manning, WITS Writer-in-Residence

Something I love about teaching for WITS is the encouragement to roll with the punches. At the beginning of a teaching residency, you might have a defined schedule, a plan with a classroom teacher, and a curriculum, built shiny, and ready to go. 988 more words

Writer Posts

Story Problems: Learning Narrative through Pictures

By Greg Stump, WITS Writer-in-Residence

As a teaching artist who helps students of all ages learn to make comics, I’m often fascinated by how a single lesson or exercise can be just as useful for the very young as it is for teens and adults. 418 more words

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Full Of It: 5 Takeaways from the Women in Travel Summit '15

I’m sitting in a large, empty room at the Revere Hotel that just a few minutes ago housed 300 women (and one or two very supportive men) who are, or aspire to be, travel bloggers; ranging from globetrotters who spend months to years at a time on the road, volunteer travelers, niche domestic and international writers, just-for-fun, scrapbook style, curious industry attendees, etc. 795 more words


Pushing through the Gap: Molly Wizenberg, Karen Finneyfrock and Elizabeth Austen Visit Seattle Schools

By Erin Langner, WITS Program Associate

Every so often, the excerpt of Ira Glass’s interview on storytelling that was made into a short animation several years ago resurfaces on my social media feeds. 541 more words