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Same Building, Different Views.

Happy Fathers’ Day to all of you dedicated and respectable fathers out there adequately taking care of your families!

I was thankfully able to make it home this weekend to not only spend Fathers’ Day with my dad, but to also celebrate my siblings’ graduation from high school as well as to spend some necessary quality time with my family after several tough weeks of dealing with my grandma’s rapidly deteriorating health and eventual passing. 941 more words

Black Man M.D.

This Basic Stuff X WITs

How una dey (How are you guys) !!!!!

It’s been a while….. Right about two weeks people… Make una no vex (please don’t be angry). I really don’t know where I’m picking this pidgin vibe from but then mission accomplished. 511 more words

Wits end

I found my wits end
Like a wick at the end of a candle
Dying embers
Refining my latest scandal
To be remembered
As I become dismantled


Letter to Grandma

Bonjour MamiCo!

I pray that you are resting well, now that your suffering has come to an end. You left us way too soon in such a sudden manner, but we both know that God’s timing is perfect, no matter how imperfect we may percieve it to be. 1,152 more words

Black Man M.D.

Whispers In The Sand - Excerpt

Today was the day.

The moment the sun reached its highest peak in the sky the souq erupted with a burst of energy. Platforms were set up along all the streets for the slaves to be put on display for the spectators who would come in on foot and on horseback. 1,027 more words