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Two of Mark Kermode's Film Books Reviewed!

As devotees to the Church of Wittertainment, we figured it was about time to cover a few of Dr. Mark Kermode’s film books. He’s the UK’s leading film critic and runs a weekly BBC radio show on Radio 5 Live which we’ve listened to for going on a decade now! 509 more words


Year in Review: 2017 (Part Two)

So this is where it gets a little bit weird, as what it was easy to forget is that last years Oscar nominees/winners were actually released here in 2017, so a lot of the top films feel like we’re a year behind on ranking! 1,016 more words

Film Review

Year in Review: 2017 (Part One)

That’s it! We’ve seen our very last film of 2017 and have for some reason then insisted on sitting down and putting them all in order from best to worst. 747 more words

Film Review

Thor: Ragnarok

Upfront limitations of this blog:

  • I saw Thor: Raganok (is that right? Raganok? Ahaha I just googled it and it’s Ragnarok, you didn’t see this) 2 weeks ago and my memory is hazy at the best of times.
  • 496 more words
Film Review


It’s been 6 days since I saw ‘mother!’ and I thought this would have given me plenty of time to process the things that I have seen. 546 more words

Film Review