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Thor: Ragnarok

Upfront limitations of this blog:

  • I saw Thor: Raganok (is that right? Raganok? Ahaha I just googled it and it’s Ragnarok, you didn’t see this) 2 weeks ago and my memory is hazy at the best of times.
  • 496 more words
Film Review


It’s been 6 days since I saw ‘mother!’ and I thought this would have given me plenty of time to process the things that I have seen. 546 more words

Film Review

Wax On, Wax Off 

I came in from the shops the other day.

‘I got you something,’ I said to my husband. ‘You won’t like it.’

‘What is it?’ He asked. 658 more words


A Wonderful Hero

As a birthday treat on Thursday I went to the cinema with a friend to see Wonder Woman this week. I may have been turning 43, but inside I was as excited as an eight year old on Christmas Eve. 394 more words


I'm arriving on a jet-plane - eventually

This is the email I sent to Wittertainment, but didn’t get read out. It’s an overview of the flight from Melbourne to London that started on 24 March. 1,176 more words

I've Done It


When I were a wee lad we used to play with Transformers.

Blimey – that was a bit creepier than I remember. What was with all that green eyed, Village of the Damned business? 592 more words