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Socratic Method(s)

Consider the following letter to the editor from the well-known philosopher Simon Blackburn:

“Sir, I was a member of the then sub-faculty of philosophy in Oxford some 30 years ago when the chairman received a letter from the administration asking us to detail innovations in teaching methods we had recently made.

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Look Closely

“Read a page of print, and you can see that; there is something special going on, something highly characteristic. — Well what does go on when I read the page? 3,109 more words

Strip Teasy: Wittgenstein and Joyce

1.This statement from section §4.002 of the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus (1921), which Pears and McGuiness translate as ‘language disguises thought’, sets the terms of the early… 2,354 more words

James Joyce

Transgressive Determinism. Drunken Risibility.

Transgression: though used or starting to be used putatively in academic discourses (Even the Sokal hoax had this term as an ingredient in the essay), it could variously stand for inter-disciplinarity/cross-disciplinarity or cross-pollenization. 197 more words



The fact would seem to be, if in my situation one may speak of facts, not only that I shall have to speak of things of which I cannot speak, but also, which is even more interesting, but also that I, which is if possible even more interesting, that I shall have to, I forget, no matter. 262 more words

Forgotten Art: Jasper -Seth 3

A reply to: A letter from Seth

Hey, Seth. Thank you for your letter.

I hope the sun isn’t so hungry today.

I went out to the bluffs this evening. 1,155 more words

Forgotten Art