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Alien Technology

The question of technology and our relationship to it is one that has preoccupied me for some time now. It is separate from us as a concept – technology is not, so to speak, human – and yet it is deeply intimate in so many ways, so much as to make us think that our existence is dependent on it, as is our identity; Winner’s formulation of technology as a Wittgensteinian… 932 more words


Dumit - Is It Me or My Brain?

Is It Me or My Brain? Depression and Neuroscientific Facts

by Joseph Dumit


  • Wittgenstein says that there are certain points about which we no longer ask for an explanation or a test of its truth, and explanations come to an end: …
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Identity And Subjectivity

Philosophische Untersuchungen — An Introductory Understanding (Sections 1-8)

According to Ludwig Wittgenstein (LW) in his Philosophical Investigations the essence of language encompasses and permeates all things related to humanity. In this work LW argues that the first step to understand the essence of language more fully is to dispel previous attempts that define and thereby limit a fuller understanding of language’s essence. 77 more words


Day 156: one or the other

What is a duck-rabbit hole?

I think of the duck-rabbit hole, like the duck-rabbit itself, as shifting depending on how you squint at it. From some angles it’s a cavernous hollow, fit for burrowing into; from others, it’s a gleaming surface, perfect for floating on. 875 more words

Wittgenstein's Two Greatest Insights About Language

We’re back, after another unfortunate hiatus caused by a lingering illness and furthered by a computer meltdown. Might as well accept it: I will never be a technology person. 1,827 more words



What is it like for people not to have the same sense of humor? Awkward and dull is the answer.

Sharing a sense of humor is like playing catch: in throwing a ball one person tosses it and the other is ‘supposed’ to throw it back, but some people don’t throw it back, they pocket the ball. 325 more words

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