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Hugh McCann, Heidegger, Wittgenstein, Bertrand Russell & the Ens Necessarium

​Hugh McCann writes:

As Hume pointed out, there is no process by which past events confer existence on future ones, nor do we observe any form of “natural” necessitation.

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Bury my Hurt at Wounded Knee

Ten it is on Radio
Balls—Every Child Splutters
Dribbles on and on
Post or no post this morning—
sleeping dogs tell no lies
Made big revisions to piece of string… 247 more words


Proof that there is no such thing as a perfect world

People will often preface a statement of belief with the phrase “In a perfect world…” – indicating that this would be the ideal situation.  Many of us like to imagine, with… 220 more words


"Your Jewel" / Memorable Fancies #1729

Yes, around your neck where others can see that name you wouldn’t have chosen for yourself, a name, perhaps, now shared with a newly disreputable politician or crazed serial killer who’s no relation to you, a name that could be taken as male or female, a name that no one can pronounce – including you – … 24 more words


Communication: The Problem

The Problem

        The Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein identified some interesting problems of language.  Language is a logical system through which we communicate.  Language is also that through which we very often fail to understand what is being conveyed to us, that is – it is that through which we fail to communicate… 757 more words


The Dependence Of Autobiography On Biography (And Vice-Versa)

A few weeks ago, I briefly spoke at a conference hosted in honor of my dissertation advisor’s eightieth birthday. In my talk I offered some personal recollections of having worked with Distinguished Professor… 474 more words