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Wittgenstein: one of a kind

Ludwig Wittgenstein was an enigmatic figure. Born in an unimaginably rich family that could host the likes of Johannes Brahms for private concerts, and having inherited most of its wealth, Wittgenstein gave it all away after returning from the trenches of the First World War. 1,033 more words


Language Game

The city-clock
Strikes in a roundabout fashion
As time were to be derived
In an inductive legion
Trusting the probability of an eye
As the Gambler watches on… 89 more words

A picture held us captive, and we could not get outside it…

Ludwig Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations §115


Image And Thought

Repost: The bitter truth about professional standards in pottery (and art)

(From April of last year)

“Talk about equality gets off on the wrong foot if we start from the assumption that it expresses an immediate moral demand to treat everyone the same.

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Philosophers for Brexit

I read on the news this morning that Britain’s military establishment (or, rather, Britain’s former military establishment) has come out in favour of Brexit. Dozens of former generals have signed a letter arguing that what matters when it comes to defence of the realm is NATO not the EU. 725 more words

Thinking Being 10

Thinking Being: Heidegger and the Metaphysics of the State:

The first two paragraphs of An Introduction to Metaphysics, by Martin Heidegger, translated by Ralph Manheim (Yale, 1959): 840 more words


Script - On Pain: A reply to John Green

Here’s a script for my video reply to John Green’s recent vlogbrother’s video “On Pain”

You can check out the video here: On Pain: A reply to John Green… 1,357 more words