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NoetiTaoist™ Philosophy Primer—Part IV

Language—its nature, structure, and function—is crucial to the operation and communication, within the self as well as to others, of any philosophical thinking, and perhaps more so crucial with respect to NoetiTaoism™ because NoetiTaoism™ is a philosophy rooted in Noetitek™, which is a multimodal expression of, and conduit for, the Language of Nature, the Language of Divine Intent. 988 more words

Applications Mavintory™

Academic writing

My new article ‘Redetermining paradigmatic norms: is there any hope for academic writing?’ has been published at The Conversation. The article asks whether academic writing has improved 20 years after the Sokal Affair, in which a scholar sent a ‘fake’ article full of obscure writing to an academic journal, to see if they would publish it. 1,168 more words

Family Resemblance

Seven brothers owned

seven separate farms:

while related,

they found themselves in quite

different fields


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Family Resemblances

As we move closer to post-modern thought we find that philosophers, aestheticians and others shift in how to grapple with the “Art Question.” The search for an essential quality that all works of art share and that can thus be used as a benchmark to determine what is art and what is not, seems more and more outdated to thinkers in the 40’s and 50’s, and while the old concepts of universal beauty still dominate in most circles, some people are beginning to question this. 2,257 more words


"A Philosophical Investigation" by Philip Kerr

A crime novel with a philosophical twist and a dash of sci-fi. A book written in 1992 but set in 2013, imagines an Orwellian world where potential serial killers are pre-determined by a controversial program. 238 more words

Crime Novels

Nous sommes famille (What you brought with you)....... demarcation 

“I take after my mother…..” she said whilst we discussed her family medical history. “We both have sciatica” she continued. Does she have any other medical history? 1,219 more words

Subjective Healthcare

Wittgenstein: a wonderful life

Wittgenstein: a wonderful life (1989)

Ludwig Wittgenstein was an Austrian-British philosopher who worked primarily in logic, the philosophy of mathematics, the philosophy of mind, and the philosophy of language. 15 more words