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Why philosophy matters?

This is the first of a series of blogs presenting a philosophical analysis of the modern mental health system and what it is concerned with. 1,196 more words


Guest Post: the kafka variations by Colin Campbell Robinson

These variations are based on the writings and life of Franz Kafka and in particular the Blue Octavio Notebooks.

The Blue Notebooks composed by Max Richter featuring Tilda Swinton also provided inspiration. 686 more words

The Antipodean Matrix

There’s a certain framework that seems to be governing various aspects of how we think about history and the world. And I’m christening it the ‘antipodean matrix’ because I like the name even though there’s probably already a name for this concept. 1,357 more words

The Culture

Wittgenstein: A Wonderful Life

Regista: Christopher Sykes
Uscito nelle sale: 1989
Voto IMDb: unrated

Qui di seguito il film per intero.

Un documentario della serie “Horizon” della BBC sulla notevole vita del filosofo austriaco Ludwig Wittgenstein (Vienna, 1889 – Cambridge, 1951). 7 more words



Engagement with something, anything, has got to be the most powerful thing in our world.

To be engaged in-something or with-someone, for example, is all we really need. 421 more words


Saying, Showing and Doing

The distinction Wittgenstein makes between saying and showing in the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus is a famous one. He later repudiated that exact account, but it could be said there was a kernel of truth in that distinction that remained important to his writing afterwards. 203 more words

Metaphor and misunderstanding, part 2: Tolstoy and Wittgenstein

If metaphor – and in particular fresh and original metaphor rather than the tired and familiar – is central to literary writing, and the understanding of novel metaphor is as contingent and unteachable… 265 more words