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Human Action, Ch. 1

Well, I finally started reading Human Action. One connection stood out to me from the first chapter. 

First, there’s much more attention paid to fundamental philosophy than I expect from economic treatises. 616 more words


Does My Guitar Accrete Pneuma?

It is in many ways tautological that a philosopher is not only a thinker of reality but also gradually makes reality a product of his thinking. 810 more words


Rule Following, Games, and Logic in Wittgenstein (and Thomas Kuhn?)

A Reflection from a Class taken at Holy Apostles College and Seminary

How does Wittgenstein’s account of rule-following connect to his criticism of Cartesianism?

For Descartes, we begin with clear first principles which are known without reference to experience. 382 more words


Treating Tractatus

I didn’t enjoy reading Tractatus. It’s a pain in the a**, especially for someone like me with no strong background in logic. But how can one neglect a piece of writing that concludes that logic has limits, such that it cannot be used to say what is ethical, or to solve the problem of life? 1,646 more words

Wittgenstein on Private Language

A Reflection from a Class at Holy Apostles College and Seminary

Why can’t there be a private language, according to Wittgenstein? What is the significance of the discussion? 410 more words


Christian mysticism

There was one well-known mystic who wished to help others achieve the union with God that he had reached; and he went from town to town trying to explain those things which had been revealed to him, saying such outrageous things as: “The disciple is not above his master: but every one that is perfect shall be as his master.” and “The kingdom of God is within you” and “I and my Father (God) are one.” As you are no doubt aware, he was executed for saying these things. 1,390 more words

O. K. Bouwsma Does the Forms

Imagine, for this purpose, a museum–a museum, deep in calm, fixed in breathlessness, done in silence, clothed in invisibility, awful, laid away in heaven.  And the walls thereof are purest essence, some quint-essence, some tri-essence, but none semi-essence.  

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