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The Lords of Convention

‘The present king of France is bald’ seems to present a logical problem that ‘the cat is on the table’ does not – there is no present king of France, so how can we assert that he is bald? 1,571 more words


The Spy in a Box: Spyfall & Wittgenstein's Beetle Thought Experiment

Let’s talk about Spyfall, otherwise known as my current favorite social game. It’s more interactive than Mafia, more entertaining than Cards Against Humanity, and easier to introduce to new people than any kind of RPG (I’m looking at you, DnD). 385 more words

Academic Life

On the Relationship Between Philosophy and Science with Massimo Pigliucci

How do you define the following: philosophy, science and pseudoscience?

I try not to. Philosophy, science and pseudoscience are what Wittgenstein called family resemblance concepts. They are not identified by sharp boundaries, they grade into each other, and there is no small set of necessary and jointly sufficient conditions that one could use to arrive at a clearcut definition. 1,571 more words


The Rough Ground of Philosophy

In his Philosophical Investigations, Ludwig Wittgenstein describes the experience of philosophical inquiry in the following way:

“The more narrowly we examine actual language, the sharper becomes the conflict between it and our requirement. 274 more words


Oakeshott on the Importance of Teaching Differences

Here is Michael Oakeshott in Experience and Its Modes, channeling Bradley:

To bother about a confusion de genres is the sign of decadent thought.  –But this is not the view of the matter I have come to take. 

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Two surprisingly similar takes on keeping silent, from very different authors in very different contexts.

First Alan Watts on Wittgenstein, from his book with the beautiful title… 219 more words