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The wicked game

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As I recall, the first time I encountered David Foster Wallace’s work was… 7,871 more words

David Foster Wallace

Protecting Feelings

Philosophers are fond of making distinctions. For example, I am careful to point out the difference between “need” and “want” in explaining that many of the things we insist we need are simply things we want. 887 more words



It’s more than a few years since I graduated with a degree in Philosophy and Psychology, the two subjects I chose from the ghastly PPP trio of Philosophy, Psychology and Physiology (how I wish, now, that I had chosen Economics and PPE instead). 918 more words

a boy dropped his rocks

Sounds beginning from the

sun bouncing across the lagoons.

All the lagoons of the world, but

not our world.  Instead, it is one

that split apart from… 27 more words

Truth Enough

Last night I dreamt I was talking to Wittgenstein. It was a frightening dream, hyperreal; and later I thought, not only relevant but important to share. 83 more words


Wittgenstein's 'Philosophical Investigations': What is wrong with the Augustinian picture of language acquisition and meaning?

Using Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations (PI), I shall argue that the Augustinian conception (AC) of language acquisition and meaning is defective: firstly, this account is problematically oversimplified; and secondly, in virtue of its theoretical strategy, AC is predestined to miscarry. 3,996 more words


Talks about himself a lot

The Work of Theology, Stanley Hauerwas, Eerdmans, 2015

Stanley Hauerwas was once a bricklayer, and it is interesting to note that the pre-release cover artwork for this new book featured a bricklayer’s trowel, making a nice correlation with the book’s title, … 681 more words