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Expressing the Inexpressible: One More Try

Wittgenstein in the Tractatus maintained that the only sensible propositions were ones that stated facts, and drew the conclusion that the philosophical statements in his work were nonsense, since they did not state facts.   658 more words

Journal of my journey towards understanding: Wittgenstein 1: Philosophical literature at its best

Wittgenstein’s “Philosophical Investigations” is philosophy literature at its best in my opinion.

One of the greatest features of philosophy is that it takes something we have grown familiar with, think is simple, think we have explained and so finished with; it takes this and explodes it into a complex, unfamiliar, mysterious (because it is unexplained) terrain full of mountains and valleys before which we can stand in awe. 182 more words


Creativity had a baby and they named it Art

Of course we don’t talk as glowingly about its illegitimate children….

(This is a brief meditation on how some words work and what the difference between a name and a description is.)

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L is for Language-Games

‘Language-games’ is Wittgenstein’s much used, much abused, much debated term which tries to capture something about his view of how language works: as something rule-guided, something inherently social, and something particular to specific contexts and communities. 645 more words

On Certainty and Mad Max

“At the end of the world,” our eponymous hero growls in the prologue of George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road, “we were each, in our own way, broken. 1,487 more words


Ex Machina: or, The Dangers of Treating Intelligence as a Plaything (2015)

Should human consciousness be the benchmark when assessing intelligence, or is there some transcendence to the idea that escapes our standards of observation?

From first time director Alex Garland, … 890 more words


Thoughts without a Thinker

The following is another example of the things I write in my Morning Pages. Sometimes, it’s amazing what streams forth when the space and time is offered. 485 more words