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McDowell, "Mind and World" -- Concepts and Intuitions

At the outset of the first lecture that composes Mind and World, McDowell writes that his “overall topic…in these lectures is the way concepts mediate the relation between minds and the world” (3). 930 more words

Immanuel Kant

Trying To Connect

I very much want to but I won’t. Yes, I will tell myself that lie, and make myself believe it up until the very time when I do it. 1,042 more words

Games, Beauty, and Overreach

As readers of my previous post may have guessed, obeying the 5-7-5 Rule has become something of a game for me. To date, I have written 50 haiku, all of them (5-7-5)-compliant. 503 more words


A Gracious Perspective

“What is incomprehensible is that nothing, and yet everything, has changed, after all… ‘Nothing has changed’ means: Although I have no right to change my report about what I saw, since I see the same things now as before – still, I am incomprehensibly compelled to report completely different things, one after the other.”

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Poetry in the Cloud Chamber

The Higgs boson has got nothing on poetry. The God particle may have succeeded in evading high energy detection until only recently – when the Large Hadron Collider finally revealed its tell-tale tracks – but all attempts to find the poem have so far met with failure. 665 more words


Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951)


Ludwig Wittgenstein (Wikipedia)

Ludwig Wittgenstein (SEP)

Ludwig Wittgenstein (IEP)


• Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus (UMass, Hypertext, LibriVox)
• Philosophical Investigations ( 22 more words


Oh, Yeah...Wittgenstein Strikes!

2.0131 A spatial object must be situated in infinite space. (A spatial point is an argument-point.) – From the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus. 8 more words