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Marx and Wittgenstein: Knowledge, Morality and Politics

What, the reader of this review may well wonder, is the point of a collection of essays connecting Marx and Wittgenstein? After all, “it is possible to take almost any two thinkers of genuine insight and sophistication and to find some parallels and commonalities in their thought. 137 more words



Le prof de philo nous a envoyé une meugnone feuille de révision pour l’Examen (prononcer MidTerm) de la semaine prochaine. J’hésite à vous faire partager. Mais j’voudrais pas vous contaminer la tremblotte. 52 more words


An Amateur’s Guide to Reading Wittgenstein

If you’ve met me, you probably know I enjoy reading, writing, and talking about Ludwig Wittgenstein. It’s one of those strange things where a system of thought and the personality behind it combine such that reading him becomes a matter of compulsion. 1,290 more words


Wittgenstein on Hegel: I'll teach you differences

In 1948 Wittgenstein and Drury maintained a conversation about the history of philosophy. (Rush Rhees, Recollections of Wittgenstein)

W: “Berkeley and Kant seem to me to be very deep thinkers.” 206 more words


A note about the concept of "Progress"

Nestroy says in Der Schützling:

There are so many ways of extirpating and eradicating, and nevertheless so little evil has yet been extirpated, so little wickedness eradicated from this world, that one clearly sees that people invent a lot of things, but not the right one.

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The task of philosophy

Ludwig Wittgenstein (PI, 118)

Where does this investigation get its importance from, given that it seems only to destroy everything interesting: that is, all that is great and important?

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Hume's Problem

From Quentin Meillassoux’s After Finitude.  This is Chapter 4.

As long as we continue to believe there is a reason why things must be the way they are, we will either have to rely on metaphysical prime movers or fideism.   3,680 more words

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