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Introduction to Karrington

Hi people reading this!

First off, thank you for reading this blog. Hopefully it’s not too lame or too long. My name is Karrington, Karry J, Sometimes Spiderman (according to my 4 year olds), Karry. 388 more words

What just happened?

Genre : Comedy

At an art gallery, two artists were competing neck-and-neck against one another to acclaim who was the ultimate mikado in the world of artistry. 271 more words


Quite Ugly One Morning

‘Quiet Ugly One Morning’ is a gritty, soot-stained, action-packed book, full to the brim with clever wit and dry humour. What initially seems to be a usual story of a smart detective solving a near-impossible murder case, ‘Quite Ugly One Morning’ is quick to lets us know that it is not just another done-to-death murder mystery. 331 more words

Poolside Lunging

I’ve witnessed many a social faux pas at the local sports centre of which I’m a member (see previous blog about excruciatingly slow swimmers). But pool-side warm-ups/cool-downs are a new experience for me. 239 more words



i’d prefer this to the debates. at least it would be witty.



Love Nina - Dispatches from family life - Nina Stibbe

SH: Anyway, stream-of-consciousness means you present whatever comes streaming out, you don’t tweak or add funny bits or sexual awakenings.

ME: I bet Virginia Woolf added bits. 18 more words


Rest Self-Assured

If they tell him to speak up,
He’ll gladly speak up an octave.
And he’ll haggle down the cost
If he ever happens to be accosted. 25 more words