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Would you rather...

Have no one show up to your wedding? Or no one show up to your funeral…


Did I Wake Up In A Different Country?

This was my opening line to the taxi driver who collected me from my house this morning to take me to the railway station.

Against the backdrop of a blue sky and sun streaming through the windscreen, he paused momentarily as if processing my comment, before collapsing into laughter and stalling the car. 521 more words


We should TOTALLY add these words to the dictionary (22 photos)

Hey! Did you know we have an official Tumblr page? Yep. It’s cool. Follow HERE!



Save the internet is a series of artwork inspired from famous bollywood dialogues. The series is created by Doodles.



This Friendly Banter Between Miller And Zomato Is The Wittiest Thing You Will See Today!

For someone who grew up in the 90s, and therefore a prime witness of the Cola Wars, it feels a little odd in the gut when two corporations acknowledge each other’s existence, let alone engage in friendly banter with each other on social media. 216 more words

Mad, Madder, Maddest