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Driving Lessons: A Memoir 

I remember the time I’d learnt to drive. My mom had come to the conclusion that my future husband will never teach me to drive and in order to achieve the so called self sufficiency it was mandatory that I learn to drive. 318 more words


I have long admired Winston Churchill. So having a year where two films are coming out centered around the great man is exciting for me. As usual I don’t research films before I go and see them as I don’t want to build my own expectations, let’s just say I have burnt my own fingers too many times and know that I get disappointed when films don’t live up to either my own expectations or the hype. 720 more words


The Perilous Piñata Beatdown

What could beat a whacking, smacking good time?

Why, whacking and smacking a helpless piñata, of course!

But not just any piñata.

A cheeseburger piñata! 464 more words



Slow flowing blood boiling just like hot jam,
My legs are swollen and smelling of ham.
Sticky sweat coating me with salty brine,
Telling myself it’s going to be fine. 112 more words


Meet The Fluffy 10!

Noah: The Little Man With The Big Guard.

Noah is a 4-year-old Parsons Jack Russell who simply forgot to grow but don’t let that sway… 626 more words