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IT not It.

With this fast-paced world, it becomes a habit to just Google everything that’s new, foreign, or unfamiliar. Even with overly heard topics like “IT”, I couldn’t help not searching for it online. 847 more words



Life is terrific.

Only way to survive is to realize that life sucks and then you die


An Ode to an Oldie

I’m his favorite sister.

And he’s unquestionably my favorite brother.

This may be largely due to a technicality, but I’m pretty sure it still counts. 953 more words


Embroidery: Not just for your grandmothers closet

Sorry for such a late post guys.. I’ve been crazy busy going on interview after interview this week. The doors been slammed in my face multiple times. 197 more words


Sadistic Shopping Frenzy

God, no.

Not this again.

How is it already that time again?

I’m just not ready yet.

And I’m pretty sure my kids aren’t, either. 772 more words


The Solitary Trip to Lancaster: Pt 1

Hey guys!

As you’ll have guessed from the title, this post is going to talk about my recent trip to Lancaster. While it seemed like a pretty ordinary trip, taken many times in my commute to uni, it ended up having a really big impact on my perspective of quite a few things, the main thing is how I see being ‘alone’. 798 more words