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#Jio vs The Earth

All these telecom companies should stop getting afraid of Reliance #Jio because their real competitor is their own ads :-P

If you chase that dream to deliver exactly what’s been promised in the ad, you’ll be indispensable :-D


Why Boys Can't Wear Makeup

For a long time I’ve wanted to share with you an amazing video I saw and fell in love with.
It’s called “Why Boys CAN’T Wear Makeup” and it’s been put up by KidPOV. 223 more words


Read This Before You Do It

I was talking to a friend (Actually, it was only a couple of messages but you get the gist) and I said “I should be a sex counselor” and she replied with “Exactly”. 2,201 more words


How to be a Man - Written by a man, for men.

First of all, calm down. Whoever you are, for whatever reason you’re reading this right now, just chill. This isn’t a sexist dialogue, I’m not a meninist (lower case intended) nor am I a misogynist in any form. 421 more words

Honk If You Like Bumper Stickers!

In the middle of traffic, isn’t it always fun to read witty bumper stickers that make you occasionally giggle? Well, my 7th graders had a chance to create their own pithy one-liners (some original, others from the internet) and I think we had a blast. 174 more words

7th Grade