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Shortest poem?

I just came across this intriguing video answer to that question.

First of all, I need to say that the presenter is slightly too inTENse in the WAy he spEaks. 52 more words


OCD? Maybe not.

So, I thought that my OCD was what led me to Google “OCD” before writing this post. I was wrong. But, boy, am I glad I Googled it. 827 more words


Emails vs real life (New Yorker)

A humorous look at what reply-all emails would look like in real life…. :-( we feel your pain.

The Twelve Month Cycle Of Those Whose Legs Are Always Open

The virgins of January

and February

are all too eager to marry

And in March

the arch in their backs is noticeable

In April

they’re less able… 67 more words


Pirate Ships Were Surprisingly Clean

Round-twist the bottle neck

and break it on the ship’s deck,

leaving a few unfortunate souls

to put on their sea-legs and knee-scrub

the rum-soaked wood.
© Hayden Church



I am a city girl. Born and raised in the New York City of Brazil – the prettier version, in my opinion – in an apartment building, surrounded by other buildings, rush hour traffic (which with the turn of the century has turned into 24-7 traffic), noise, pollution, noise pollution – yes, there is such a thing – people bumping into you in the crowded downtown streets, you know, all those perks that come with city living. 780 more words