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The one where she feels fear (Day 4-7)

Day 4This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

On day four, I tried to be warm and approachable. I tried not to immediately look away when someone i didn’t know smiled at me. 1,701 more words

Threading the Needle

Fasting and physicals.

They both start with the notorious “f” sound.

The very same “f” that starts off fabulous words such as failure and faint… 665 more words


Middlesbrough Council Lose Out in Collection Standoff

In what will undoubtedly come to be known as the showdown of the Century, a tribunal judge has ruled that Middlesbrough council could not block off a centuries-old right of way as part of a new private housing development due to the efforts of a single gutsy pensioner. 317 more words

Have an ego? Attayou!

All my life people keep telling me, don’t have an ego, it’s bad, it will bring you down, it will not get you anywhere…and what not! 235 more words


Darth Vader Falls in Love

I thought this was rather interesting.  I am a resistance soldier all the way, but I do like Darth Vader…

~Boston Brian


She says, ‘What about you?’

I say, ‘Yes, I have made the terrible mistake of falling in love.’

She asks who with.

I say, ‘He’s 25 and I adore him.’


Culinary Mayhem

If you can read, you can cook!

I read that somewhere a while back, and I could’ve died laughing.

I can read well enough, thank you very much. 1,032 more words