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He says, ‘Who is destroying your life?’

I sigh.

I say, ‘someone is slowly unthreading me but it’s over such a long period of time I can barely feel it. 159 more words

Where the Sheep and Elk Roam

I want to pack my bags and move.

To Montana.

Big Sky Country.

Away from chaos.

Away from people.

Yeah, I know it isn’t quite the beach. 439 more words



I am sat on the train, waiting for it to set off when a familiar figure walks past. I tap his elbow. It is my brother. 54 more words


He says, ‘and it was the film with the most realistic sex scene I’ve seen.’

‘With puppets?!’


I say, ‘sometimes you say things and I wish you didn’t.’ 8 more words


She says, ‘I had an emotional week. I don’t want to talk about it here.’

I say, ‘have you got things planned to cheer you up?’ 26 more words

5 Witty 'WordPress' Truths #1

Ever since I joined the WordPress community, I’ve come across a number of great posts that have touched me in many ways. Some have made me cry, others have made me laugh till I cried. 616 more words


Landscape with Invisible Hand by M.T. Anderson

Adam, the main character in M.T. Anderson’s young adult novel Landscape with Invisible Hand, is a misunderstood artist. Much of the misunderstanding comes from the vuvv, the aliens who have taken over earth and forced most people, Adam and his family included, into poverty. 246 more words