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The Virginity

A stage in a young man\womens life where all innocence is lost. It’s something that is frowned upon if its before marriage and in some cases it can also determine someones worth. 293 more words


Land Ho! Oh, Whoa!

Holy crap, Batman!

My two-year anniversary in No Man’s Land is just days away!

So, in honor of having survived long enough to reach this milestone… 563 more words


Netflix and Hotstar Just Got Into A Twitter Splat - Get That Popcorn Ready!

Kevin Spacey celebrated his 57th birthday yesterday, and House of Cards being one of Netflix’s biggest shows they decided to do something fun in India! 194 more words

Mad, Madder, Maddest

My Favourite Jokes!

As everyone who’s friends with me knows all too well, I’m a complete pun-enthusiast and always try my best to come up with a new one in any given situation. 249 more words

My New Tattoo

I mentioned in a post a while back that i really, really wanted another tattoo soon and after being paid for a blog post for the first time ever, i decided to get one with the money from that. 190 more words

C++ Review

I’m no coding guru. But I am one of the fastest learners and best googlers I know.

I have a background in engineering so I’m well acquainted with Matlab, I worked as a hardware engineer which is a mixture of C/C++, and I’ve been at General Assembly swimming around in Javascript and Ruby the past three months.   442 more words


Old Friend.

I remembered an old friend today. When I looked her up on Facebook, she seemed happy. I’m glad.

It seemed so long ago –but it can’t have been more than six years. 141 more words