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In That Case...I'll Renew The Membership At The Gym

Well, I mean it.

All along, those glistening bodies on the treadmill racing against some imaginary sports car, inhuman grunts followed by thumps of weights victoriously dropped to the floor, vicious kicking of punching bags, biceps thicker than my thighs…enough to make a mouse of me.




Click here and read the instructions to do the exercises on this blog. The instructions are in Spanish. To check your answers, click on the “Comments” section at the… 475 more words



“Don’t talk unless you can improve the silence”

Jorge Luis Borges


An Obituary to Master Role model


Noted economist T.S. Papola passes away. He was 74 (The Hindu)

NEW DELHI, November 23, 2015

Today in the morning as soon as reached to my office, I received a call on my mobile by my friend Govind Mehta  from Delhi that Dr. 1,365 more words

15 Fun German Words To Cheer You Up On A Dark November Evening

I don’t know how good your German is, but one of the fun parts about learning a new language is discovering all the words that show a new way of looking at the world. 404 more words


Funny, Eh?

So we thought we’ve seen them all – those meanie humor stuff on stereotypes of all kinds…

and we thought there’s no room for any fresh surprises until……this one came along… 128 more words