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Henry VIII and the Myth of the Male Child

Henry VIII could not father male children.

I hear this sentence stated as fact quite regularly. Yes, the sex of child is determined by the father’s sperm (male are XY and female are XX, lending that the father must give an Y chromosome). 324 more words


Queen Katherine Parr: The First Woman and Queen of England to be Published

Queen Katherine Parr published two books in her lifetime. The first, ‘Prayers and Meditations’, was published while King Henry VIII was still alive . Some sources state 24 April 1544 as being the day that the book was available. 674 more words

The Tudors (1485-1603)

Catherine of Aragon

I always think of Henry VIII’s reign as what catapulted England out of the dark ages.  The court was a huge theatrical production where only pleasure and style ruled. 857 more words


Book Review: Elizabeth -The Virgin Queen And The Men Who Loved Her

Elizabeth I of England is an icon among icons. Her public image of “Good Queen Bess” has long since survived her, elevating her to almost immortal status. 460 more words

The Tudors

Katherine Howard: A New History

I always get slightly excited when I see that I have email, so you can imagine how much more excited I was when I was asked to review this book. 487 more words

The Tudors

George Boleyn: Tudor Poet, Courtier and Diplomat

George Boleyn is quite the enigmatic character. Often misaligned with his sister, Anne Boleyn, as they suffered the same fate in 1536 when they were executed on trumped up charges, stemming from Henry VIII’s wish to have a son- which seemingly he could not with Anne. 427 more words

The Tudors

The six wives of Henry VIII part 2- Ann Boleyn

The last place we left off was Henry VIII divorcing Catherine of Aragon so that he could marry Ann Boleyn. I think that out of all the wives that Henry had Ann Boleyn is my favorite. 180 more words