About the false argument that the Second Coming Christ will not come in the flesh

Christ Ahnsahnghong wrote that the Second Coming Christ would come in the secret in His book. However, the slanderers claim that the Second Coming Jesus cannot come in the secret because it’s prophesied that every eye will see him. 703 more words

World Mission Society Church Of God

Like a Good Samaritan (WMSCOG)

This is a member’s story of the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG).

One day on my way home, I found a man lying on the street. 331 more words


‘Who on earth am I?

‘Who on earth am I? Where did I come from and why am I living here on earth? Where did my grandma go when she passed away?’ Nowhere could I find answers to the fundamental questions of life which I had entertained from my childhood days.  562 more words


God the Mother

In society today, The human being live during 70 to 80 years.
Most people live on studying for 30 years and working for 25 years. Then, the rest 25 years stay in house and hospital in lose work or in sick. 228 more words


Jesus kept the Sabbath because he was Jew! So Ahnsahnghong is wrong!

Well, was Jesus a Jew or the Christ?

According to Luke Chapter 4, did Jesus went into the synagogue during the Sabbath because He was a Jew? 462 more words


God the Mother?

Otherwise known as the blasphemy and perversion of God’s word.

I was heading home after church today and got stopped by two ladies at the train station, requesting that I complete a survey for them. 820 more words

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