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Woah, Sex?!

Yes, SEX! 

As a sex educator I spent most days talking and teaching about sex and even more time having sex, thinking about sex, and I sext at least two people daily (thank god for tinder am I right!) and I think relatable and reliable sex education is… 354 more words


Coloring. But less stressful. (Yes, I am aware how ridiculous this sounds.) — The Bloggess

Two unrelated things: First: This morning I got bit on the eye by an ant. And that was concerning, but more baffling was the fact that the ant managed to crawl all the way up to my eye before attacking.

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If you love me let me go
If you love me let me go
‘Cause these words are knives that often leave scars…

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Yes you may know this fish from The Little Mermaid, but in all reality they look nothing like our little lovable Flounder!  Flounders actually change color depending on their emotional state.   11 more words



surprise it’s another drawing of @thatsthat24! (no one is surprised)

also the original reference pic for comparison!

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Piranhas actually bark!  Now it isn’t a good sign, it’s usually meaning that you shouldn’t mess with them.  But!  The next time you hear a dog bark, you may want to double check that it isn’t piranha.