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“It’s the basic condition of life to be required to violate our own identity.”

– Philip K. Dick


The Wasp Walking Dead!

Winter, Summer, Sprint or Autumn. There is no escape, being a wasp is clearly a full time gig. There is no free crack or cranny, no corner free of the buzz nor is the very floor I walk on exempt from the territory of the wicked wasps. 301 more words


F.Y.I. - Woah

According to P&P,  F.Y.I. (also known as F*ck Yo Institution) is a Chicago duo comprised of rappers David Ellis and Ric Wilson. Recently, the two dropped a new song titled “Woah” via Soundcloud. 26 more words



This is a cheetah. The cheetah’s scientific name is: Acinonyx jubatus and the cheetah is mainly found in Africa. Although the amount of cheetahs in the wild has diminished to a meager few, the cheetah is making an amazing comeback! 65 more words


New trending GIF tagged cat reaction shocked omg...

New trending GIF tagged cat, reaction, shocked, omg, shock, woah, kittie, i’m cute, what did you just say? via http://ift.tt/1DBqZlx

If Time Stood Still...

“I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Have you ever considered a life without time?

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