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With the clever way this tune processes the underground feel of the tune shows. In the withdrawn tracking there resides a fanciful trait that is cleanly called upon. 84 more words

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Woe is me

Okay people, listen up. There is only one correct way to spell the word “whoa.”

It’s not “woah.”

It’s not “whoah.”

It’s not “waoh’ or “whao” or “whaoh.” 87 more words



Two words, PS4 and HD.


If I wrote this post like two hours ago, the title would refer to the fact that I have no friends here, apart from Roberta, and it also would refer to all the consequences of the fact. 39 more words


We are just transiting

Days like monday are hard and there’s nothing you can do about it. You leave home arrogantly believing you’ll never miss those places, then a good old friend graduates and the only thing you can do, instead of being happy for him, is feeling sad because you can’t show him personally you’re so happy for this goal, you selfish motherfucker. 169 more words