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Well Then. That was Awkward

So. Have you ever been murdered with eyeballs before? I mean yeah  I’ve heard the phrase “if looks could kill” but I mean, have you actually felt like someone was actually, seriously trying to murder you with their face before? 927 more words


Melissa Fumero & Stephanie Beatriz – Resource Magazine BTS x

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This week on PODCAST EPISODE #151 SPINNING SHIT MMA PODCAST, Dan, JP and LEE discuss all the latest news in the world of Combat sports. BJ Penn is on his way to retirement again…..thank U, Johny Hendricks we love but we have little faith in you, She tapped no wait she is choked out no wait she wins huh?Bellator is on but maybe they are way off, Holy mother of god he choked him out from the bottom and it was sweet, all this plus the latest news, so CHECK IT OUT! 54 more words



God causes me to say, “Woah”… A LOT.

It’s just crazy how God makes all things work together, it doesn’t matter that I know that He is in control of everything, I still am so in awe of the way He is constantly working my life together for the good. 353 more words

A Pillar By Day

Christmas was illegal in the US for around 200 years

In Boston you could be fined up to 5 shillings just for celebrating it….. 11 more words

That Factoid