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The Perfect Configuration - Mac on Ubuntu

Yes, long time since I posted blah blah.

This is a tech post. So no, nothing interesting for the casual reader. Move on.

The best part about Mac is the interface. 330 more words

Cough Cough

Compiz Wobbly Windows

enabling Wobbly Windows – Head on down to the Simple CompizConfig Settings Manager. Under “Effects,” you see a checkbox for “Enable Wobbly Windows.” Don’t be shy, wobble the way you were born to wobble!

Free 3D Desktop easy as::step by step

The video is quite old. Mandriva 2008 in the demo. To get these effects, you will need:

Basic graphics card.

P4 or higher.

My guide assumes you have Mandriva (with GNOME) but setting up on any other desktop environemnt or Linux distro will be similar. 464 more words


Fedora 10 still ornery...

I attempted to enable desktop effects, but that made my screen go black, then white. I had to “CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE” to shut down KDE and log in again as root, navigate to /home/les/.kde/share/config/kwinrc. 82 more words