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The woes of being an Arab Husband

No, this is not a complaint. I have a great relationship and understanding with my wife, I like to believe we live homogeneously. We, or at least she, talks to me and guides me when I stray. 327 more words


Workplace Woes

Coming to work early to find no one else there and spending 15 minutes wondering whether it was a holiday today


Day 1

“How’s the dissertation?” is the single most dreaded question for us postgraduate students who are completing our dissertations (aka the be all and end all of our Msc degrees). 152 more words

Prayers for our Nation Ghana!

By virtue of the internet and a boatload of logical reasoning, there are a lot of things I know in this world but what I don’t know is leaps and bounds ahead of what i do know. 414 more words

Benjamin Wilson Fianu

Missing Your Muse?

It starts with a word. First one, then two, then three. Before you know it there’s a sentence sitting in front of you on the page. 395 more words


Writing is Difficult

I’m a little late in getting this posted, I didn’t have the opportunity to prepare it last night as I normally do. I got back from my California/Internship trip on Sunday evening and have been catching up with life at home since then. 483 more words



“Well if it isn’t Dr fucking Gloom. What’s your poison you old tosser?” 

“Arsenic I reckon – I’m minded to end it all but there’s so many out there waiting to piss on me grave I won’t give them the pleasure so it will be a pint of the usual landlord.” 754 more words