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"When it gets hard, you know it can get hard sometimes.."

In this crazy thing called life, things will get eventually hard, and worse, a lil bit harder as time goes by. But I think that you should just have faith that things will just get better in time. 71 more words


I Want A Monday Kind Of Love

Source: I Want A Monday Kind Of Love

“It was the kind of love knowing that he’ll be going off at the next station and we think about tomorrow again. 71 more words


How Many Woes Will We Suffer?

Woe to those who draw sin along with cords of deceit, and wickedness as with cart ropes, to those who say, “Let God hurry; let him hasten his work so we may see it.

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Meal Times

I don’t know how I, one of the least pickiest eaters, has a child who doesn’t like anything. I might say that this is the most frustrating part of parenting to date. 255 more words


Tea Parties, Rewritings and a Touch of Magic

Two weeks ago, I complained that life isn’t nearly as exciting as an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. How I regret those words… Let’s just say that I should own shares in the local hospital with all my friends and family who end up there. 417 more words

Thoughts On Writing

Adjective of the Week: Wearisome

I could also have used stressful or frantic for my title.

Two days this week I came home after six o’clock (11 hours at work), and the other three days I didn’t leave until after five o’clock (10 hours at work). 362 more words

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