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Solar woes

Having solar panels on a cruising sailboat is just about a given. People talk about how many watts of solar they have. But I was reminded that sometimes it just doesn t work out. 48 more words


Kim Samuel: The Guy They Slept On

I’m like so crazy, writing this now which, obviously, cannot change anything. I started watching Produce101 on April 10, and the first time I saw Samuel, even before him performing, just talking to his manager, I knew that he’ll make it big and be on the top 11, if not the 1st. 380 more words

Arredondo Samuel

Nursing my woes

I decided to venture out of the house with my grandmother this evening, away from Metro right as it got to a particularly exciting part. In truth, I didn’t really want to leave the dark comfort of my room but a particular guilt or obligation was eating away at me and I could not leave it any longer. 901 more words

Daily Life

There is more in front of us than behind us

There’s more in front of us than there was behind us

Or at least I hope so because we haven’t passed by much

If this is all there is, what did I get myself into… 49 more words



Frightened bones barely hold on to the coiled body

Darkness has profound role while carving out a silhouette

Pillows filled with woes do not provide an expected rest… 71 more words


Writer Woes

I find it difficult to write about love or something related to mysticism.

It seems that whenever I tried to illicit an emotion or pen flights of fancy, it always sounds void & devoid of emotions. 137 more words


Uphill Battles

If you’re here for encouragement about facing the struggles of life, then I’m sorry to disappoint you, but those are not the type of uphill battles I’m talking about. 463 more words