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Writer's Block

I cough on the dust that rises as I clear away the cobwebs that have found a home on my keyboard and notebooks. It’s been far too long since I’ve last written. 693 more words


A dawn like the violence held in ventricles.

Where are you in this,

     in this crawling awake

     like so many hushed things left unsaid.

The dawn does come like so many woes.

Only to remind us of the terrors we have only just survived. 148 more words


culmination: Pt. II

(this post, Pt. II; aims to expound the provocateur, motive and timing of culmination: Pt. I)

Now this comes just a couple of hours (at the time I begin writing this) following my Additional Mathematics (That’s the more challenging variant offered by my school, alongside Extended Mathematics) Semester-Assessment. 1,230 more words


culmination: Pt. I

(I don’t think poetry or songwriting are really turning out to be my thing hmm. That’s alright, I’ll persist with it xD)

disgrace, poignant, 116 more words


Jude 12-16

Because the unGodly is no more of God, he struggles to show his worth or relevance but the more he struggles, the more his woes would be. 220 more words

VIDEO PREMIERE: Woes - "Worst Friend"

UK pop-punk band Woes has premiered their new music video recently. You can check out the video for “Worst Friend” below. The song is from the band’s upcoming self-titled debut EP.

Final year woes

Juggling between classes and work, attempting to understand sophisticated words and concepts, forever trying to get enough rest and finding spare time to unwind with worthy companions – that about sums up what uni life is to me. 347 more words

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