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10 Things I Learned At #SocialAgeSafari

  • Learning, rehearsal and performance spaces – they are orchestrated in different ways.
  • The willingness to share beyond boundaries – leveraging Periscope to bring close those who cannot attend in person.
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Some Rules of Bristol Graffiti

This is what I heard from a lovely hour listening to Angus, The Agent and Andis discuss the Bristol street art scene. It is incomplete, possibly partially erroneous, but most fascinating insight into the rules of engagement. 328 more words

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Bristol Graffiti: There Are Rules, Understand!

A bunch of lovely people here, in the Social Age Safari workshop. All learners, all trying to lead. In a creative space, indeed a co-creative space. 269 more words

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Narrative Loops: Disruptive Power

I’ve been #WorkingOutLoud for a few days around a paper i’m writing on ‘Black Swans and the Limits of Hierarchy’. Please note that this is a very early stage #WorkingOutLoud post and, as such, not that good yet… feel free to skip this one as i find clarity in my thinking. 496 more words

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#WorkingOutLoud - Black Swans and the Limits of Hierarchy

A very early stage #WorkingOutLoud post today as i start work on a more academic paper entitled ‘Black Swans and the Limits of Hierarchy… 761 more words


Engaging Employees Requires Motivation (but not necessarily what you think).

Learning and reflection— both potential outcomes from watching (or for some of you, re-watching) this Dan Pink animated talk illustrating the real reasons we engage. 45 more words


Public Vs. Private In Your Enterprise Social Network

Social networking and the collaboration dynamic is transforming the enterprise, right? Whether it is your Jive or Yammer instance, or more recently ChatOps like Slack and Hipchat, people know each other more, teams are… 962 more words

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