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WOL concerns, blow-by-(glass)blow counters

I had the pleasure of being able to share some ideas and practices about Working Out Loud/Showing Your Work (WOL) the other day with a group of Pacific Northwest educators. 890 more words

Social Learning


Wanneer er met termen als ‘hittegolf’ op de radio wordt gesmeten, verschijnt er één ding – zelfs visueel, zou je kunnen zeggen – sterk in onze hoofden: de… 202 more words


Reading A Newspaper Is A Good Working Out Loud Practice

During International Working Out Loud week recently, I was scanning my work world considering how I leverage its techniques:

Social Business

Conversation spaces for deep learning

Preface: this is a post I wrote back in March-April 2015 but hadn’t published as I’d wanted to create a more readable version of the diagram (yes. 1,040 more words


Reflections on wolweek

Well…#wolweek (“working out loud” week) didn’t quite turn out as I’d anticipated, when I optimistically wrote a post last week about intending to participate. 566 more words


I Thought Technology No Longer Carried Such A Heavy Cognitive Load: Scratching My Head Out Loud #WOLweek

I thought, for a while there, that technology had unleashed me on to an unsuspecting world (just ask some of my warier colleagues). Technology as liberator! 576 more words

The Future Of Work

The Purpose of Networking And How It Can Improve Your Work / Life #WOLweek

A message to colleagues in my company today…

Back story
Until about 5 years ago, I thought I had to do it all on my own – that I had to take full ownership of an idea or a project; that its success was solely down to my own initiative, knowledge or skill. 507 more words

The Future Of Work