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Working Out Loud Is A High Signal Approach To Understanding - And Here's The Data!

Aline Lerner attempted a meaningful investigation about the power (or not) of resumes recently – an excellent read.

Resumes suck – and here’s the data… 209 more words

Story + Narrative

What Working Out Loud is (and isn't)

I can’t stand buzzwords and business speak. So, on the face of it I should’ve avoided ‘Working Out Loud’ at all costs.

I stumbled across the term whilst researching the use of Yammer within various organisations. 440 more words

Collaberative Working

A day full of yarn.

This morning I went to a book fair in our village. Surprisingly there was this stand with lovely old ladies who sold home knitted socks. Off course I went there, had a chat and admired their socks. 388 more words


Obvious to you. Amazing to others. ~ by Derek Sivers

This is an oldie and SO, so good. I was reminded of this message the other day and enjoyed getting a chance to watch it again. 70 more words

Personal Growth

Day Two Hundred and Ninety-Six: Little Owl

Small Athenian carrier of wisdom, calling in the streets and gardens, proverbial purveyor of knowledge and mystery, hunting in the half-light, winging in the dawn and dusk, crepuscular creature, coming alive at the edges of time. 74 more words


I will not be defeated by something that can be defeated and I was not going to win by something that can not be won.


Word Of Life