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A new place for me to Work Out Loud

When was the last time you hesitated about putting something imperfect out into the world?  When you wondered how it would make you look, whether it would expose you as flawed or inadequate in some way?   693 more words


Bitácora LFM | 2° Trimestre 2017

Les compartimos en qué fuimos estando en el trimestre pasado y los invitamos se sumen a las iniciativas que apoyamos o de las que participamos o que generamos…son parte del jardín que habitamos y al que los invitamos ser parte…para que Florezcas!! 177 more words

Meaning - Sentido

Jay's Story

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working with a group to set up a second Working Out Loud Circle at my company. Our first circle has been a great success ( 817 more words


Networking - bringing the energy about

As an Intrapreneur and catalyst for corporate collaboration networking is at the core of my work (and my nature).

Like a power network in a city networks provide energy – and are thus indispensable. 314 more words


Running out of time...

In my last blog post which was…31st March I said that working out loud doesn’t come naturally to me and it was something I was going to have to work very hard at. 465 more words

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