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I Make Promises That Are Ambiguous, And I Think It Makes Me A Better Worker.

I was reading Julian Stodd today, and his take on the power of narratives that are personal, co-created and organizational. This interplay of micro-to-macro impacts is intriguing to me. 214 more words

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Working Out Loud Using My Voice

International Working Out Loud Week #WOLweek was inopportune this time around: it happened to straddle a trip home to visit family and a couple of days of intense office visits in the UK around which was only travel. 303 more words

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Working Out Loud: Small Pieces Loosely Joined

This International Working Out Loud Week we focused on working out loud (WOL) with intent. We’ve discussed the whats and whys of WOL with intent, considered… 356 more words


Using LinkedIn for Professional Development - 3rd December, 2015

With WOL Week starting to wrap-up – the Monday to Friday part of it, at least – we’re starting our reflection on working out loud generally, and on WOL moving forward. 248 more words


Meaningful Status Updates - WOL Week Activity 3

Yesterday our working out loud with intent activity focused on curating content to add value to your network. Today, we look at sharing status updates and how we do so purposefully and in a meaningful way by recognising the insights you have gained from participating in WOL Week within your network. 355 more words


Rewrite Your Workplace

Earlier in the year I introduced the concept of “rewriting” to working out loud (WOL).

I described it simply as “the ability to fix what’s broken”: 480 more words


Curate to Share Expertise - WOL Week Activity 2

Yesterday our WOL Week activity focused on expertise discovery, wherein we updated our profiles as well as searched for and connected with people who share similar areas of expertise in order to expand and strengthen our networks. 387 more words