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Who's on CNN's walls the most?

You may think Anderson Cooper is plastered over CNN’s walls the most… but according to John Berman, he is!

Presumably, the photos on the walls are just for the CNN NYC shows, because Wolf also has two shows, so in an overall wall scenario, they would probably be tied. 19 more words


Wolf Blitzer Asks Anushay's Point About Obama's Language On ISIS

There has been a lot of controversy, to say the least, around Obama’s repeated refusal to call the fight against ISIS a war against radical Islam. 138 more words

Politics Not As Usual

MSNBC returns to news

With the news literally just breaking that MSNBC will be axing two of its opinion dayside programs (anchored by Joy-Ann Reid and Ronan Farrow) and returning to a more traditional newscast from 1-3pm, CNN should be a little concerned. 79 more words


Quote of the Day

Jon Stewart speaking of the Brian Williams scandal “I love that now the media pretends that they must guard the crown jewel of their credibility when we’ve already seen it’s Al Capone’s vault.  134 more words


CNN show "Voices of Auschwitz" hosted by Wolf Blitzer

Last night, I watched the CNN special, entitled Voices of Auschwitz.  The show featured a select group of survivors of Auschwitz, who triumphed over the evil Nazis, by going on to become rich and famous. 1,882 more words


Quote of the Day

Jon Stewart “But, as predictable as one parties race is, the other nomination could still go to anyone.  Well, not anyone.”

Wolf Blitzer (CNN) “Republican Mitt Romney says he will not, repeat he will not run, make a third run for the White House.” 27 more words



Nancy Grace. There is no bigger horse’s ass than this arrogant,m overbearing, obnoxious banshee.  Loves to stick her nose in everyone’s business but, prefers her life to be allowed to be private.  149 more words