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Watch: All 52 Republican Senators Refuse Interview With Wolf Blitzer After Trump’s Attacks On North Korea And Corker

According to CNN host Wolf Blitzer, he reached out to all 52 GOP members of the United States Senate and all refused an interview after a weekend that saw President Donald Trump tweet attacks against both North Korea and Republican Senator Bob Corker. 90 more words


On Travel Ban: Media Is Petty, Prejudiced & Dishonest

Ever since announcing his initial travel ban, the Democrat propagandists in media have been leveling arguments against President Trump that expose their own would-be petty prejudices and yet more of their intellectual dishonesty. 587 more words

News Of The Day

Vehicular Jihad Comes to Barcelona

Meanwhile, on CNN, the denial and willful ignorance continue.

Front Page Magazine, by Robert Spencer, Aug. 18, 2017:

In Spain Thursday, a man drove a truck into a crowd at Barcelona’s popular Costa Dorada area, killing at least 13 and injuring 100. 666 more words

Counter Jihad Report

The End of Cable News/ Smoke on the Water

The End of Cable News (a double Slim)

all the news

that can break

has broken,

the prompters

are blank, the

pundits gone,

goodbye Coop, 11 more words


Wahhabist, Perjurer, and Wolf Openly Plot Removal of POTUS

Floating the idea as if it were a good thing, Wahhabist domestic terrorist John Brennan suggests a good bi-partisan move for Congress would be to go along with the extra-constitutional removal of the highest elected official on the planet. 80 more words

New World Order

Fake Numbers

Wolf Blitzer’s latest breaking news: “Fandango’s polls are seriously slipping.”

Rachel Maddow’s shocking new exclusive report: “This, That, and The Other is in disarray over falling numbers.” 217 more words


7 Minute Video - CNN's Wolf Blitzer Interviews David Duke Who Straightens Him Out.

David Duke points out Wolf Blitzer’s bias very effectively.

David Duke Straightens Out Wolf Bllitzer


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