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The Psychology of Breaking News

If you are a regular viewer of cable news, you must have noticed the proliferation of Breaking News graphics.  It seems more prevalent on CNN and Fox News than on MSNBC. 699 more words


'Log off': Meghan McCain feels like she's having an affair

Here’s an image you probably didn’t need in your head.

I watch so much CNN sometimes I feel like I'm having an affair with @wolfblitzer…

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Anderson Cooper giggles, Wolf Blitzer remains straight faced 

On the Ridiculist last night, anchor Anderson Cooper played a clip from CSPAN, where a man called in and then spoke the lyrics to the theme song for the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. 50 more words


THE PANTSUIT REPORT: Hillary Clinton is Increasingly Unpopular...

…It’s Not Because of Her E-mails

Aaron Blake reports: Hillary Clinton’s image is worse than at any point since 2008. That’s the big takeaway from a  361 more words


CNN is beating the drums of war

Regardless of what we are being TOLD – by the likes of Ben Fulford – who in his last post which can be found in it’s entirty here: 687 more words

The Space Between the Ads

by Roger Pynn

We often tell clients that a modern definition of news could easily be “the stuff that fills the space between the ads” as media are more and more limited in the space they have to devote to news.   89 more words

Roger Pynn

Tapper and Blitzer on 360

While Wolf Blitzer solo-anchored Anderson Cooper 360 at 8pm, the 9pm hour is some special, co-anchored by Wolf and fellow Washington anchor Jake Tapper. 75 more words