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Could It Be? Could It Be?!?! It IS!!! It's... Another Episode of Winners and Losers (This Time from the February 25 GOP Debate)


Men incapable of convincingly masking the ravages of male-pattern baldness: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and now Marco Rubio were repping hard, hard, hard for this underserved constituency… 406 more words


To Do This Week: Atlantic Antic and Wolf Blitzer

WEDNESDAY September 21

It took 30 years, but at last it’s hip to be Square(s). The eponymous new nightclub is opening tonight. The club promises a stellar selection of musical guests and cocktails in an atmosphere of “Marble busts and stag heads, rendered with Atari’s 8-bit graphic cubes.” Squares, 360 Park Avenue South, invite only, open to the public tomorrow… 536 more words

Gramercy Park

The David Duke Show 9/13/16 Special Guest Adrian Salbuchi

Today Dr. Duke had Adrian Salbuchi as his guest for the hour. They discussed the amazing development when, despite the

prodding of Wolf Blitzer, Trump’s VP candidate Mark Pence refused to condemn David Duke. 104 more words

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The War Economy – CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Warns About Job Loss if the U.S. Stops Arming Saudi Arabia, by Michael Krieger

Talk about supporting evidence for SLL’s recent contention in “Corrupt and Deranged,” that modern military and armaments spending is basically a welfare program! From Michael Krieger at libertyblitzkrieg.com: 358 more words

Foreign Policy

The Post-Truth World

The most interesting and for me the most appropriate response to the candidacy of Donald Trump that I’ve read up until now just has to be this briefing, The Post-Truth World, from the… 3,130 more words