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Jane Sanders Tells MSM To Start Covering the REAL ISSUES!

Jane Sanders went onto Wolf Blitzer’s show to talk about the terrible congressional baseball practice shooting that occurred earlier this week. Blitzer tried to push the conversation to the topic of “Bernie’s strong language” and Jane Sanders completely pushed back and ended up criticizing the media for not covering the issues.


CNN's Wolf Blitzer Legitimizes Political Violence

Came across this video on Youtube today. It’s implications are quite alarming.

“Perhaps he wasn’t evil, just tired of the politics” – Wolf Blitzer…

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Jason Chaffetz - Heading To Fox News?

June 7, 2017

Jason Chaffetz will be retiring from Congress at the end of June, 2017, what path will his life’s next big adventure take him? 362 more words

Chaffetz Leaving Congress

Wolf Blitzer says it's 'always nice to see a turtle'

Two happenings we know about CNN’s Wolf Blitzer :P TAGEND

He adoration the simple happenings in life.

He knows a good turtle when he checks one.

Everybody Is Showing Wolf Blitzer Pictures Of Turtles For This Strange And Silly Reason

You may have noticed, but the internet is not exactly fun anymore. Ever since our Cheetos-colored commander-in-chief clowned his way into the Oval Office (and during the time leading up), Twitter has devolved into a dumpster fire of partisan squabbling, trolls, Russians this and impeachment that — a place where it’s now perfectly ordinary to wake up and see that “Donald Trump is unintelligible” is top trending. 628 more words

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Senator Feinstein Admits There is No Evidence Of Trump Campaign Colluding With Russia

The Democrats have been hysterically calling for a special committee to investigate alleged ties between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. They’ve spewed political rhetoric and vague innuendo that would leave the layman that is not fully engaged on this topic to come away that there was some foul play between the 2 entities. 85 more words


CNN robot Wolf Blitzer goes on the fritz, upgraded to Windows 95

Computer technicians installed Windows 95 in CNN robot Wolf Blitzer after the monotonous anchor stuttered, sputtered, and crashed on live television.

“The House (gasp) Intelligence Committee investigation is looking into whether, uh, the Russians colluded with Trump associates (gasp) and you’re working in coordination with the FBI (gasp) criminal investigation (gasp) that James Comey …  114 more words