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Wolf Creek - review

A sort of, but not really based on a true story about a trio of backpackers that get stuck in the outback and attacked by a crazy. 82 more words


Network: POP TCA Wrap Up

“We have probably the strongest development pipeline we’ve ever had. And as you heard, we announced last week, we have a new head of programming, Justin Rosenblatt, who will be joining us in about a month from the CW.” … 98 more words


Serial jest nowelą której nie mam dosyć #2


Gomorra (sezon 2) – jeden z lepszych włoskich seriali trochę przypominający The Wire w tym względzie, że fabuła stara się być jak najbliżej realności, bez żadnego lukrowania życia gangsterów i podobnie jak w serialu Simona nie ma tutaj jednego bohatera, bardziej serial opowiada o całej społeczności. 1,062 more words

FOX UK confirms Wolf Creek transmission date

September’s going to be busy, that’s for sure. The latest crime drama to rev up post-Olympics is Wolf Creek, an Australian revenge piece that’s being broadcast in the UK by FOX. 152 more words


Seeding a thriller plot with chocolate.

I watched Wolf Creek and a question came to me during the credit roll-by: What happens to killers who don’t get caught?

For those of you who don’t know this extremely suspenseful flick: A trio of friends take a driving, camping holiday across the vast, unpopulated plains of the… 390 more words


TV Review: Wolf Creek (Season 1, 2016)

Following on from the movie duology of the same name, Wolf Creek is a 2016 horror/thriller mini-series available on the streaming service Stan. John Jarratt reprises his film role as Mick Taylor, the notorious serial killer (and generally poor caricature of what we Australians are really like) responsible for killing the family of Eve (Lucy Fry). 407 more words


Seeding a thriller plot with chocolate.

Thriller Plot: Ever been touched by a one so intimately that it felt like it was totally written for you?

Sometimes we read a book or watch a movie and see that it fits our personality and thoughts to a tee. 437 more words