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Federal Judge Halts Wolf Creek Land Swap, Tripping Up Texas Billionaire

For over three decades, Billy Joe “Red” McCombs has worked tirelessly to develop a village near the base of Wolf Creek Ski Area but it may be another decade before the Texas billionaire’s plans get any traction. 207 more words


Federal judge nixes Wolf Creek development scheme

Forest Service violated federal law with land swap approval

By Bob Berwyn

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A federal court judge has put an end to a 30-year… 839 more words


Seeding a thriller plot with chocolate.

Thriller Plot: Ever been touched by a one so intimately that it felt like it was totally written for you?

Sometimes we read a book or watch a movie and see that it fits our personality and thoughts to a tee. 424 more words


Heavy Rains

“April showers bring May flowers.” They also bring floods.

This is a scene along Wolf Creek near Farmington, Missouri on April 29, 2017. Flash flooding has been occurring due to the amount of heavy rainfall we have been receiving this weekend. 69 more words



“I still remember when ‘horror’ films were not so much the ironic, tongue-in-cheek, ‘knowing’ tips of the hat to the genre that they’ve become…”

Wayward Wolf. 860 more words

"I don't want to wait / For our lives to be over ..."

No matter how many letters I write to Hollywood, I’m still waiting on that “Wolf Creek”/”Dawson’s Creek” crossover movie.

I’m starting to worry it might not happen.

A short review of Season 1 of the "Wolf Creek" TV series (2016)

“Wolf Creek” (2005) and “Wolf Creek 2” (2013) are among the most chilling and effective horror films out there.  (They can be difficult for even seasoned fans of the genre to watch.)  And last year’s follow-up television series faithfully channeled so much of their mood, tone and atmosphere that it should have been just as effective.   481 more words