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Ancestor Days: for BlueSky

10 years ago my dog BlueSky died. She didn’t die on Canada Day, but I was away and didn’t get the message until Canada Day that it had happened, so that’s the day I associate with her death. 130 more words


Did Dog-Human Alliance Drive Out the Neanderthals?

By Simon Worrall

In popular culture, they’re often portrayed like members of a heavy-metal band: fur clad, shaggy haired, ape-like. But in most ways they were like you and me. 2,076 more words

Interesting Reads

My New Home

Hello friends,

My name is Dakota. I’m happy to have this chance to talk with you about my new life here at the sanctuary.

I’m a wolf-dog, half-wolf and half-Malamute. 402 more words


The Mountain People and Their Dogs.

I grew up in the midwest, in a town that was exactly two hours away from a big city in every direction, but where I lived was half in the wild lands of the country and half in a bumbling suburbia. 1,168 more words

Personal Update

Wolves and Hybrid Wolf-Dogs

In the spring, I found an old National Geographic magazine with a dog on the front, featuring a story about the fact that all dogs, even Chihuahuas (!), are descended from wolves. 460 more words

The Left Hand of Barkness

I thought my divorce had gotten rid of the ambulance chaser in my life—until Sunday night.

Lord Tyee has improved his road manners so much that I believed, on that rainy evening, that he would execute a perfect, sinless walk. 423 more words