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A Day Spent With Wolf Dogs

If I had to pick my favorite species of canine I would go with an African Wild Dog (Lycaon pictus) or a coyote (Canis latrans). Despite this there’s no denying that wolves are pretty damn cool. 541 more words


The Wolves are calling...

Hello my dear travelers. I’m taking a brief aside from my travel blogs and book reviews to ask for your help in a matter very near and dear to my heart. 143 more words

A World without Mia

Today’s morning broke on a world without Mia.

I knew, somewhere deep inside—had known since the night before. I smothered the sense of that knowing until I came home from work to face the accusatory blinking red light of the phone. 4,168 more words


Wolf Awareness Week: Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary, Texas

She was the sweetest wolf dog, but her family couldn’t keep her at home because she was such an escape artist. She leaped from her den over a high fence at the wolf sanctuary, but they resolved the problem and she’s fine now. 648 more words

Last call to be part of saving the sanctuary!


Together we’ve been watching the challenges faced by local wolf and wolfdog sanctuary, In Harmony With Nature, as they faced the potential for losing their property over the past year following an illness of a benefactor and other difficulties.  387 more words


Apple and the Neanderthals

I’m intrigued by the metaphor Asymco’s Horace Dediu used last week in the New York Times to describe Apple’s effect on the mobile handset industry. 357 more words