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Wolf Hunting in Montana and Yellowstone National Park

The Montana Fish and Wildlife Board is considering a change to the current quota of wolves allowed to be hunted per year in the hunting district that includes Yellowstone National Park. 406 more words


Hunting Wolves Near Parks Greatly Decreases Wolf Sightings

Science Daily has a story on how allowing hunting outside National Parks has greatly decreased wolf viewing within the parks. They report

Visitors to Denali National Park and Preserve and Yellowstone National Park were twice as likely to see a wolf when hunting wasn’t permitted adjacent to the parks, a new study finds.

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Two Wisconsin politicians are calling for a Great Lakes wolf summit to resume wolf hunting

In recent news two Wisconsin politicians call for Great Lakes ‘wolf summit’ because they want the state to manage wolves. Over the last four years the Wisconsin wolf has become a political pawn for politicians like… 281 more words

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Come to the Fire

Come by the Fire

Ancient ways, bygone days
working together without a word
mutual need clearly heard. Your speed, my bow
bring our prey down so… 40 more words

The Mentality of The Wolf Pack

There’s nothing more exciting than calling in wolves and here’s some tips on how to get in on the action.

1. Find Them
Wolves have large territories—50 square miles or more—so you can’t just wander out into the woods and start calling. 474 more words

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Need a Do-Over With Your Shot?

It’s rare for any hunter to walk away from a field or reflect on a hunt and not think about whether a shot could have been better.  516 more words

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