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Continuing the theme of classic movie monsters. Now the Wolfman


Significant Bullets

Significant Bullets

Standing outside tonight
in the dark
the sound of some poor fuck
scraping snow
behind a long fence
seems to fit my mood… 56 more words

My Thoughts on Wolf Children- A Japanese Animated Film

Wolf Man: It’d be nice to have a home, a place where I belong.

Hana: I could belong there too if you don’t mind the company… 1,656 more words

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December Horror Block

So I finally received my Horror Block for December and I was surprised with this month’s box. After dealing with the holidays I was looking forward to my little black box as the last present of the year, so I did a little jig when I saw the block sitting outside my door. 460 more words


Universal Monsters Set For Avengers Style Reboot.

Nowadays it’s all about ‘world building‘. Forget about franchises or trilogies, the big money is in movie ‘world building.’

A perfect example is Marvel and their different, progressive phases, introducing characters, giving them their very own stand-alone movies whilst including them in big ensemble get-together cross-overs. 277 more words

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Will Justin Lin Helm 'Fast & Furious' Again?

Despite a lack of superheroes, Universal Pictures continues to bolster its franchises. The studio is going hard to revive its classic monsters franchises–I’m hearing that… 281 more words


MONSTER MASH - Universal to reprise cinematic Monsters Universe

For many the Avengers was the original interconnected universe in Hollywood, however that is not the case. In 1943 a crossover film within the monster universe was released. 360 more words

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