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The Monster Squad (1987)

This was my first time experiencing this movie. I’m not sure how I missed it, because I love 80s movies, and this one has everything that I love about them. 336 more words

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Drawloween 2015 Drawing Challenge

For the month of October, I joined the drawing challenge Drawloween, a creative challenge with the focus on Halloween (as the name implies, duh). All creatives and non-creatives alike are invited to join this month-long, daily creative challenge. 215 more words


HALLOWEEN'ING 2015: Day 23 - Universal Monsters

 Back in the early 20th Century, the undisputed kings of horror movies was Universal Studios. Yes, that Universal. They may not have invented horror movies, but they certainly pioneered the genre in a time when the cinematic media was in its infancy. 178 more words


WEIRDO'WEEN #17: The Monster Squad [1987]

As most of you know, I’m a fairly big fan of Monster films. Frankenstein stands as one of my all time favorites, and the Universal Monster… 1,178 more words


30 Day Manga Challenge Day 6

Day 6: Your favorite character

Not sure why but whenever I think favorite character I always think the character has to be male. I am never sure why. 453 more words


Favorite Bad Horror Sequels Part III: House of the Wolf Man

Frankenstein’s Monster, The Wolf Man, and Dracula shared three 1940s Universal films together – House of Frankenstein, House of Dracula, and Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein… 670 more words

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