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The Mysterious Dog-Man

This is the real identity of the strange dog I featured yesterday. But who is he? Where did he come from? Hmm…

drawn by me:) 19 more words


Throwback Thursday: Universal Monsters action figures.

Tonight’s Throwback Thursday is a quick one, but a fun little ghost of Christmas past — Remco’s Universal Monsters action figures in 1980.

I received Dracula, Wolfman and the Phantom of the Opera unexpectedly under the Christmas tree.   115 more words

Freud's Wolf Man and Joyce's Dubliners

It’s hard to read Freud’s case histories of the Rat Man (1909) and the Wolf Man (1918) and not be fascinated. Most intriguing of all is how Freud slowly pieces together the patient’s unconscious backstory using what little the patient gives him, small memories that have stuck with the patient for some reason: he was holding his mother’s hand as a toddler, and she was lamenting her illness to a doctor she was seeing off at the train station, and her words made a deep impression; he was standing with his governess in front of the house watching a carriage drive off with his father, mother, and sister, and then walked peacefully back into the house with his governess; there was a picture book with a wolf standing upright that his sister had used to frighten him. 626 more words

Cultural History

Drawloween 2015 Drawing Challenge

For the month of October, I joined the drawing challenge Drawloween, a creative challenge with the focus on Halloween (as the name implies, duh). All creatives and non-creatives alike are invited to join this month-long, daily creative challenge. 215 more words


HALLOWEEN'ING 2015: Day 23 - Universal Monsters

 Back in the early 20th Century, the undisputed kings of horror movies was Universal Studios. Yes, that Universal. They may not have invented horror movies, but they certainly pioneered the genre in a time when the cinematic media was in its infancy. 178 more words


WEIRDO'WEEN #17: The Monster Squad [1987]

As most of you know, I’m a fairly big fan of Monster films. Frankenstein stands as one of my all time favorites, and the Universal Monster… 1,178 more words