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Sandulf is a male name, either derived from Germanic elements sand (sand) and ulf (wolf) meaning “sand wolf” or it might be derived from Gothic elements  32 more words


Training Tuesday: Distractions

Distractions are everywhere. They’re a leaf floating on a breeze, a cat walking in the yard across the street, a loud plane flying over head; you can’t go through your dog-training life without them. 914 more words


A few weeks ago we visited the International Wolf Center in Ely, Minnesota. This was our first visit. We were impressed by their facilities. We spent the afternoon at the center listening to various presentations and viewing the displays. 68 more words

[Art] Ghost Wolf

The eclipse wasn’t very exciting here, too far away to get much of the sun covered. I saw some in my pinhole box and then went back to work, haha. 50 more words


Dang, This Is Some Good Metal Gear

(Source: cosplay.kotaku.com)

Cosplay by CryoCanine | Photos by Cosplay Studio

Here’s Norwegian cosplayer CryoCanine with one heck of a Skull Sniper (from Metal Gear Solid V) cosplay. 125 more words


American Wolf: A Book Review

Written by Nate Blakrslee, this novel follows the wolves of Yellowstone and the lives that shaped them and whom they shaped. This IS a nonfiction work, and I greatly enjoyed it. 238 more words



Runaway model
on Heaven’s 7th catwalk–
Go to tell, PETA.
John Biscello