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Other Art Orders and Amiibo Cards

I can work on other projects besides portraits and home decor.

This simple mini drawing was requested by my daughter. She plays WiiU which uses accessories called Amiibos. 111 more words

Group in northern Manitoba howling into Guinness World Records book

A northern Manitoba ‘wolf pack’ has made its way into the Guinness World Records book.

On Thursday, 2,033 people in Thompson gathered to howl like wolves for more than one minute. 170 more words



NYC Brave Riders Gang
Print Available
Illustration 2017


First Fursuiting Experience at Downer's Grove Furry Bowling Meet

A little over a week ago, I had the opportunity to suit for the very first time, thanks to Wolfletech. He recently got a new, pre-made, partial fursuit from LazyLupe and, if you’ve seen her work, it’s adorable. 595 more words

Life Events

A Routine Day

Dogs in general learn patterns fairly quickly; they know what time breakfast is supposed to be, what time you usually get home from work, the order in which you make your sandwich… Patterns are  587 more words

New Art: My Third Eye

This is an illustration of my third eye in my animal form. I’ve always fancied myself as a wolf, or “waya” as we say in Cherokee.  37 more words



Wolf comes from Proto-Germanic *wulfaz via Proto-Indo-European *wĺ̥kʷos (wolf). It’s used to refer to the animal, wolves have long been a symbol of the wild and untamed, but also dangerous and predatory. 44 more words