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Wolf Bites on Melrose

Wolf Dining LA is drawing a packed howling hungry crew each night and after watching famed Executive Chef and Owner Marcel Vigneron literally build the restaurant from the ground up (as we watched in awe of not only his culinary creativity but his construction skills on social media), his new Melrose Avenue space was the first place we had to dine when returning to Los Angeles. 547 more words


Wolf Totem Trailer (2015) HD

A former editor of the political magazine Beijing Spring who was imprisoned for three years following the student movement of June 4, 1989, Jiang (real name Lu Jiamin) spent 11 years in Inner Mongolia as a herder at the height of the Cultural Revolution. 822 more words


Walking with the Ancestors Part 3-C

. The boy returned back to the fire once more, and was dismayed when he saw an old man sitting there.

“Come boy, and sit by the fire.” The old man said. 1,596 more words



wolfish prose  defy

light lives  follow crows

beak  black eyes  unfurl

soul,   airborn  moments

astride carrion   cawers



Uploaded my old sound machine program.

 (Links to old site chances are.) Sound Machine 0.43ß – Newest Version I needed a soundboard program that could load other files on the fly and made this.

7 more words



Run wild, run free and know the touch of wind upon your back

Yet freedom’s totem knows it has a home within the pack.

Part of a greater life, yet still at ease alone, he stands… 35 more words


Full Moon

I could feel my body yearning for it.

As night approached, my body was tense and anxious. I couldn’t keep myself focused on anything. I had a strong urge to run, to keep moving. 267 more words

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