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Sheep in WoLF’s clothing: Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) and its Christian Theocrat Funders

Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) is being funded by right-wing Christian theocrats who have an immense international reach and national influence over USA politics and legislation.  More than that, however – it has also directed resources the way of anti-woman extremists.  2,741 more words

Code Elektro 'Wolf' Podcast Series: Week 3

(Editor’s Note: For this and the next several weeks, the blog will feature Code Elektro (AKA Martin Ahm) discussing each of the 11 pieces on… 132 more words


I wear my birthdays (Jake’s story part 1)

I wear my birthdays like teeth on a string around my neck. Is today a big one? No, not really, perhaps a canine, it’s been a sharp, bitey kind of year but next year, well next year is the big one, a molar with a golden crown, deep roots catching on the fur on my chest. 17 more words



NaPoWriMo Day twenty-nine – take a word from a favorite poem

I have always like the Poetry of James Kavanaugh and the title poem from his book There Are Men Too Gentle To Live Among Wolves, is one of my favorites. 37 more words


Love is Dave, Dave is Wolf: Human and Wolf Personalities Similarities

When people say they always remember hearing about some famous people’s deaths, I think John Lennon was my most vivid and memorable. I woke up for a cold school day in my damp council flat bedroom on 8th December, 1980 and the radio was full of the news. 752 more words

Greenygrey Conservation

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So last semester I had to do a research paper for, like, almost every class. One of my classes was ancient western civilization.

This assignment was different from the rest. 317 more words

Unique Page: Content Strategy

Okay let’s have a short imaginary trip here.

Imagine your going to the toilet. You sit down to be absolved of your daily sins. you reach for your phone. 866 more words

An Unique Page