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Penny Dreadful S02 E09: And Hell Itself My Only Foe

Madame Kali is holding all the aces in her deck of cards. She need only wait for the little scorpion to arrive. On last week’s episode… 965 more words


London, England, 1891

From John Mayberry’s novel adaptation of the 2010 film, The Wolfman. I place this here as an example of the kind of writer I want to be. 445 more words

The Goddess of the Hunt

from the novelization of the film, The Wolfman.

by John Mayberry

The hunt is eternal.

Her hunger is eternal.

For four billion years she has hunted the night while the world below rolled and changed. 101 more words

Monstrous Tale

A monster among strained souls
Far beyond, the moon’s horizon,
Yet, illuminated is the sinister
Orchestrated by this beast,
Stretching it’s grasp over the land, 132 more words


Ridiculous moments that take you out of the movie.

Ridiculous things happen in movies all the time and sometimes that’s even the point; however, when a film is not trying to be that kind of film. 368 more words

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Don't forgot the Spirit Gum remover

We love what we do although its not as glamorous  as it sounds we all enjoy our work at teampixie and love seeing what you order and wondering what you are going to create with the vast range of products that we sale. 71 more words

Hear Hannah Golightly Cover Peter Doherty

Hannah Golightly and Peter Doherty are two of my favorite artists so bringing them together was always going to be a win-win! Here is Hannah’s excellent cover of Peter and Wolfman’s For Lovers and keep an eye on her excellent You Tube channel for lots more new material as she works on the 100 Day Project. Treats!