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Chapter 1: The Wolfman Part One

Chapter One: The Wolfman Part One

Written by Brantley Heaton


Black screen. The full moon is revealed by passing clouds.

Fade in text:

“Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright.” – Gypsy proverb… 530 more words

Larry Talbot

Talbot Season 2

Chapter XIV: Frankenstein
– Larry, Zaleska and Maleva attempt to socialize the Frankenstein monster in the hopes that he could help contain during the full moon. 1,029 more words

Larry Talbot

Talbot: Season I

Chapter I: The Wolf Man Part One
– Lawrence “Larry” Talbot returns home to Llanwelly, Wales; hoping to reconcile with his estranged father following the death of his brother. 699 more words

Larry Talbot


Those that know me may be aware that I am a fan of horror movies in general, and werewolves in particular. The most iconic werewolf is of course, Larry Talbot. 305 more words

Larry Talbot

Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein (1948)


Két idétlen rakodómunkás találkozása Drakulával, Frankenstein Szörnyével es a Farkasemberrel.

Rendezö: Charles Barton
Producer: Robert Arthur
Irták: Robert Lees, Frederic I. 283 more words

An Athletic Weirdo In London. A story that keeps on coming back to haunt me, you might say. (A bit of a companion piece to 'Waking up in the morning with that dawning feeling.')

Everybody Hates Lycra.

Most of the month I’m a good company drone,
Working assiduously away, like a dog with a bone,
But I’ve been cooped up in my little box too long, 492 more words

Werewolves and Cat People Menagerie

Art in paint and other media by
R.S. Pickman.
Warning: Many of these exhibits should not be viewed by the faint of heart. 103 more words