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I Am Professor Wolfman!

Well I did it, you didn’t believe and I didn’t believe me! Yet April 26th I launched my YouTube channel Professor Wolfman just like I said I would in my… 34 more words


Penny Dreadful S03 E03: Good And Evil Braided Be

On last week’s episode of “Penny Dreadful” Dorian and Lily rescue a young girl and, Dr. Seward listens to Vanessa’s darkest secrets. Ethan is on the run again, but now he has the help of a witch. 961 more words


List-O-rama: My 5 Favorite Werewolf films

Movies based upon the shape-shifting, village terrorizing beasts are far and few between. Although most of them are pretty terrible, once in a blue moon (pun fully intended) you get one that is a real howl (that is… 598 more words


Untitled Universal Monster Movie Slated for 2019!!

Universal has just sent out a press release announcing Untitled Universal Monster Franchise Film for February 15, 2019. Because release dates are the most important thing to studios, there are no details on the project beyond the fact that it will be overseen by… 207 more words


Werewolves 2: Defence

Alright its time to learn how to defend yourself from all the different types of werewolves as laid out in werewolves 1.

Now the warg and wolf walker are from a mostly physical standpoint just people. 305 more words


My First Podcast!

I have finally dived into the world of podcasting. All it took was a push from an assignment at school.

Hear the first episode of something that I’m more than likely going to continue, weekly.

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The Curse of the Mummy

Prompt Day #249: Pen the monologue of a nostalgic mummy or vampire

I know this is short, but really, what would a mummy have to say about its history in the horror genre? 307 more words

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