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cross my hind foot

Hey have u been drinking lots of moon shine ? Crytoman  followed your directions . Just look at google earth.  There is a road , no fences . 70 more words


The Invaders - Episode "Mind Melt" Starring Special Guest Wolfman, Small Screen Blogathon

I sat anxiously awaiting the phone call from my good friend David Vincent,….. it never came! Pacing the room, back and forth, I kept looking at the phone on the table, willing it to ring. 984 more words


Another morning of waking up with that dawning feeling you did something last night you now regret. (Thanks for the invite, Mike.)

No Body Likes A Lycanthrope.

What’s a poor werewolf to do
When his world and the moon turns blue?
As in this mind the lunacy surges… 119 more words

Shave of the Day 27-01-18

3P preshave

Brad Sears 2 band Polo

Stirling Blu soap

Wolfman 0.67 gap with Gillette Super Platinum

Stirling Blu aftershave

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue EDT… 168 more words


Wolfman on a lonely moor

A wolfman on a lonely moor

cries for his lover in the moon

down and out, in the pathos of the night

he howls the unnerving day goodbye… 78 more words


Project 365, Day 1 - Wolfman

The full moon was rising in the sky and John was excited for the night ahead. Fetting away from his humdrum human life and into the freedom of the woods. 210 more words