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... golfjes a skirt ...

Are you – like me – always tempted when you see these gorgeous colors all together in one multicolored skein ?

I love them and I can’t keep myself from buying them. 332 more words


... FF backward ...

The following pullover was very fun to design and make (I made two of them and am really tempted to make some more). The idea came after I met a fellow knitter and we discussed boxy-style sweaters (straight sleeve inset or more fluid like batwing sleeves). 541 more words


Whack 'O Wollmeise

The Wollmeise has got to go. Details provided at the Ravely links beneath each photo.

Four skeins, including a 2007 club colour “Fratello”. $30.00US each. These are not marked up, they are the price I paid, as are any skeins in my “Stash for Sale”. 104 more words


Wallflower... ohne Mauerblümchen

Meinen Antler von Ankestrick habe ich Wallflower genannt, weil eigentlich ein Teil der Ärmel und des Rumpfs in der Farbe der Wollmeise gestrickt werden sollte. Irgendwie brauchte ich dann aber exorbitant weniger Garn und wollte ihn dann doch einfarbig haben. 428 more words

... Und Handarbeiten Tut Sie Auch

... crazy ... stripes ... or just a little ...

Let me present 2 other patterns based on the cardigan in the previous post: stripes gone crazy.

When finally the pattern for the cardigan was written, tested and approved, I took a little break. 690 more words


Wollmeise: yarn review

After the appearance of the elusive Wollmeise at the recent I Knit Fandango this past spring, it seemed like a good time to review this yarn on the blog. 743 more words


Brioching hard.

This is how far the Brioche shawl was:

I’m working on the top part in two colour stockinette stitch brioche, knitted in Double Dutch technique. With decreases for some shoulder and neck shaping. 185 more words