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Logan review: This is how you say good-bye

In 2029, Mutants are near extinct and Logan (Hugh Jackman) takes it upon himself to assimilate into an ordinary life in order to keep Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) hidden and safe. 490 more words


Logan & Laura

‘Logan & Laura’

I watched Logan this weekend found it to be incredible. I grew up with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. This farewell piece really tugged a heartstring or two or ten. 15 more words


Review: Logan

I honestly hate the superhero films that have been popping up what seems like every 3 months. If one isn’t in theatres, they sure enough have at least trailers out or whatever kind of hype the production companies come up with to keep the superhero buzz going on full blast. 321 more words

Examining wolverine snow holes in light of a changing climate

The alpenglow cast long shadows as we approached the summit. Here in the foothills of the Brooks Range, on top of an isolated peak, we were looking for wolverines. 393 more words



New Nuff Said Special!


Lilith Hellfire, Charlie Esser and I review the movie Logan, the final Hugh Jackman Wolverine adventure.

Show notes:
Nuff Said: Logan… 53 more words


'Logan' amazes with brutal action, emotional plot

by RYAN FITZGERALD//Staff Writer

The final Wolverine stand-alone film starring Hugh Jackman as the Adamantium-infused, super mutant brings a long awaited, R-rated take on the classic character. 917 more words


The Rather Abnormal X-Men

We know the X-Men through their iterations on the comic page, television screen, and more often of late, the silver screen. They’ve come and gone in eras, along with variations of their allegiances and costumes. 1,702 more words