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I Was Going to Write a Review of "Logan"...

…except I couldn’t think of the words I wanted. It’s…it’s almost beyond words, in a way. It was tragic and satisfying and totally deserves to be Best Picture of the Year, except the awards committees are too snobby to even consider it. 95 more words


Logan (2017)- Humanity of Heroes

Comic book films are becoming a mainstay in pop culture. It seems that at this stage, no matter the quality of the film, it will be guaranteed success by association with the source material alone. 1,406 more words


Black and Yellow Otaku Gamers Podcast #24 Western Anime and Eastern Cartoons

Hello Everyone!

This week we talk about Western Anime and Eastern Cartoons. Unsure what we mean? Just check it out! All of your answers are here! 33 more words


Variant Alert: Old Man Logan #25 (Tom Grummett)

Here we go with an homage variant of the classic cover from Incredible Hulk #181. The very issue when Wolverine was introduced to the Marvel universe and his first act was to square off with the Hulk. 334 more words


Chapter 6.11 The Race is On

Last time Rickon met Shawna and had a quick romance followed by a kitchen wedding.  Also Storm appealed for votes by taking up guitar and piano. 748 more words


5 Marvel Characters Who Got Really Cool While You Weren't Paying Attention

Marvel is great, but they aren’t perfect. They have had a lot of ridiculous characters, from Paste-Pot Pete to Whizzer. Here are five of their most uncool heroes that have managed to turn it around while you were off reading about Captain America and Wolverine. 927 more words