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Who is "THAT" Woman in the Mirror?

Ever have that moment where the world just stops spinning and you just “exist” in the moment?

Not me.  I am too busy for that.  I have too much to get done.   924 more words


Skin Deep, Part 2

I love skin! I adore skin! I could pop pimples all day and apply makeup the next. My love for skin, I believe, has been earned. 676 more words


See No Evil, Hear No Evil

I don’t talk about serious stuff here all that much. I mean, I do at times but I do it my way and you folks can get as serious as you want. 461 more words


The Dark Side of Artists

Last week, I saw the Jean Michel Basquiat movie. Andy Warhol was in it and in it, he died (from a botched surgical procedure). It never showed Basquiat’s tragic end but there was a blurb at the end that let viewers know how he transitioned. 271 more words

Woman In The Mirror

We're All Controlled by Devices

Being that I’m without my main source of accessing the internet, I thought I’d let you know that I’m feeling rather reflective, and I reckon, a tad resentful. 319 more words


A Question from Genesis

Have you noticed, and perhaps you have ’cause I’m no genius, that blogs are like Burger King? You can have it your way or not at all, if you’re vegetarian. 326 more words